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Season 3

7 Jul. 1989
The Dwarf
Every night, a tiny man visits the carnival's hall of mirrors to stare at a mirror that makes him look much taller. Carny worker Aimee finds herself drawn to this lonely sad man and befriends him. Her boss cruelly pranks him. Big mistake.
14 Jul. 1989
A Miracle of Rare Device
Two drifters, Robert and William, stumble across a desert mirage while evading their nemesis, Ned. The two men soon realize that the mirage shows each viewer the city where they'd like to be, and start selling views.
21 Jul. 1989
The Lake
An artist, now an adult, visits the lake where his childhood sweetheart died when he was 10.
28 Jul. 1989
The Wind
A weather expert is stalked by a demonic sentient wind.
4 Aug. 1989
The Pedestrian
In a totalitarian city, a rebel persuades his nervous friend to commit a subversive act: taking a walk with him around the neighborhood at night.
11 Aug. 1989
A Sound of Thunder
A company provides big game hunters with expeditions to the past to kill dinosaurs. They only have one rule that's there to protect the timeline: Never ever get off the beaten path. Violation of this rule is punishable by death.
18 Aug. 1989
The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone
At a book signing, celebrated author Dudley Stone is approached by a rival who announces his intention to murder him. Stone turns out to be surprisingly enthusiastic about the idea.
15 Sep. 1989
The Haunting of the New
Wealthy socialite Nora is notorious for her decadent parties and wild escapades; when her stately mansion burns to the ground, she has it rebuilt--but it will not let her back in.
22 Sep. 1989
To the Chicago Abyss
In a large city after an devastating holocaust, an old man is hunted by the police for the crime of reminding people of the good old days.
30 Sep. 1989
Hail and Farewell
A 12-year-old boy discovers that he can't grow up. He later turns this bizarre affliction into sort of a lonely profession.
10 Nov. 1989
The Veldt
Two parents become increasingly concerned that their children are spending far too much time in the virtual reality playroom, which seems permanently set to the African veldt.
17 Nov. 1989
Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
An insecure man begins to suspect that the mushrooms his son ordered from a boy's magazine and is growing in the basement may be alien invaders.

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