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Season 4

17 Sep. 1988
Divided We Stand
The men and women camp separately.
24 Sep. 1988
Double Dates
Jamie, Vicki and Harriet have multiple dates.
1 Oct. 1988
The Gang's All Here
Jamie and Vicki join a gang.
15 Oct. 1988
A burglar strikes the Lawsons at a health resort.
22 Oct. 1988
Come Fly with Me
The Lawsons' plane is hijacked.
29 Oct. 1988
Love at First Byte
Vicki falls in love with a computer program.
5 Nov. 1988
The Sheik
A teenage sheik wants Vicki for his bride.
12 Nov. 1988
The Lawsons and Brindles compete on a game show.
19 Nov. 1988
My Favorite Martian
Brandon sees Vicki's hologram of an alien spaceship.
26 Nov. 1988
Mommie Dearest
Joan's father dates Ida Mae.
4 Dec. 1988
No Laughing Matter
Vicki leaks nitrous oxide; Jamie teaches for a week.
11 Dec. 1988
Tag, You're It
There's a dance at Jamie's school wherein the girls get to ask the boys out. Jamie's hoping that a girl he likes will ask him. But Harriet is chasing Jamie trying to get him to bring her to the dance. Eventually she does so to get out of it, he tries to get enough demerits so that he would be grounded and can't go.
7 Jan. 1989
The Jailbirds
Jamie and Vicki are arrested for spray-painting a wall -- and its owner's $60 shirt.
14 Jan. 1989
Riches to Rags
Vicki and Jamie invent a cleaning solution.
21 Jan. 1989
Radio Days
Jamie produces a radio play about World War II.
28 Jan. 1989
Jamie starts up a singing-telegram business.
4 Feb. 1989
More About L.E.S.
L.E.S. is back, and despite Ted's assurances that the rogue A.I. program has been rendered harmless, it comes back in a big way by possessing Vicki's body as its own.
11 Feb. 1989
Hooray for Hollyweird!
Ted's robot, Vanessa, wreaks havoc in Hollywood.
18 Feb. 1989
Minnesota Vicki
To land a new promotion with the boss, Mr. Jennings. Ted invites him over for dinner and a playful game of pool until Jennings starts betting the shirt off his back and a lot more playing against Vicki.
25 Feb. 1989
Vicki Doolittle
When Ted installs a new language translation device (Random Access Multiple Concurrent Linguistic Analytical Sequencer) into Vicki it enables her to understand any language including even animals, like the bosses' dog. Mrs. Jennings forces Mr. Jennings to fire Ted when Joan balks at doing uncredited work for an affair.
29 Apr. 1989
The Tattletale
A gossip reporter reveals Vicki's secret.
6 May 1989
The Strike
Ted's union strike inspires the whole family.
13 May 1989
See No Evil
Her sight failing, Vicki cannot identify bike thieves.
20 May 1989
Thy Neighbor's Wife
Joan poses as Mrs. Brindle to impress a businessman.

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