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9 Jan. 1987
College Bound
Kevin tries to get into a College.
16 Jan. 1987
Wesley fakes the death of his pet hamster Inky, just so that he could get a dog.
23 Jan. 1987
After being fired from his job, George goes to the unemployment office, and is soon classified as a "community hero", when he saves a woman from being mugged.
30 Jan. 1987
The Ticket
When Kevin gets a ticket just for going through a stop sign, something that he complains that he couldn't see because of a tree branch, Marsha tries to test her knowledge as a lawyer and represent him at court, but her attempts just end up getting Kevin in even more trouble.
6 Feb. 1987
The Crush
Heather's friend, Angela, develops a crush on Kevin. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere and Wesley go camping.
13 Feb. 1987
The Competition
Kevin decides to have Mr. Belvedere coach him in order to help him win against his father George in arm wrestling matches.
20 Feb. 1987
The Cadet
Fed up with Wesley getting in trouble both in School and at home, George and the family decide to put him into military school.
27 Feb. 1987
Kevin's Older Woman
Kevin meets an older woman, which results in him losing his virginity.
6 Mar. 1987
When Marsha breaks the news to Wesley that she might be expecting another baby, Wesley, feeling that she doesn't want him anymore, runs away.
1 May 1987
Both George and Marsha's respective jobs have them spending little time together. Fighting soon erupts between the two, and when they try a marriage retreat at the suggestion of Mr. Belvedere, the plan fails, and they separate. Now, it is up to the kids and Mr. Belvedere to get George and Marsha back together again.
8 May 1987
The Mogul
Wesley and his friend Miles both start a company that involves them doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. However, it's not long before Wesley lets everything go to his head, by firing Miles, and by taking advantage of his employees.
15 May 1987
The Auction
Mr. Belvedere is auctioned off to a female elderly widower for $500.
30 Oct. 1987
The Initiation
College Freshmen Kevin decides to bring the ugliest looking girl to a party.
6 Nov. 1987
TV George
It's George's first day as a sportscaster for a local television station. Although initial viewer response for him is positive, the powers that be still aren't satisfied, and suggest that he tries to make himself look younger by getting a face lift.
13 Nov. 1987
Wesley has a crush on the substitute teacher. When she meets Kevin, they start dating which doesn't make Wesley happy. And despite being told how Wesley feels Kevin still continues to date her.
20 Nov. 1987
Marsha's Job
Marsha's trying to find a job as a lawyer but hasn't had much luck. Until a guy offers her a job at his firm. But it comes with strings attached.
27 Nov. 1987
At a Fast Food restaurant, Mr. Belvedere meets an insufferable girl, and realizes that her family needs him just as much as the Owens family does. But soon, the Owens family begin to see less and less of Mr. Belvedere, and eventually, an all-out war between families over who gets to keep him, occurs.
4 Dec. 1987
The Wedding
Wendy comes back from college, engaged to a guy she met there. The guy asks Kevin to be his best man. At her bridal shower, a drunken Wendy comes onto Kevin, making him wonder if she really wants to marry the guy.
11 Dec. 1987
Fall Guy
Marsha returns home one day, and is furious when she finds out that her beloved "Home Sweet Home" pillow is ruined. She quickly accuses of Wesley of his actions, but Wesley denies any of it, and soon, everyone has a different account of what happened. But unbeknown to George and Marsha, Wesley is actually the "fall guy", and soon, evidence begins to emerge of what really happened.
18 Dec. 1987
Christmas Story
It's Christmas time and everyone of the Owens prefers not to do the usual tradition. And Belvedere is not exactly joyful. So Wesley does a little snooping and thinks it's because he has a lost love. So he brings her over and everyone is shocked to see who she is.

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