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20 Jul. 1990
Mars Is Heaven
The first Earth visitors to Mars discover a replica of small town America, just as they remembered it from their childhoods.
27 Jul. 1990
The Murderer
A psychiatrist is summoned to a prison to interview Albert Brock, a respectable businessman who went on a murderous rampage--against phones, computers, music players, and all the other electronic devices that fill the world with ceaseless noise and distraction.
3 Aug. 1990
Touched with Fire
Two retired insurance salesman seek out aggravating people and attempt to convince them to change their ways and avoid murder.
10 Aug. 1990
The Black Ferris
Two young boys investigate the owner of a sinister carnival. The story for Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) was based on this short story.
17 Aug. 1990
Usher II
After fantasy and horror books were banned, librarian William Stendahl builds a replica of Edgar Allan Poe's "House of Usher" and populates it with androids set to murder government officials.
12 Oct. 1990
Touch of Petulance
A man travels from the future to the present, to warn his younger self against murdering his wife.
19 Oct. 1990
And the Moon Be Still as Bright
An archaeologist on Mars goes berserk and takes the side of the extinct Martian race.
26 Oct. 1990
The Toynbee Convector
Craig Bennett Stiles travels 100 years into the future to bring hope back for his dying present. Now a hundred years have passed and he prepares to meet his past self as the world looks on.
2 Nov. 1990
The charming Clara Goodwater has been the president of the town's Ladies Honeysuckle Harmony Lodge for as long as anyone can remember. Her nosy rival Elmira Brown is convinced Clara maintains her position through witchcraft and plans to exorcise her at the upcoming Lodge election.
9 Nov. 1990
The Day It Rained Forever
In a desert town, three old men wait for rain that never comes.
16 Nov. 1990
The Long Years
A family of Earth colonists was stranded on Mars twenty years ago when they missed the order to evacuate. Now, after their long wait, a ship from Earth arrives to take them home, but the rescuers notice something odd.
30 Nov. 1990
Here There Be Tygers
Astronauts from Earth land on a remote planet and find a pastoral paradise, where all their wishes come true.

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