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13 Jan. 1988
A Dance on the Dark Side
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20 Jan. 1988
The Child Broker
A robbery gang of semi-homeless kids is run by a ruthless manipulator (Frank Whaley). One of the kids has a caring single mother who enlists the Equalizer to look into things. When the gang boss shows his true colours anytime the possibility arises to advance in the world, the boys and The Equalizer bring him to justice.
27 Jan. 1988
Video Games
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10 Feb. 1988
Something Green
When the son of a woman who was fathered by a Swiss diplomat is missing, she calls McCall. He then talks to the boy's father and learns that he's in bed with some criminals who use him to get their money into Swiss banks. It seems he stole from them and it appears they grabbed his son to get him to return it but he claims that he sent the money out of the country. So McCall tries to shake the men who have the boy.
16 Mar. 1988
No Place Like Home
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23 Mar. 1988
Last Call
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30 Mar. 1988
Regrets Only
An attractive divorcee, Susan Foxworth, has become the target of malicious & vindictive stalking from her psychopathic ex-husband, Gary. Despite her repeated complaints to the police, they state they are powerless to act until her ex does something to harm her or her children. Susan turns to Robert McCall for help, who discovers some chilling facts about her ex-husband's past. When the psychopathic ex finds out that McCall is working for Susan, he breaks into her home in the hope of killing her, but McCall has set a clever trap for him...
6 Apr. 1988
Target of Choice
A killer seeks revenge on the man who helped put him in prison.
4 May 1988
Always a Lady
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26 Oct. 1988
The Last Campaign
A woman who works for an ambitious Assemblyman learns he is planning to get a Senator to step down, thus paving the way for him to take the Senator's place, by threatening to reveal something from the Senator's past. She calls McCall. But when her boss finds out what she is doing, he has her committed. McCall tries to help her.
2 Nov. 1988
Sea of Fire
When some students at an inner city school get the blessing of a criminal to do whatever they want there. They start by assaulting one of the female students. When one of the students informs the principal what is happening to the girl, she then calls McCall for help. The student who told her about the assault is stabbed. McCall starts by being a new teacher and he takes the students who assaulted the girl to an autopsy and then has a man whom he knows "died" talk about what happened to him during his near-"death".
9 Nov. 1988
Riding the Elephant
A Thai merchant (James Hong) in Chinatown learns his store and son are being used by a drug dealer (Mako).
16 Nov. 1988
Eighteen with a Bullet
Greg Rivers uses young singers to make money, then gets them hooked on drugs and kills them. A mother asks Robert to help her daughter, Beverly Heat, before she becomes his next victim.
7 Dec. 1988
The Day of the Covenant
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14 Dec. 1988
Mickey leads a raid and his team is killed and he's taken prisoner. Turns out a KGB unit is in the company and have been using their finances to research brainwashing, now being used on Mickey to kill McCall.

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