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3 Jan. 1986
George gives a speech for The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh.
10 Jan. 1986
The Teacher
Wesley is appalled when Mr. Belvedere becomes friends with his teacher.
17 Jan. 1986
The Dropout
When Marsha does poorly on an exam she decides to quit law school and go back to taking care of the house.
24 Jan. 1986
When George starts smoking again, he and Mr. Belvedere make a bet to see who can go the longest without indulging in their respective vices; he gives up cigarettes while Mr. Belvedere agrees to give up junk food. Meanwhile, Heather's boyfriend Sean makes a pass at Marsha.
31 Jan. 1986
Wesley's Friend
Wesley is supposed to play William Howard Taft in the school's Presidents' Day pageant, an opening to play Abraham Lincoln comes up. The boy who was supposed to play Lincoln, Wesley's friend Danny, has been pulled out of school because he got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Not knowing anything about the virus, Wesley believes what his friends tell him about it and makes him afraid of Danny.
7 Feb. 1986
The Will
Mr. Belvedere refuses guardianship of the kids, even though George & Marsha asked him to take them, in case something happens to them.
14 Feb. 1986
Valentine's Day
Heather has a secret admirer, while Wesley is placed in an Advanced Placement class with a girl who is in love with him, and Kevin joins a band.
21 Feb. 1986
Heather's Tutor
Heather falls in love with her French tutor.
7 Mar. 1986
While studying for his exams, Kevin falls in love with an Amish girl, and wants to fulfill her lifestyle.
21 Mar. 1986
Dinner for Two
George wants a romantic dinner for two with Marsha, but when she has to study for a test Mr. Belvedere takes her place. George admits he's afraid that once Marsha receives her law degree, she'll leave him.
28 Mar. 1986
The Play
Mr. Belvedere directs Wesley's school production of "HMS Pinafore" when the teacher falls ill. Wesley is cast as the lead, but when Mr. Belvedere discovers a shy boy named Tommy with a far superior singing voice, Wesley is replaced.
26 Sep. 1986
The Thief
Heather and Angela get jobs at a record store, and Heather soon starts seeing a man there, who turns out to be a thief.
3 Oct. 1986
Wesley makes friends with an elderly woman at a retirement home, but soon finds out the shocking truth about her: She has Alzheimer's disease.
17 Oct. 1986
After Mr. Belvedere saves George from nearly getting himself killed by an electrocution when his TV falls into the bathtub, George decides to quit his job as a sports writer, and become a lounge singer. However, Mr. Belvedere feels that George is making a big mistake, so he asks for the help of Robert Goulet to discourage George, but not before George proceeds with his debut at the Steel Towne Inn.
24 Oct. 1986
Kevin's Date
On Kevin's 18th Birthday, he takes an easy girl as a sexual experience.
31 Oct. 1986
As Halloween approaches, Tracy wants to wear a revealing maid's outfit as her costume, Mr. Belvedere feels depressed after having cataract surgery on his left eye, while the Happy Guys invite George to become a member.
7 Nov. 1986
Deportation: Part 1
After Mr. Belvedere tells George and Marsha that Wesley cheated on his history test, just so that he could easily get an A and get a dog as a reward, Wesley tries to get him deported.
14 Nov. 1986
Deportation: Part 2
Mr. Belvedere is released from prison, and when he returns, he finds out that another maid has taken his place.
21 Nov. 1986
George attends a High School Reunion, where he reunites with his old High School sweetheart Donna Flannigan, and Marsha attends a convention in Atlantic City.
5 Dec. 1986
The Spelling Bee
When Wesley enters a Spelling Bee contest, a girl pretends to be nice to him, just so that she can win the contest. Meanwhile, Mr. Belvedere bans the family's credit cards.
12 Dec. 1986
Marsha uses Heather's diet pills as a way to study hard for an exam.

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