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Season 1

14 Sep. 1985
The Engagement
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are three women who share a house in Miami, Florida. Dorothy's elderly mother, Sophia, unexpectedly moves in after her retirement home burns down, and Blanche accepts a proposal of marriage.
21 Sep. 1985
Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?
When Dorothy's daughter Kate gets married, Dorothy must confront her ex-husband Stanley, who walked out on their 38 year marriage for a younger woman.
28 Sep. 1985
Rose the Prude
Rose is afraid of sexual intimacy with her boyfriend, Arnie, because she feels she would be cheating on her late husband, Charlie.
5 Oct. 1985
Blanche's sister, Virginia, with whom she has had a tense relationship for years, comes to visit. She reveals that she needs a kidney transplant to save her life.
19 Oct. 1985
The Triangle
When Dorothy's doctor boyfriend makes a pass at Blanche, their friendship becomes threatened.
26 Oct. 1985
On Golden Girls
Blanche's belligerent grandson David comes to visit.
2 Nov. 1985
The Competition
The girls' friendship is tested by a bowling tournament.
9 Nov. 1985
Break In
Rose feels unsafe in her own house after a burglary.
16 Nov. 1985
Blanche and the Younger Man
Blanche dates an aerobics instructor who is considerably younger than she is. Meanwhile, Rose's mother comes to visit and resents the way her daughter treats her.
23 Nov. 1985
The Heart Attack
Sophia falls ill suddenly, and the other girls worry she may be having a heart attack.
30 Nov. 1985
The Return of Dorothy's Ex
Stan returns to try and make amends with Dorothy.
7 Dec. 1985
The Custody Battle
Dorothy's wealthy sister Gloria wants Sophia to move to California with her.
14 Dec. 1985
A Little Romance
Rose doesn't tell her friends that her boyfriend is a dwarf because she fears people will make fun of them.
21 Dec. 1985
That Was No Lady
Dorothy's affair with a married co-worker meets with disapproval from her friends and her mother.
11 Jan. 1986
In a Bed of Rose's
After Rose's boyfriend Al dies of a heart attack in her bed, Rose fears that she is a death jinx in the bedroom because her beloved husband Charlie died of a heart attack in her bed as well. To make matters worse, after Rose tracks down Al's sister to notify her of his death, she comes to find that his "sister" is really in fact his wife!
18 Jan. 1986
The Truth Will Out
Rose goes over her last will and testament with her daughter, who is shocked when she learns what happened to her expected inheritance.
1 Feb. 1986
Nice and Easy
Blanche is concerned about the flirtatious behavior of her niece, Lucy.
8 Feb. 1986
The Operation
Dorothy is afraid to have an operation for a benign growth on her foot.
15 Feb. 1986
Second Motherhood
A wealthy widower with two young children asks Blanche to marry him.
22 Feb. 1986
Adult Education
An adult education teacher offers Blanche a passing grade in his course if she sleeps with him.
1 Mar. 1986
Flu Attack
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche all come down with the flu at the same time.
8 Mar. 1986
Job Hunting
Rose loses her job and has trouble finding another one.
29 Mar. 1986
Blind Ambitions
Rose's sister Lily must come to terms with the fact that she is blind and needs assistance.
3 May 1986
Big Daddy
Blanche's father, "Big Daddy" Hollingsworth, visits with the news that he's sold his house and wants to become a singer. Meanwhile, a boundary dispute over a fallen tree leads Sophia to put a curse on the rude neighbor who refuses to move it.
10 May 1986
The Way We Met
The girls remember how they came to live together; Blanche put an ad for a room for rent on a grocery store bulletin board, and Rose and Dorothy answered it.

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