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Season 5

14 Oct. 1988
Fat Cats
When the station decides to change their sets which means that George has to fully appear on screen so he's told that he has to lose some weight. So they arrange for him to go to a weight loss camp. Wanting someone to come with him he drags Belvedere along. When they get there, Belvedere adheres to the program but George doesn't and they get thrown out. So they try to find another way to lose the weight.
21 Oct. 1988
George and Wesley play hooky to go fishing.
28 Oct. 1988
Wesley is not enthused about the idea of getting braces.
4 Nov. 1988
Wesley decides to try out for the football team. He barely makes it. He was hoping to play but when a girl also tries out and it turns out she phenomenal, the coach puts her on the team. and Wesley is stuck on the bench. When he realizes she likes him, he takes her out hoping that she'll be so starry eyed that she can't concentrate on her football and he can play. And it works only problem is the team is now losing games and they blame him.
11 Nov. 1988
Marsha's Secret
When Marsha becomes unhappy with the law job she got, she quits and becomes a waitress but doesn't tell the family. Carl gets Kevin to join a contest wherein they could win a car if they hold on to a car the longest.
18 Nov. 1988
When Belvedere is laid up, they try to find someone to fill in. And by happenstance, Belvedere's cousin Galen, whom Belvedere can't stand, shows up. And takes over. But also it seems that he's come to settle an old score with Belvedere.
25 Nov. 1988
Kevin meets a feisty woman while trying to get rid of his roommate's pet.
2 Dec. 1988
The Curse
Anatole, a foreigner who was Kevin's roommate till he threw him out, goes to the Owens along with his goat, as per his country's tradition that when someone is thrown out by someone, the family of the one who threw him out must take him in. But when they decide not to, he puts a curse on them. And now they are plagued by all sorts bad luck and misfortune. Kevin tries to adjust living with his new roommate, Casey.
9 Dec. 1988
Black Widow
When George appears on one of the stations talk shows, the host Barbara Collins takes a liking to George and makes him her new co-host. But she expects him to do more which he's not willing to do. And when he refuses she causes some problems for him like getting him removed from the sports desk and coming to his house.
16 Dec. 1988
Heather takes a homeless man under her wing.
6 Jan. 1989
New Year's
Mr. Belvedere rings in the new year by making a new acquaintance.
13 Jan. 1989
George brings home a dog for Wesley.
20 Jan. 1989
Anchors Away
George begins a job as a substitute anchorman.
3 Feb. 1989
The Happy Guys of Pittsburgh return and they reveal that there is someone stealing shoes from women while they are wearing them. They dub him the High Heel Bandit. When Marsha is his latest victim, they decide to go in drag to get him. But he strikes where they were not patrolling which leads Belvedere to suspect that the bandit is closer than they think.
10 Feb. 1989
The Election
Wesley decides to run for class president and is ready to play dirty. But when he learns that his opponent is a paraplegic, he decides not to. But his opponent is just as, probably more devious than Wesley. And it's Belvedere's birthday and he tells the Owens that he would rather that they not do anything. But he is constantly expecting them to surprise him which they don't.
17 Feb. 1989
When George and Marsha decide to go on a cruise, they leave Belvedere in charge of the kids but when he gets a call from the Royal Family asking him to return he bolts leaving George and Marsha in a lurch. So they ask Kevin to look after the kids while they're away. George and Marsha learn that they were booked on a freighter, and it's during the cruise that they find themselves drafted onto helping out on the ship. And when things get out of control at the house, Kevin's roommate Casey has to step in to put things in order.
24 Feb. 1989
The Debate
Heather and Angela compete to see which one wins the captain of the debate team.
17 Mar. 1989
Really Full House
Kevin and his girlfriend must put their romance on hold when a married couple moves in.
31 Mar. 1989
The Book
Belvedere decides to publish his journals. When the Owens hear about this, they don't like their secrets being made public. But Belvedere goes through with it anyway.
14 Apr. 1989
The Escort
Kevin gets a job as an escort, and the woman he gets is an elderly, wealthy woman. The two of them have such a good time that she makes him an offer. And when Marsha and George hear about it, they freak out.
28 Apr. 1989
The Ghostwriter
To rekindle the romance in their marriage, George gives Marsha love poems. But they were written by Wesley.
5 May 1989
Almost Heaven
Wesley is grounded but he sneaks out. So Belvedere goes after him but gets in an accident and ends up in a coma. The Owens stand over him. That's when he leaves his body and sees them standing over him. That's when he's approached by an Angel who calls herself Angel who looks like Angela. She tells him that they're waiting to see if he will be called to the next world or if he will return. And he says he is needed because without him the Owens would end up in chaos. But Angel shows him they can make it without him.
The Dinner
Mr. Belvedere helps Marsha improve her cooking skills, so she can impress her boss with a special dinner.
The Attic
After getting locked in the attic, Wesley T. Owens and Lynn Aloysius Belvedere bring back humorous memories since Mr. Belvedere met the Owens' family.

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