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Season 4

10 Sep. 1988
The Magnificent Seven Gummies
Just as the gears in Gummi Glen's system fail and there's no way to escape the roasting heat, a prince from the Great East, where they are well-known and revered, comes seeking them to help with a special task. Duke Igthorn orders Toadwart to steal Prince Yen Moon's statuette he was going to use as part of it, but can't figure out how to use it to get power like he wanted. The Gummi Bears and Prince Yen Moon reclaim it and teleport to his kingdom but Igthorn and Toadwart get dragged along unnoticed. And what they're asked to help out with turns out to be a dragon...
17 Sep. 1988
Music Hath Charms/Dress for Success
"Music Hath Charms": Igthorn gets a hold of a set of enchanted bagpipes that hypnotize the listeners (except stupid ogres) into doing the player's bidding for a day, and enchants not only all of Dunwyn but five of the Gummi Bears. Grammi was inside a pot that got hit just before so is briefly deafened. She has to follow them to Drekmoor to stop Igthorn from making everyone his slaves - without becoming mesmerized herself when able to hear again. "Dress for Success": The Gummis all attend Folly Day since they can be taken for costumed people. While entering a fashion ...
24 Sep. 1988
A Knight to Remember/Gummies Just Want to Have Fun
"A Knight to Remember": After accidentally scaring everyone into thinking they're under attack while playing as a knight, Cubbi goes out to gather plants and sees the grave of a Gummi knight, Sir Gallant, whose ghost than appears to him. The others don't see him and don't believe Cubbi, whom Sir Gallant asks for help on a quest he never finished to dismantle the gears of a clock that will end the world if started up for long enough. "Gummies Just Want to Have Fun": Nogum, a leprechaun Grammi knew as a kid, shows up and encourages her to enjoy life, which she's happy ...
15 Oct. 1988
He Who Laughs Last
Obnoxious Lord Willoughby makes a risk-everything bet with Sir Gawain that he won't be able to find a Gummi Bear. Cavin can't break his promise and show him Gummi Glen to help so begs the Gummi Bears to step in and help him themselves. But there's an added reason for urgency: Tummi has eaten fruit off a tree that causes anyone to do so to turn into a tree himself and a spell is needed to save him. But the Gummi medallion has fallen off of Zummi's neck while getting him inside and Willoughby has found it, and is set on hiding it so Gawain can't be proved right. The ...
6 Apr. 1991
Tummi's Last Stand/The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again
"Tummi's Last Stand": Tummi is so slow that he and Cubbi are almost caught by ogres and stumble upon an ancient obstacle course. It may be the only thing able to help him to fight off Duke Igthorn when he and his ogres return and capture Cubbi. "The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again": Gruffi finds Cubbi's Crimson Avenger costume and thinks he's imitating the hero he distrusts and disposes of it. Toadwart, exiled by Duke Igthorn, stumbles on and dons it not realizing what potential it has until robbers flee him. Deciding to create a new name for himself as hero, he poses ...
20 Apr. 1991
Ogre Baby Boom/The White Knight
"Ogre Baby Boom": While looking for Toadwart to literally kick him around then chasing Grammi who's disposing of a mixture of gummiberry juice and baby powder, Duke Igthorn's ogres' ending up in a pond full of it transforms them into infants. Igthorn and Toadwart get stuck with most of them, but Grammi stumbles upon Zook and decides to try and bring him up hoping he'll turn out better. "The White Knight": Cavin's hero, the famed Sir Victor, comes to visit Dunwyn, but he has a terrible secret. When he runs into Igthorn, the duke forces him to help him conquer Dunwyn by...
3 Dec. 1988
Good Neighbor Gummi/Girl's Knight Out
Gruffi accidentally breaks his foot while working and is predictably a reluctant patient. When a group of invaders set up camp nearby, taking the Gummis' resources and planning to strike Dunwyn, he sneaks out to try to drive them away.
10 Dec. 1988
Top Gum
Cubbi becomes obsessed with flying after hearing a story of the mythical Aerials. He builds a gummiberry-juice-powered jet pack and has Artie instruct him, and finds their floating island. But the Aerials aren't winged like legends say but use machines...and they have another secret: they're old enemies subdued by the Ancient Gummies and plan to capture the Gummies and enslave them to power their aircraft like Cubbi did his "wings". Artie overhears but is captured before he can warn Cubbi, who returns convinced the Aerials are friends. While he is shut up in his roof ...
17 Dec. 1988
Gummi's at Sea
Tummi stumbles on a dragon-shaped submarine created by the ancient Gummies, and the Gummies decide to use it to finally go abroad to meet their relatives. But as they set out, Duke Igthorn, at sea planning to attack King Gregor as he returns home from abroad, sees it and decides to commandeer it and use it as a weapon against him.

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