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Season 1

21 May 1985
Marionettes, Inc.
A suburban drone sees no escape from his dull job, nor from his upbeat wife's constant attention and advice. He's a computer salesman, and suddenly every computer he logs onto immediately blares his most detailed personal information, plus a cryptic ad for the mysterious Marionettes, Inc. Now he has to take action.
4 Jun. 1985
The Playground
Charles Underhill lives in the suburb with his young son Steve, but he does not allow Steve to play in the nearby playground with other children. Charles has a childhood trauma with the bully Ralph and his friends, and he frequently sees his ghost challenging him, until the day he decides to go to the playground with Steve and face the wounds of his past.
2 Jul. 1985
The Crowd
After leaving a party late night, Joe Spelliner drives high speed through the empty streets and has a car accident. A couple of seconds later, he is surrounded by a crowd until an ambulance arrives with the paramedic at 2:00 AM. Twenty-four hours later he is discharged by the hospital and he is intrigued from where that crowd arrived. He meets his friend and colleague Morgan to celebrate and they witness another car accident. In twenty-one seconds, the victim is surrounded by a crowd and Joe recognizes many of the persons from his own accident. Joe asks Morgan to ...
22 Feb. 1986
The Town Where No One Got Off
While traveling by train, the aspirant writer Cogswell is challenged by an old salesman to get off the train and settle in a small town to lead a boring life. Cogswell asks the conductor to stop the train and arrives in a quiet town. He wanders through the town and finds hostile dwellers; further, he notes that an old man is following him. The man tells Cogswell that he has been waiting for twenty years for a strange to commit the perfect crime. Cogswell replies that he has had the same feeling.
22 Feb. 1986
The Screaming Woman
A young girl is playing in a seemingly deserted part of the local wood hears a woman screaming. Is she imagining it? Is it a ghost? Or could it be something worse?
22 Feb. 1986
An American visiting a remote Irish manor hears an eerie moan from the grounds. Braving the dark night, the man sees a beautiful woman flitting across the moor. When he returns to the house, his host, an inveterate practical joker, informs him the woman is really a banshee and dares him to confront her.

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