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7 Sep. 1985
Vicki's Homecoming
Genius United Robotronics cybernetics engineer Ted Lawson, brings home for assembly and long-term field beta testing Vicki, or V.I.C.I. (Voice Input Child Identicant): a secretly constructed robotic domestic aide in the form of a 10-year-old girl, to whom housewife Joan takes a shine while 10-year-old son Jamie instantly takes advantage of Vicki as a maid to clean his room and do his homework.
14 Sep. 1985
The Neighbors
Nosy neighbors, the Brindles, invite themselves over for dinner due to a power outage at their house. Naturally, Vicky tickles their curiosity, leading them to ask several questions that the Lawsons have no answers for. Can the Lawsons keep Vicky from blowing the evening - and her cover?
21 Sep. 1985
The Sitter
In need of a sitter for son Jamie, Ted and Joan decide to give Vicky the job for the evening. But can Jamie be trusted to not take advantage of a useful robot? And is Vicky ready to be a sitter?
28 Sep. 1985
The Suitor
When Jamie's classmate Warren stops by the house, he becomes smitten with Vicky. But when Jamie tries to interfere in the relationship by programming Vicky with insults, Warren's feelings are hurt.
5 Oct. 1985
Sibling Rivalry
Feeling neglected due to his parents' preoccupation with Vicky, Jamie decides to run away. But when he uses Vicky to avoid contact with his parents, the family gets a scare.
12 Oct. 1985
Spielberg, Jr.
Jamie turns into a dictator when he puts himself in charge of his school project. But best friend Reggie and Jamie's parents won't let him continue without being taught a lesson in etiquette.
19 Oct. 1985
The Lie
Jamie's parents don't believe him when he says that Harriet's cousin was the one who broke a teapot. Leave it to the robot and her tape recorder to save the day the Jamie.
26 Oct. 1985
The Bully
When a bully extorts Jamie's Fearless Five Club for a daily dollar, Jamie ends up with a black eye. Lucky for him and the club, Vicky is tougher than any bully.
2 Nov. 1985
Slightly Dishonorable
Jamie uses Vicky's new read-and-scan computer program to do his school reports for him. She does such a good job, though, that his teacher wants to move Jamie to the honors class. But when his parents find out, they give him the chance to come clean on his own.
9 Nov. 1985
The Adoption
When nosy Mrs. Brindle reports the Lawsons to child services for not having Vicky enrolled in school, the Lawsons rush to forge adoption papers. But their plan gets complicated when a doctor's exam is required - on their robot.
16 Nov. 1985
Child Genius
Ms. Fernwald of Child Services forces the Lawsons to hire a tutor for Vicky. But when the tutor gets too excited about Vicky's super memory, Ted gets worried and comes up with an idea for a replacement teacher.
23 Nov. 1985
Ted's New Boss
Ted loses a promotion to Brindle, but the worst is yet to come.
30 Nov. 1985
Vici goes to play with Harriat and she tells her how to demand things from her parents. This breaks down Viki's internal circuit and Ted need to re-configure her.

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