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Season 2

13 Sep. 1986
The Crystal Cloak/The Wish Plant
Wicket and Latara confront the crystal-empowered Gracca to recover the Crystal Cloak. / Kneesaa is given a special plant to take care of but the other Ewoks become overly interested.
20 Sep. 1986
Home Is Where the Shrieks Are/Princess Latara
Wicket and Teebo decide to leave the tribe but their new home is haunted by Shrieks. / Dressed as a princess, Latara is kidnapped by the Gorph Queen for her son to marry. Wicket and his friends come to the rescue.
27 Sep. 1986
The Raich
Wicket accidentally awakens the Raich. He works with his friends to trap it again.
4 Oct. 1986
The Totem Master/A Gift for Shodu
The Totem Master gives Wicket an enchanted totem which takes control of some of the Ewoks. / The Ewoks venture into a temple to get a jewel for Shodu's birthday, but it is actually a dragon egg.
11 Oct. 1986
Night of the Stranger
A comet is spotted over the Ewok village, from which a phantom descends. It forces the Duloks to raid the Ewok village in an attempt to steal the Sunstar.
18 Oct. 1986
Gone with the Mimphs/The First Apprentice
Chief Chirpa gathers the warriors to defend against a rampaging Hanadak and Wicket gets lost. / After Zarrak tries to teach Teebo his dark secrets, Wicket and his friends come to the rescue. Teebo musters enough magic to defeat Zarrak.
25 Oct. 1986
Hard Sell/A Warrior and a Lurdo
Wicket, Teebo, Latara and Kneesaa compete to trade for Eodon tusks. / Teebo fails Wicket's warrior training, but he is asked by the tiny Tambles to chase away a Blog water creature.
1 Nov. 1986
The Season Scepter
Wicket and his friends restore the balance of seasons after the Snow King freezes over Endor.
8 Nov. 1986
Prow Beaten/Baga's Rival
Wicket, Teebo, Kneesaa and Latara go for a canoe trip which ends in a crash. The prow carving goes missing and the searching Ewoks land in the hands of the Duloks.
15 Nov. 1986
Horville's Hut of Horrors/The Tragic Flute
Wicket takes the woklings to a spooky carnival show and upsets the younger Ewoks. He tries to entertain them to forget about the trauma. / Latara gets captured by a sea creature and her friends venture underwater to help her.
22 Nov. 1986
Just My Luck/Bringing Up Norky
Teebo gives Wicket a bad luck sprite which causes him to fail his warrior's test. / A troublesome houseguest causes Wicket to worry, but the Ewoks hatch a plan to humble him.
6 Dec. 1986
Battle for the Sunstar
An Imperial scientist steals the Sunstar with plans to overthrow the Emperor. Wicket, Kneesaa, Latara and Teebo sneak aboard a Star Destroyer to reclaim their prized stone.
13 Dec. 1986
Party Ewok/Malani the Warrior
Kneesaa is helped by Latara to plan a welcome ceremony for a prince. Wicket makes leaf posters and some unruly Pugs crash the party. / Malani wants to join the Ewok warrior games, but some Sunstar thieves cause problems.

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