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Great Cop Show

Author: goleafs84 from Seattle, Washington
18 February 2004

I used to enjoy watching this show. Since this was on CBS Late Night and through the years it was on, due to work or college, I wasn't able to watch it when it was on. Thank goodness for VCRs!!! Otherwise I would've missed out on a great show.

It featured a great cast was great with Scott Hylands, Jeff Wincott, Sean McCann, Deborah Grover and Susan Hogan. Stephen Mendel as Detective Freddie Carson and Eugene Clark as Detective Colby Burns were the perfect comic relief. Both had great chemistry together and played off each other well. In addition, Tony Rosato as "Whitey" was hilarious as well playing Detective O'Brien and Giambone's "stoolie". I used to love the one liners "Whitey" would lob at both O'Brien and Giambione like, "Hey Giambonie, you need to lighten up on the hairspray", or "you two need to wear more pastels and you can look like those guys on Miami Vice" as they left him when they got the information they needed. Clark Johnson as Detective Dave Jefferson was both sleazy and funny at the same time, not always telling "O.B." and Giambone what they needed to know when Vice ended up getting linked to their cases, but in the end, they got it, but had to work for it.

In some of their episodes, you'll find guest appearances from Danny Aiello and from future stars like Keanu Reeves. I best remember him (Reeves) as the stoner punk villain. He played the role well.

Back in the late summer of 1987, CBS used this show as a summer replacement for a month at the 10 o'clock time slot on a Tuesday night. It did well in the Neilsens, but CBS chose to keep this on their Late Night lineup.

Sometimes, I pull one of these tapes out, blow off the dust and put it in my vcr. It was a great show.

I still have the shows on tape and have blown the dust off and popped them in the VCR. I still enjoy the show.

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One Of The Best Cop Shows

Author: rosemcgowanrulez2001 from Toronto, Ontario
16 January 2002

Night Heat is one of the best TV Series Cop Shows for sure. A great Canadian cast and was shot at night entirely all over Toronto,Ontario. I remember seeing the show being filmed all the time and for us that live in Toronto, it was always fun to figure out where abouts the scenes were shot when watching. Jeff Wincott stole the show with his under rated acting. Too bad that his brother Michael Wincott has been alot more successful that him. Scott Hylands, Sean McCann show there experiemce acting in the show as well. McCann is always great in whatever role he gets, also is a nice guy when you run into him on the streets of Toronto. The entire cast had great chemistry, one of those rare drama shows where the entire cast is talented. Too bad CBS scrapped thier CBS Late Night timeslot, but when they wanted in on the Late Night Talk Show circuit, well Night Heat had to be the sacrifice. Reruns are un up here in Canada I don't know about in the USA. One great thing about the show was they always had good guest stars like Danny Aiello, and Hector Elizondo and they were great with the cast. Another few Canadian shot shows to check out if you can are Hot Shots, Sirens and Diamonds. You will see the same Canadian actors playing bit parts in these ones. If you can catch the Night Heat reruns, I say do so. Not cheesy at all.

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Excellent detective show

Author: drad from United States
3 June 2005

I remember staying up late every week night to watch this wonderful show that no one knew about. I was in college at the time and used up a lot of valuable study time. Action, drama and a little romance - greatest detective show since Kojak!

The actors in the show, I assume, were Canadian but every once in awhile I would see one of them in something else("Three Men and a Baby", "Spenser: For Hire") and I would have a flashback to all of those wonderful late-night adventures.

Unfortunately I did not own a VCR at the time so I do not have it on tape and it hasn't been on since the '80s. Put it on DVD!!! Please!!!

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Before Law & Order, there was...

Author: Erika from Toronto, Canada
16 May 2006

I Feel the Niiiiiight Heat! I feel your HEEAAAAAAAAAART-beat! Something ain't right!" Theme song written by B.J. Cook from Skylark- David Foster's old band and wife. She also wrote the memorable theme from CBC's "Airwaves." OH Night Heat! What a program! Well-written, well-acted and totally classic. Crime solvers and a good team and a dash of humour at the end. I'd like to think this is really what detectives do/did. Giambone was a real favourite! On a Canadian tip, I learned EVERY Canadian actor's name and style from guest spots done on Night Heat. Everyone passed through the Night Heat set and like Law & Order, it was story-driven so you could just watch and enjoy without a lot of character melodrama.

