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I love the Ewoks!
After watching all of the "Star Wars" films, I am now in a "Star Wars" kick! Then after watching a few episodes on YouTube I loved this show; also the new CGI series "The Clone Wars". And besides I love the Ewoks, they are cute. Anyway, this series starts in a time before the events in "The Return of The Jedi", and follows the adventures of the Ewok named Wickett (who's from the film) and his friends, as they face many dangers in their world of Endor.

I really like the relationship between Kneesaa and her papa Chirpa. I mean, when Chirpa became a widow and believed that his older daughter Asha was missed, he chose his only child Kneesaa (until Asha's return) to be his heiress, teaching her all his job. This double familiarity (between father-and-only-child and master-and-apprentice) made Kneesaa very close with her father. You know, the episode where Kneessa finds Asha is one of my favorites. Also, I think the first series was much better than the second series that was made later on. So that is all I have to say, and I really love this series.
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I wish they were all available on DVD
bmartin200030 November 2008
This and "Droids" are both good cartoons for kids. I enjoyed them growing up & while I am glad they released something of them on DVD, I am a little disappointed that Lucasfilm did not just release a box set of the complete series. I think trying to make them into "features" by editing 4 episodes together is a big mistake. It's a lot harder to pop 1 in for 30 minutes. Personally I miss that the original goofy opening is not available (even as a special feature) on the DVD.

However it is still nice to finally have something of them available to show the kids. The best thing about these cartoons is that they are targeted for the younger kids, and every episode centers around some character trait like responsibility, making new friends, etc. They concentrate on what character development would be for a 5 to 10 year old, and they keep violent confrontations to a minimum, even when the Ewoks are challenged by the witch or the Duloks.

While I remember the second season of Ewoks being far less enjoyable than the first, it is still 1000 times better than the drivel served up by the likes of today's after school mainstays: Pokemon & yu-gi-oh. It seems every kid show these days is trying to sell junky cards or is targeted for older teens. There are very few real kid shows (like this one) available.

I WISH Lucasfilm would release a real box set of this series while my kids are still young enough to enjoy them.
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A Spin-Off From The George Lucas Star Wars Francise
waiching liu16 January 2008
Right after the success of the Star Wars trilogy- Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi, amid the 80s cartoon phenomenon, two back to back cartoon spin-offs of Star Wars was released and shown on TV on the back of this franchise- the first being Droids starring the duo of android C3PO, and R2 D2 and this, Ewoks, after their initial appearance in Return of The Jedi.

Whereas in the film, the Ewoks are portrayed as being cute and cuddly, they also couldn't speak in actual English dialogue and so for us audiences it was impossible to translate and make out what they were saying, apart from the characters in Return of the Jedi. Here in the cartoon series, they can talk properly and whilst some may argue that this is just too cutesy to be taken seriously as a cartoon, Ewoks was an interesting-yet likable and inventive show.

The furry creatures all have a range of different personality and character traits, not to mention that appearance-wise, each one was different from the other Ewok.

What this show has successfully done is manage to turn the Ewoks- of whom were non-communicative via dialogue terms- into a bunch of talkative and expressive, peace-loving species with human feelings and emotions. The stories were diverse and cute, not to mention entertaining as well. The show also had two theme songs- the first was just horrid, whilst the second was simple-yet a massive improvement over the first.

In all, Ewoks is a great little cartoon series that the whole family can enjoy. It might not be to every Star Wars fan's tastes- depending on how much you love or loathe them especially in Return of the Jedi, but for those who wish to see a completely different, and may I add superior side and treatment to the Ewoks, then you might want to give this a try.

Personally, I liked it and preferred this more to Droids, even though that was a good effort as well
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A Guilty Little Pleasure
blackarachnia217 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching this show as a 9 year old child and never getting bored with it. Watching an animated version of the Ewoks was a mainstay at our house. I never had the stuffed Ewok toys so this was the next best thing. I remember an episode where Wicket and Wigi's dad was struck down by a blue plant and the episode where Teebo became Morag The Tulgah Witch's apprentice. But that's about all I can remember. This show was so much fun but it's too bad that it only lasted 1 season. It was the only reason why I woke up on Saturday mornings since a lot of the shows that I usually woke up for were either canceled or in rerun mode.
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Abridged Confessions of a Guilt-ridden Ewoks Fan
webmistress-117 April 2005
I loved the ewoks between the ages of 11 and 13. That's an embarrassing admission since my age rendered me a little too old to be part of the target Ewoks audience. Nevertheless, I lapped-up every ewok book, comic, toy, and movie. I especially loved the first season of the cartoon series. The DVD release of the Ewoks series reminds me that while I'm not entirely proud of my fondness for ewoks, a little perspective adds a lot of clarity.

