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Season 2

23 Jan. 1988
The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl
A guest murders his host after an argument, then becomes increasingly worried about removing all his fingerprints from the crime scene.
6 Feb. 1988
A hypochondriac feels there is something wrong with his bones so he consults a creepy "bone specialist" who promises to help him; sometimes the cure really is worse than the disease.
13 Feb. 1988
The Emissary
Martin is a lonely boy confined to bed because of his illness. His only contact with the outside world is through his loyal dog that brings flowers and objects from the streets to him. When his mother questions the actions of his dog, Martin decides to prove his efficiency to his mother and asks the animal to find a friend for him. The dog brings Miss Haight, Martin's teacher if the boy could go to the school, and she becomes his friend, visiting him every day. One day, Martin is informed by his parents that Miss Haight died in a car crash; after her funeral, his dog ...
20 Feb. 1988
At a masquerade party, a lonely man dressed as comedian Oliver Hardy is about to leave, when he meets a woman costumed as Hardy's comic partner Stan Laurel ! Captivated with each other, they run off into the night. They stay in love and in their fantasy, until the man muses if this dream can last ? The woman suggests they see, by playing a game she calls Gotcha !
5 Mar. 1988
The Man Upstairs
In Paris, the weird traveler Mr. Koberman stays in a small pension nearby the Seine River owned by the grandmother of the boy Douglas. Mr. Koberman's strange habits and his aversion to silver cause Douglas to be suspicious that he is a vampire. One morning, when the student Miss Treadwell does not return to the inn, Douglas spies the guest and concludes that he is a vampire with tragic consequences.
9 Apr. 1988
The Small Assassin
Alice delivers an unwanted child and Doctor Jeffers is apprehensive with the situation. He has a private conversation with her husband David, but he says that Alice will get used to the baby. When the family moves to their manor, Alice is scared, telling them that the baby wants to kill her. She swears that she is not being paranoid and asks David to protect her. Furthermore, she says that the baby never cries in his presence, and David says that babies do not do things like that. When Doctor Jeffers pays a visit to the family, he has a dreadful surprise.
16 Apr. 1988
Punishment Without Crime
George Hill is stunned when he is sentenced to death--for murdering a robot facsimile of his adulterous young wife.
29 Apr. 1988
On the Orient, North
A nurse accompanies a "dying" ghost on a train ride across Europe to Great Britain in search of a place of refuge where people still believe in the supernatural.
7 May 1988
The Coffin
When the eccentric millionaire Charles Braling takes all his savings to his manor and builds a glass coffin, his greedy brother Richard Braling mocks him. Charles dies and in the will, Richard may have the mansion and all his savings if he finds where it is hidden. Richard finds the money in the coffin, but it's not as easy as it first seemed.
14 May 1988
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Bombastic producer Joe Clarence hires Terwilliger to do the stop-motion animation for a dinosaur film he's making. Frustrated at Clarence's constant bullying and complaining, Terwilliger subconsciously finds a way to work out his stress.
21 May 1988
There Was an Old Woman
A stubborn old woman has spent her entire life defying death; after the Grim Reaper finally pays his call, her ghost tries to reclaim her body from the mortuary.
28 May 1988
And So Died Riabouchinska
A ventriloquist is implicated in the murder of a man at a theater.

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