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8 Sep. 1984
The Bride of Darkseid
Firestorm joins the Super Friends just in time for the team's first clash with the New God, Darkseid.
15 Sep. 1984
The Wrath of Brainiac/Reflections in Crime
A newly reconstructed Brainiac teams up with Darkseid in a scheme against the Super Friends. Mirror Master begins a crime wave with a new weapon that can trap anyone in the dimension behind mirrors.
22 Sep. 1984
No Honor Among Thieves/Mr. Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp
Armed with a new power-suit, Lex Luthor joins with Darkseid for a new scheme against the SuperFriends. Mxyzptlk returns and impersonates a lamp's genie for a dumb crook to torment the SuperFriends..
29 Sep. 1984
The Case of the Shrinking SuperFriends/The Mask of Mystery
The junior SuperFriends find themselves under attack at the Hall of Justice by Lex Luthor and his shrink ray. A novice kid superhero proves a hindrance for the SuperFriends, but must take action when Lex Luthor steals his secrets.
13 Oct. 1984
Island of the Dinosoids/Uncle Mxyzptlk
The Super Friends find themselves trapped on an island of dinosaur-like creatures. When Superman is turned by red kryptonite into a bratty superpowered toddler, Mxyzptlk arrives to cause trouble with this opportunity.
6 Oct. 1984
Darkseid's Golden Trap
Despite the Super Friends' efforts to prevent it, Darkseid obtains a chunk of Gold Kryptonite that can permanently destroy Superman's powers.
20 Oct. 1984
The Case of the Dreadful Dolls/The Royal Ruse
The Dollmaker uses a magic clay to mind-control the Super Friends into commit crimes for him. An alien princess requests the Super Friends' help to free her world from Darkseid, only to fall into her trap.
27 Oct. 1984
The Village of Lost Souls/The Curator
The Super Friends discover an isolated rural village with residents acting strangely. A malevolent alien is stealing monuments, and the people inside them, for his space museum.


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