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9 Jan. 1988
Blanche's Little Girl
Blanche sees her daughter Rebecca for the first time in three years. When she learns her daughter is engaged to a man who mistreats her, she is afraid to speak out for fear of destroying their relationship again.
16 Jan. 1988
Dorothy's New Friend
Dorothy's friend, local author Barbara Thorndyke, treats Rose and Blanche condescendingly.
23 Jan. 1988
Grab That Dough
The girls go to Hollywood to appear on the TV game show "Grab that Dough."
6 Feb. 1988
My Brother, My Father
When Sophia's brother Angelo, a priest, comes to visit, she makes Dorothy and Stan pretend that they are still married.
13 Feb. 1988
Golden Moments: Part 1
Sophia decides to move out of the house and live with her son Phil.
13 Feb. 1988
Golden Moments: Part 2
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche try to convince Sophia not to move away.
20 Feb. 1988
And Ma Makes Three
Sophia, depressed over the departure of her best friend, becomes a third wheel in Dorothy's promising relationship with a new boyfriend.
27 Feb. 1988
Larceny and Old Lace
Sophia believes that her boyfriend Rocco, who claims to be a retired gangster, has robbed a bank to impress her.
12 Mar. 1988
Rose's Big Adventure
Rose tries to light a fire under her newly-retired boyfriend who has become a couch potato. But she's not sure she wants to go along when he decides to sail around the world. Meanwhile, the ladies' attempt to convert the garage into a guest room faces many obstacles.
19 Mar. 1988
Mixed Blessings
Dorothy's son Michael is engaged to a black woman who is twice his age.
30 Apr. 1988
Mister Terrific
Rose must persuade a kids' TV show host not to kill himself after he is fired.
7 May 1988
Mother's Day
On Mother's Day, the girls, who are all mothers themselves, recall past celebrations of the day.
8 Oct. 1988
Yes, We Have No Havanas
Blanche and Sophia are caught in a love triangle with an elderly Cuban cigar mogul.
22 Oct. 1988
The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo
While Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche sit around and feel like their lives are boring, Sophia goes out and fights with the grocery store over a nectarine and a piece of meat, conducts a jazz band made up of old ladies, and volunteers at the hospital.
29 Oct. 1988
The One That Got Away
Blanche tries to woo Ham Lushbough, the only man who ever turned her down. Meanwhile, Rose believes she saw a UFO fly over the house.
5 Nov. 1988
Yokel Hero
Rose is nominated for the St. Olaf Woman of the Year award, while Blanche and Dorothy embellish her accomplishments on her entry form.
12 Nov. 1988
Bang the Drum, Stanley
When Sophia gets hit in the head by a baseball at a game, Stan encourages her to exaggerate her injuries to try and get a class action settlement out of it.
19 Nov. 1988
Sophia's Wedding: Part 1
When Sophia's friend Esther Weinstock dies, she goes to her funeral in Brooklyn. There, she confronts Esther's widower, Max, whom Sophia blames for the failure of her husband's old business.
26 Nov. 1988
Sophia's Wedding: Part 2
Newlyweds Max and Sophia open a pizza knish stand on the beach, while Dorothy has gotten into the habit of smoking cigarettes.
3 Dec. 1988
Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?
Sophia donates an old jacket to charity, not knowing that it contains a winning lottery ticket.
10 Dec. 1988
Scared Straight
Blanche's brother Clayton is afraid to admit his homosexuality, so he claims he slept with Rose.

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