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Season 1

21 Sep. 1985
Someone is killing members of the royal family of a small European principality who's lives are insured by Lime Steet. In order to protect the sole remaining heir, Christina, Grey agrees to take her back to the United States to his farm. But the assassin follows them across the Atlantic.
28 Sep. 1985
The Mystery of Flight 401
The cockpit crew of a 747 stage a hijacking in order to extort four million dollars from their airline, then plant evidence that points to D.B. Cooper. Grey and Eddie see through their plot, but to prove their case they must first figure out how the crew got the ransom off the airplane after it landed and was besieged by FBI agents.
The Wayward Train
Grey is in England with his daughters on vacation when a train disappears on it's last run before being placed into a museum. He and Eddie are assigned the case and soon turn up evidence that leads all the way back to a military payroll robbery that occurred decades earlier aboard the same train.
12 Oct. 1985
Diamonds Aren't Forever
In Amsterdam, a fortune in jewels is stolen from the high-tech safe of a broker. Grey and Eddie fly in to track down the culprit and end up suspecting two sisters from Arkansas who claim to be on vacation.
26 Oct. 1985
Old Pilots Never Die
Legendary fighter pilot Woody Harrell is testing a new jet prototype when it suddenly vanishes from radar screens leaving Lime Street on the hook for a $200 million insurance payout. Grey and Eddie join the FAA in it's investigation and begin to suspect foul play when no wreckage can be found.
Swiss Watch and Wait
Grey and Eddie are dispatched to Switzerland where an extortionist is threatening a prestigious hotel chain. He is demanding millions of dollars or he'll set off a bomb, leaving the Lime Street investigators racing against the clock to track him down.
Treasure Hunt
As a publicity stunt, a novelist writes a book containing clues that can lead readers to a real life treasure.
The Three Million Dollar Spirit
A parapsychologist who has spent his entire career debunking anyone who claims to have paranormal abilities. He's even willing to pay 3 million dollars to anyone who can prove they're real. And it seems Lime Street is the one who will pay the 3 million. And the man is also a friend of Rimbatten's and when he meets a man who claims to be able to talk to the dead, the man appears to be real. So Rimbatten sends for Culver and Wingate to check it out. When he has another demonstration of his abilities, he claims to talk to an old (deceased) friend of Rimbatten's and ...

 Season 1 

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