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"Night Heat" was definitely a great show

Author: hgilbert68 from United States
18 August 2005

I didn't start watching this show until the late 80s, but really enjoyed it. Very unique police program, and great cast as well. Eventually the show ended it's run, and the re-runs were hard to come by, so hopefully I can get a few on video. Very intriguing episodes, as they all occurred at night. While many of the actors, including Eugene Clark, Clark Johnson (Homicide fame) and Jeff Wincott.

It was definitely a break from the American cop shows, in that it had a certain mystique and roughness to it. Don't get me wrong..I love the American shows, but Night Heat more or less broke the mold. I also enjoyed other Canadian shows such as "Hot Shots" and "Diamonds".

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How I liked the series, Night Heat.

Author: Mark ( from Miami, Fla (formerly Syracuse, NY) USA
25 May 2002

Night Heat was an awesome police TV drama show. I liked the actors and they were well casted for their roles. Thats true that Jeff Wincott did not get much better roles as I thought he might get at the time. I was sure he will. Instead, this series started off well for other people and other shows.. such as several Law & Order series and NYPD. Night Heat was the pioneer of more realistic drama police show than others prior or during Night Heat.

Clarke Johnson was the actor from the series went on to another realistic police drama Homicide TV Series.

Yes, I agree that the series was filmed in Toronto since I recoginized so many places in this wonderful city near my birthtown in Upstate NY. This series brought more closer to home than Law & Order since the background and lifestyle was close to my hometown (Appx. 4 hours drive).

I would love to see reunion shows but I was disappointed not seeing the series in closed captioned for hearing impaired.

The series was on at the right time since I was busy in evenings and I was settled into bed watching the series.

This series really showed alot of hard work to make it successful made by the Canadians and I really liked their style of programming. Sadly, I dont see much of our neighbor's shows in the states. It would be nice to have their network aired in the states!

One drawback I didnt like that they had repeating guest stars playing roles of villians or victims. Perhaps there was a reason for this that I do not know.

Overall, the series was a 5 star out of 5. Why? It showed at different time (night time) of the detectives. That is original!

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Rediscover it.

Author: haildevilman from Tokyo, Japan
11 October 2006

This lasted several years despite the late hour it was on.

Like a lot of 80's crime dramas, it looked cold. Both physically and figuratively. This isn't a bad thing though. And the (obviously) low budget actually worked in it's favor. Gritty during a time when 'slick' was in.

Allan Royal's wraparound segments as the news writer gave it a slight edge.

The only actors I remembered were Scott Nylands (Earthquake) and Tony Rosato (SCTV). The cast of barely knowns was a good thing because one could see the group as a whole and not as a bunch of people supporting a 'star.' And yes, that's a young Clark Johnson (Homicide) in a recurring spot.

I hope a DVD release is in the future. Someone out there wanna get on that?

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great show

Author: pd911 from washington state
29 April 2005

I loved watching this show late at night. I was a shift worker and would get home late at night, just in time to watch the network late shows and this one was one of the best, very original. I would love to have these on VHS or DVD. I used to tape it, and of course,no cable at the time, so I had to rely on good reception on my TV, not always getting it when the outside antenna would blow around. This is one of those shows that would be a great addition to my collection. Scott Hylands and Jeff Wincott were fantastic. I loved watching them play off each other. I can see some of the police officers I work with in the two of them.

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Awesome show!

Author: Clyde Ramsdell (n1bhh) from United States
29 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This showed the gritty side of police work in a big metropolitan city. I watched every single episode and Scott Hylands and Jeff Wincott had superb chemistry. The one line that stuck with me was, "Something ain't right." This line was incorporated into Domenic Troiano's theme song and was used regularly by nearly all the detectives. I know , it sounds hokey, but that was the tag line that kept you watching. I wish someone would release these shows on DVD, I would be the first in line to get them. Every episode kept me glued to the screen. In my area I could see the same episode twice in a night because I could watch it on two different stations. One would show it an hour later than the other. If I missed something first time I could catch it second time around.

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best police TV series since "Highway Patrol" of the '60's

Author: Stephen Coker ( from Huntsville, Ontario
20 August 1999

Guess I'm biased! It was a great Canadian series, shot in Toronto (my birthplace). Being from Toronto, the background scenery was very familiar and added to the realism. My wife and I enjoyed all the actors, although some were being re-cast as different guest villains,etc. a little too much. We especially like the "confrontations" between cops "Kevin & Frank" and "Whitey".

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