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6 Jan. 1987
The Straight Poop
Other shows have done it when you flash back and discuss the show. Now "Moonlighting" after too long with no new episode Rona Barrett, an 80's reporter goes in to get "The Straight Poop" apparently Maddie and David have been fighting and not speaking to one another. As she talks with Maddie, David, Miss Dipesto, and Mr. Viola they flash back to previous episodes to show examples of their statements and in the end they kiss and make up.
13 Jan. 1987
Poltergeist III - Dipesto Nothing
Agnes has been at Blue Moon for five years and is upset Herbert is already working on a case after only three months. To prove herself and without telling them, Agnes takes on a case that Maddie and David refuse to do.
3 Feb. 1987
Blonde on Blonde
When Maddie walks in on an office poker game run by David and does nothing about it, he realises that something is wrong. Maddie is feeling a bit low and wants to go out and pick up a man for a one night stand. David decides to follow her.
10 Feb. 1987
Sam & Dave
David attempts to be civil towards Maddie and Sam, but ends up becoming a drunken embarrassment.
3 Mar. 1987
Maddie's Turn to Cry
Maddie is still torn between Sam and David, and David is still jealous of the situation. They continue to investigate whether a woman's lover is betraying her by continuing to be with his wife, when his wife suddenly commits suicide.
31 Mar. 1987
I Am Curious... Maddie
The battle between Sam and David continues and became serious when Sam proposed to Maddie. She is non-committal with her answer but it forces David to think about how he feels about Maddie. Sam and David end up having a fight.
5 May 1987
To Heiress Human
It's the morning after they slept together but Maddie and David are in different moods. She wants to forget that it ever happened. A wealthy heiress hires Blue Moon to prove that her boyfriend loves her and isn't after her money.
29 Sep. 1987
A Trip to the Moon
David and Maddie have been together for four weeks and Maddie is wondering where their relationship is going. She thinks all they do is sleep together. David expresses his love for her but she doesn't know what she wants.
6 Oct. 1987
Come Back Little Shiksa
David felt the previous evening went well, unaware that Maddie has left town. A client comes to Blue Moon and wants it to find a particularly beautiful woman whom he saw at a charity ball. The only clue is a valuable ear ring left behind.
13 Oct. 1987
Take a Left at the Altar
It's been a week and David is desperate to hear from Maddie, who is still at home and starting to worry her father. A groom supposedly goes missing on his wedding day and the bride's brother wants Blue Moon to find him.
3 Nov. 1987
Tale in Two Cities
Maddie's father is determined to find out why she is avoiding going home. Bert and MacGillicudy are fighting over Agnes, and Bert is particularly upset. David takes him to a bar to help him forget. Maddie gives Agnes some big news.
17 Nov. 1987
Cool Hand Dave: Part 1
Agnes is excited at the news of Maddie's pregnancy and she blurts it out to Herbert, who then tells David. He tries to fly to Chicago but his identity stolen and he finds himself arrested, in jail, and then in solitary confinement.
1 Dec. 1987
Cool Hand Dave: Part 2
David is released from solitary and ends up on a work gang. His fellow workers advise him to marry Maddie. He tries to get to a phone to speak to Maddie but all he finds is a bent warder. Agnes and Herbert go looking for David.
15 Dec. 1987
Father Knows Last
Maddie starts getting morning sickness. The furniture is repossessed and the staff are rebelling because they haven't been paid. Maddie's father meets with David and they sort out their differences. He gives David the money to keep going.

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