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My favorite TV show when i was 5 years old
XaXcookieXmonsterX17 March 2009
Loved Katy Mahoney, who didn't. I wanted to be a female cop just like her, i had my plastic gun (357 Magnum replica) and everything. I don't think this was any more violent than all the other cop-detective shows of the 80's (and the 80's had a lot of TV shows like that, probably why it didn't work out), just had more action scenes, and the lead was a woman. Some of the dialog and the scenes were exaggerated, but 80's shows were like that. Danny Aiello was really good in it. I saw this shows when the 80's were almost over, but being a kid at the time growing up in the most calm place you can think off, i think i'm a fair judge with the violence topic. Overall a great TV show, with a lot of action and entertaining to watch. I was very disappointed when it got canceled, only lasted 14 episodes, didn't even had a chance; TV executives are so dumb. Is this DVD out? I wan't one.
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Great Female TV Version of Dirty Harry
alanbobet4 January 2007
This short lived TV action series starred Jamie Rose as a hard hitting Chicago female homicide detective whose methods and police tactics are similar to Harry Callahan aka Dirty Harry. The main character was referred by the TV critics back then in the 80's as "Dirty Harriet", since she also packed a 357 Magnum revolver and took no prisoners. The show was canceled after 1 season not only because of its ratings, but because it was considerable too violent for it's time (the mid 1980's), but Rose's performance as well as Danny Aiello as her boss was great! It was shot on location in Chicago and there were some very good guest stars on the show like Tony Lo Bianco and Katy Jurado. The only other TV show that dealt with female detectives during this period of the mid 1980's was Cagney & Lacey, which was superior to Lady Blue in scripts and direction but had much less action. The only other TV series I could compare Lady Blue in contact and subject matter with would be the 1970's TV series Police Woman starring Angie Dickinson as Sgt. Pepper Anderson.
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"Lady Blue" (1985)
az_nv8 October 2010
I am trying too buy "Lady Blue" (1985-86) on DVD, can anybody help me out? I am a yahoo mailbox holder. I only saw the first 3 episodes, then I was shipped overseas and never saw it again. I have always liked Danny Aiello/Jamie Rose. I was born and raised in Chicago where this series was shot, can't figure out why it didn't run longer, it had good ratings, but I guess mothers and females in power just could not see a woman police officer carrying a .357 Magnum pistol shooting all of the bad guys, but it was alright for Clint Eastwood in, "Dirty Harry" too carry a .357 Magnum pistol shooting everyone, not a fair policy, it was discrimination back in the 80's for a woman too be a "Dirty Henrieta" because she was a woman.
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A Kinder And Gentler Brand Of "Police Brutality"
John T. Ryan2 June 2014
THE MULTITUDE OF cop 'procedural' series that accumulated over the years, much like classical music, were done up with many variations on a single theme. Every Creator, Writer and Director tried his best in hitting the central tenet from a fresh, new angle.

THERE HAVE BEEN, of course, many series that featured females in law enforcement roles. POLICE WOMAN (Angie Dickenson), CAGNEY & LACEY (Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless)were both good examples of series that strictly highlighted the female gumshoes. More recent series included women in far more integrated work forces. HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET and the various branches of the LAW & ORDER family are good examples in this area.

WITH THE INCEPTION of this weeks disectee, LADY BLUE, we see yet another version of "Dragnet in High Heels."

AS AN EXAMPLE of this 'new' version of the police drama, we present the following: In one episode, set in a section of Chicago on Michigan Avenue known as 'the Magnificent Mile', the lead Detective Katy Mahoney (Jamie Rose), comes on a robbery in progress. Without informing the on-duty cops via the telephone, she foils the stick-up men solo.

BRANDISHING HER OWN .44 Magnum look-alike, she subdues the gang and in the process she looks like a sort of feminine version of DIRTY HARRY. This is the problem; for you just can't pull that one off! The very idea conjures up visions Clint Eastwood in drag!

EVEN OUR TWO grade school-aged daughters, Jenn (9) and Michelle (6) found this episode to be just a little too fantastic; though no better or worse than the other 13 hour-long shows.
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