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Season 1

19 Apr. 1985
A New Life
Divorced office worker Henry Willows is content in his uneventful life, one of his few domestic contacts being Enid, who comes in to clean for him. However his ordered existence is shattered when his seventeen year old son Matthew arrives on his door-step, having previously lived with Henry's ex-wife. Matthew claims that he was fed up at his mother's house and was keen to see his father again. A call to the ex-wife uncovers another story. Matthew was thrown out and told to move in with his father. Henry is about to find out why.
26 Apr. 1985
Bad Apples
Henry attempts to enroll Matthew into his old school.
3 May 1985
All You Need Is Love
Henry is appalled when Matthew brings home Christine, a punk whom he intends to marry. When Enid finds a pregnancy testing kit in Matthew's room Henry is even more horrified. However, when Christine's irate father storms into the house, Henry solves everybody's problems by effecting a family reunion between parent and daughter. Matthew nonetheless has one further surprise for Henry.
10 May 1985
Paul Smith,the well-mannered,industrious boy next door,returns home from college and Henry holds him up to Matthew as the example of the perfect son.To make things worse,there is a report of a local youth shop-lifting and Henry jumps to the obvious conclusion that Matthew is the culprit. However,he is about to learn that appearances can be deceptive.
17 May 1985
Dating Henry
There's romance in the air at the Willows' house as Henry lights the candles,opens the wine and prepares for his new date. Matthew is curious to find out the lady's identity but his curiosity turns to panic when it turns out that Barbie,the object of his father's affections,is only two years older than him and,if they click,she will be availing herself of his inheritance.
24 May 1985
Small Change
After Matthew has helped himself to two pounds from his father's small change jar,Henry declares him unemployable and takes him to the job centre. Matthew does actually get a job - as a waiter in a wine bar. Unfortunately this is the same wine bar where Henry,expecting promotion,is lunching with his boss who knows nothing of Matthew's existence. But he is about to find out as the lad's first and last days in the job coincide.
31 May 1985
The Way We Were
It's the anniversary of Henry's wedding to his ex-wife,Sue,and romantic Matthew wants to bring them back together and invites Sue over. However she only wants to collect some belongings and leave so Matthew fixes her car so that she has to stay overnight. Suddenly all the old passion between Sue and Henry is re-kindled. Unfortunately it is extinguished just as quickly after Sue has had a conversation with Enid next day.

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