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Season 2

30 Sep. 1986
Jason and the Cruisers
When Jason starts to feel old, Maggie decides to surprise him with a reunion of his former band The Wild Hots.
21 Oct. 1986
Fast Times at Dewey High
On the first day of school, Mike finds himself with two dates to the school dance; Ben is intimidated by a school bully; Carol is bored with her classes.
28 Oct. 1986
Long Day's Journey Into Night
Carol is excited when one of the most popular girls in school starts hanging around with her. However, it becomes evident that she is only after one thing- Mike.
11 Nov. 1986
Call Me
Maggie and Jason recall how Ben got himself into hot water by calling a pornographic hotline and then lying by putting the blame on a neighborhood kid for giving out the number.
18 Nov. 1986
Employee of the Month
Maggie and Jason allow Mike to take a job at World of Burgers to prove he's ready for the responsibility of a car. When Mike gets fired, he can't bring himself to tell his parents.
25 Nov. 1986
Dream Lover
Carol tutors the captain of the varsity football team, and is insulted that her parents trust them to be alone in her room, so she starts a rumor about herself.
2 Dec. 1986
Do You Believe in Magic?
After being conned out of $10 by Mike, Carol and Ben, along with the help of Jason and Maggie, hatch an elaborate scheme to recoup their money.
9 Dec. 1986
Jason's Rib
Maggie feels belittled by Jason when they disagree about a school dress code.
16 Dec. 1986
The Kid
Ben brings a homeless girl home for Christmas dinner, and Jason thinks the family should try to help her, but Maggie is worried.
6 Jan. 1987
The Breakfast Club
Maggie insists that Mike be grounded for lying and then is caught in a lie of her own. Jason suggests that in order to teach Mike a lesson Maggie should ground herself, and she agrees. Meanwhile, Carol accompanies Jason to Atlantic City so concert tickets from Maggie's parents don't go to waste.
13 Jan. 1987
Maggie is thrilled when Carol is offered a chance to skip a grade in school, but then discovers that she may have sent her daughter the wrong message about her own life choices.
20 Jan. 1987
Higher Education
Mike is blackmailed by a girl who helped change his grade on an English test so he'd be allowed to go on a ski trip; Jason and Maggie have colds, and Carol runs the house a little too well for Jason's liking.
27 Jan. 1987
Some Enchanted Evening
Carol is eager for Bobby to invite her to the Dewey High winter formal, but he doesn't seem interested. Meanwhile, Mike has three girls courting him to be their date for the dance.
3 Feb. 1987
Thank You, Willie Nelson
When Carol has a slumber party, Ben and Mike can't resist scaring her friends; meanwhile, Maggie and Jason try to keep peace between her parents who've just made a dramatic lifestyle change.
10 Feb. 1987
Thank God It's Friday
While the rest of the Seavers spend the evening at home watching TV, Mike and his pals Eddie and Boner get invited to a party where cocaine is offered.
24 Feb. 1987
My Brother, Myself
When Ben hits puberty he gets advice from Mike and tries to hit on his babysitter; Maggie and Jason go on a date.
3 Mar. 1987
Jimmy Durante Died for Your Sins
Carol is determined to get a nose job even without her parents' permission, and Mike is surprised when he finds out his teasing may be responsible.
10 Mar. 1987
Maggie feels guilty about not spending enough time with Ben, so she helps organize his school carnival, and doesn't notice that Ben feels more neglected than before.
17 Mar. 1987
The Awful Truth
When Ben (JEREMY MILLER) must research his family's history for a school project, he uncovers evidence that both his mother and father have been divorced.
31 Mar. 1987
Born Free
None of his father's lectures on the value of an education seem to effect Mike until he talks to a distraught expectant father; meanwhile, Jason delivers the baby -30,000 feet up. Dan Lauria ("The Wonder Years") guest stars.
5 May 1987
The Long Goodbye
When the furnace needs to be repaired, Jason insists on using Jimmy, their handyman, but Maggie feels he's too old. Then as things around the house start to fall apart it appears it's Jimmy's fault and Maggie insists that Jason let him go.
19 May 1987
Confidentially Yours
Maggie's offered a job so she and Jason goes out with the man and his wife. But when his wife arrives, she's shocked to see Jason. It seems she's been seeing Jason and using her maiden name. It seems her husband has ulterior motives for wanting to hire Maggie but because doctor-patient confidentiality Jason can't say anything.

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