I wasn't blind to the fact that the ewoks were kinda stupid in RotJ, and they were even lamer in the ewok TV movies. But as a child who'd grown up on a steady diet of Star Wars I remained unwilling to let go of my Star Wars youth. I was determined to like the ewoks, lest my life be deprived of new Star Wars.

Quite frankly, when stacked against the scant few "Expanded Universe" properties available at that time, the early ewoks projects didn't seem so bad. Granted, most of the ewoks books were too immature for my pre-adolescent tastes (it seemed like nine out of 10 ewoks story lines involved picking berries). But some ewok projects were fun.

For example, Joe Johnston wrote and illustrated a rather enjoyable ewok storybook titled "The Adventures of Teebo" that formed the basis of the Ewoks cartoon. Among other things the book introduced the Duloks (who were originally much nastier than the bumbling Duloks in the TV series).

Overall the Ewoks and the Droids cartoons were fairly well-crafted compared to other Saturday Morning cartoons of the period. The shows featured visual designs that were original at the time. Both shows presented continuing story lines, which were uncommon among mid-80s Saturday Morning shows.

The Ewoks episodes referenced just about every previously developed incarnation of the ewoks and pulled everything together into one plot. Characters from RotJ, the ewok TV movies, the Kenner toys, the coloring books (!) and the storybooks blended together nicely thanks to the show's writers.

The debut Ewoks episode introduced Morag, the primary villain. The segments which featured the Tulga Witch are compiled on the DVD as "The Haunted Village." The collected story represents the best of the Ewoks cartoons. The common story thread has Morag exploring various methods of ewok extermination and Logray thwarting her wicked plots.

A particularly thoughtful aspect of the first Ewoks series was the fact that the debut episode was set in the late Summer (coinciding with its September airdate). The cartoon seasons changed in harmony with North American seasonal changes that were occurring as the episodes aired.

The weaknesses of the show are all rooted in its kid-friendly nature, as well as Ewoks' reliance on vapid Saturday Morning cartoon formulas. For instance, the Duloks are the "silly villains," and not surprisingly they're as unfunny as every 80s "silly villain." The "Wicket saves the day" spiel is exhausted by the second episode. Wicket's brother is a drooling, obese, mentally-challenged disaster of a character embodying the most cringe-worthy elements of broad, uninspired children's comedy. The use of ewok words from Return of the Jedi starts out clever, but quickly becomes irritating as hell.

The most successful single Ewoks episode ("Asha") is thankfully included on the new DVD. "Asha" is the very best episode among all of the Droids and the Ewoks shows. "Asha" demonstrates that the writers could have easily adapted these Star Wars properties into something interesting given the chance.

Alas, the shows were not given the chance to grow after "Asha" aired. Droids was cancelled after its first season, and Ewoks was only renewed when it agreed to a full lobotomy. Even then, very few major ABC markets carried the second season of Ewoks.

Before the lobotomy, I begged my way to see the cartoon Ewoks perform at the Ice Capades. I was 13 ... and I was desperate to see something --- ANYTHING --- related to Star Wars. The Ewoks' Ice Capades performance was very sobering. The skating ewoks sang rap songs, duloks told even cornier jokes than seen on the TV show, and many berries were picked.

I was horrified that my childhood passion had led me to pay to see ... tacky space bears rapping on ice skates! I bid Star Wars a bitter farewell after the Ice Capades. I packed away the toys and books and decided to pursue new interests … like goofy 80s pop music and boys. The Ice Capades inspired such acute self-loathing that I didn't look back again at Star Wars until the Zahn novels … and really, only Clone Wars has come close to capturing the childhood magic of the original films.

I've since viewed the second series Ewoks episodes on video, and they're utter crap. All cool visual elements were eradicated. The likable secondary characters were turned into bad comic relief. The stories were wholly mindless. The show's second season is a collection of the worst formulas Saturday Morning shows had to offer at the time.

The latest DVD release truly presents the best of Ewoks. If you don't like what you see on the DVD -- know that the show didn't get any better.

As with all Lucas products, the cartoons on the DVD have been 'updated.' The wacky Taj Mahal opening song is now gone, as are many of the ambient flute sounds/music cues heard throughout the series (which were kinda annoying in the original show as a result of overuse). The changes were largely unnecessary, but they do no harm.

It's too bad that I didn't have a show like Clone Wars to embrace when I was 13. No … all I had was Ewoks. It was OK for the time, but it surely didn't break any ground. A brave few of us who'd grown-up on Star Wars tried our best to continue loving Lucas' (d)evolving creations, and now we must live with that shame.
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lots of fun
briarski23 June 1999
Many star wars fans do not like the Ewoks, but I have yet to understand why. I think they are great and I wish I owned one of the stuffed animals. This TV series of the furry creatures was fun to watch. I work at a video store and I put in the episodes we have on tape. The kids just love it. It's a lot like the Smurfs. Hey, anything Star Wars is the best.
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