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7 Jan. 1987
High Performance
A female construction worker while on the job thinks she saw a murder. She then calls McCall to help prove she wasn't seeing things. So he goes to where she saw it to check it out. Problem is that it's the skeletal structure of a building under construction and it's on a high level and he has a fear of heights.
14 Jan. 1987
Beyond Control
The death of a KGB mole forces Control to operate without the resources or knowledge of the Company; he asks for McCall's help to locate the stolen files of a secret committee while avoiding one of the KGB's top operatives.
21 Jan. 1987
Carnal Persuasion
A woman, whose husband was arrested for a crime she knows he didn't commit, is approached by the judge handling her husband's case and is propositioned by the man. She then calls McCall and tells him what happened. McCall first starts by asking another judge what she knows about the man, and learns that he appeared to come from out of nowhere, which means he is in someone's pocket. McCall then goes to see a friend of her husband who tells him that some criminal needs a man in his position for his smuggling operation but the man is honest and wouldn't be a part of it ...
4 Feb. 1987
Memories of Manon: Part 1
Yvette Marcel who is Control's god daughter was grabbed by a couple of men, who then threatens to kill her father who is a Canadian agent unless she can find out who her father's informant known as Chrysalis is. She turns to Control who then asks Robert for help because her mother is someone Robert knew very well.
11 Feb. 1987
Memories of Manon: Part 2
After Marcel tells McCall of his connection to Yvette, he goes to make sure she's safe. But Dorgan who is desperate to know who Chrysalis is, grabs her. So McCall has to try and find a way to save her and get Dorgan off Marcel.
18 Feb. 1987
McCall falls for a woman framed in the murder of a police officer.
25 Feb. 1987
A Place to Stay
When a young girl from the suburbs runs away from an abusive home environment to live on the streets of New York, the girl's mother hires McCall to find her. He is thrust into the seedy underworld of child pornography in order to save her.
6 May 1987
Coal Black Soul
A serial killer of middle-aged women wants McCall to kill him. Meanwhile, McCall begins a romance with a psychiatrist whom he saves from a peeper.
13 May 1987
First Light
McCall is out of town appearing in a hearing being conducted by a Senator over an op (operation) Control did a few years ago on him, and McCall's testimony could take Control down. Scott and a friend are trying to help an old man who is being terrorized by someone. After McCall saves Control, he hurries home to help Scott.
20 May 1987
Hand and Glove
When the father of a woman with psychological issues is murdered, McCall steps in to help.
27 May 1987
A boy who senses something is wrong with his father calls McCall to help him. McCall learns that he is being pressured to help some people rob his employer. McCall has a plan to help him but the people coercing the father grabs the boy and tells McCall not to interfere. So McCall has to find out how they knew about him and where the boy is.
23 Sep. 1987
Blood & Wine: Part 1
A woman who discovered her daughter's husband has a gun but couldn't find it when she tries to tell her daughter about calls McCall. McCall initially refuses to help until he sees the man following them. Later McCall thinks he's a terrorist, the Feds are looking for so he calls the agent in charge. He learns that they are being aided by a man who knows the terrorist who is now a priest whom McCall also knows and hates so he doesn't want to do anything with him.
23 Sep. 1987
Blood & Wine: Part 2
A terrorist blends in with visitors from all over the world at a Roman Catholic religious festival, His former partner, who repented and became a monk, arrives in New York City to search for him. The partner suspects that the terrorist will hit the religious festival to show his contempt for Christianity, in the guise of a priest he has murdered. The title is quite literal, because the terrorist plans to commit perhaps the ultimate act of blasphemy by pouring the poison into a chalice of wine -- which is to be converted to Christ's blood -- and serve it to a thousand ...
30 Sep. 1987
Suspicion of Innocence
McCall is hired by the mother of a mentally challenged man falsely charged in the murder of his coworker.
7 Oct. 1987
In the Money
A banker on Wall Street commits suicide and the waitress he was dating also turns up dead. When the waitress' friend is almost murdered, McCall is dragged into the dark underbelly of Wall Street to seek answers.
14 Oct. 1987
Encounter in a Closed Room
A Russian scientist who's in New York City gets away from his security and goes to the home of a friend. Later some American agents show up and ask him if he wants to defect and when he says yes they take him in. The scientist's friend is later approached by someone who wants her to help them take the scientist out or else her parents will be killed. She then calls McCall and tries to neutralize them.
28 Oct. 1987
Mission: McCall: Part 1
When Scott can't find his father, he first calls Control but they give him the brush off. He later finds a message from his father telling him to contact a man named Dyson who also worked for the Agency and like McCall wanted out. Dyson tries to find him and thinks that the KGB might be involved, so he breaks out another former Agency operative, Harley Gage to help him. They discover that the KGB has nothing to do with happened to McCall.
4 Nov. 1987
Mission: McCall: Part 2
The KGB get McCall and take him to the Russian embassy. McCall was shot so they try to treat him before sending him to Russia. Dyson upon learning this tries to get him out by getting into the Embassy along with Gage. They tell Kostmayer to sit on Control because they fear he might try to stop them. Eventually his people find him and tries to contact someone at the Embassy. Eventually Dyson and Gage are caught.
11 Nov. 1987
Shadow Play
Harley Gage and Alice Shepard try to protect an old friend who is testifying at a government hearing. McCall continues his recovery.
18 Nov. 1987
Inner View
A psychic predicts a serial killer's murders with fragmented clues.
2 Dec. 1987
The Rehearsal
McCall and Gage attend the rehearsal of a play in which the daughter of an associate will be starring. While she's in her dressing room, a shadowy figure tells her to leave. Later they discover that someone has cut the phone lines and booby trapped the theatre so when anyone comes inside, the bomb will go off. So they have to find the one who planted it so they can deactivate it. And it's while they wait that they discover that the people there know more than they are telling.
16 Dec. 1987
Christmas Presence
McCall and Gage protect a young boy who is being terrorized by a group of men who want him out of the neighbourhood because he has AIDS.

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