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15 Jan. 1986
Out of the Past
McCall's ex-wife asks for his help when her current husband is threatened by a vengeful ex-con.
22 Jan. 1986
Dead Drop
McCall assembles a team of former colleagues to help an innocent bystander in danger when he is unwittingly involved in a smuggling operation. However, McCall runs into unexpected trouble with a smug bureaucrat gunning for Control's job.
29 Jan. 1986
Two window-washers who want to form a union ask for McCall's help when they are threatened by their murderous employer. Meanwhile, McCall's housekeeper moves into his townhouse temporarily for a few days with her two young sons in tow.
5 Feb. 1986
McCall finds his attention divided when Jason Mazer from The Agency offers him a chance at revenge against an old enemy, while at the same time a young girl asks McCall to protect her and her mother against her abusive father.
12 Feb. 1986
Unnatural Causes
A serial killer is targeting New York's lonely single women who respond to a Lonely Hearts newspaper ad. His calling card is an orchid he pins to the body. Meanwhile, McCall is writing an article about Robert E Lee for a military magazine and trying to help a young actress from being exploited by a pimp.
19 Feb. 1986
While attending a wedding, McCall is taken hostage by Middle Eastern terrorists seeking to capture and execute a philanthropist from their country.
5 Mar. 1986
No Conscience
A womanizer is grabbed by some people who demand that he give them something that one of the women he's been with gave him. He has no idea what they're talking about so he turns to McCall for help. After going through all the women he knows they hit a wall. That is until he remembers one other woman whom he met briefly.
1 Apr. 1986
Unpunished Crimes
A man goes to the CEO of a corporation and accuses them of stealing his invention, and when he presents proof the CEO tries to destroy it. He then orders that the man be taken care of. And when they fail, the man's son calls McCall. McCall checks the CEO out and learns that he may have ties to a terrorist group, so he approaches the man in charge of the group and together they run a game on the CEO.
8 Apr. 1986
McCall helps a rookie reporter who suspects her new neighbor of criminal activity. As McCall probes further, he discovers the man may have murderous intentions and is being protected by Control.
8 Oct. 1986
When an investigative reporter is abducted. His daughter calls McCall and demands to know where her father is. It seems her father was doing a piece on a country's leader whom Agency helped get into power, whose turned into an oppressor and they want to know who the members of the opposition are. And she claims McCall was the man who helped him get into power. McCall tries to find him but is warned he's going to be stepping on some big toes.
15 Oct. 1986
A music critic overhears a voice in an elevator and identifies him as the man who had abducted her, raped and beaten her so badly that she lost her sight.
22 Oct. 1986
A Community of Civilized Men
McCall helps a woman who's being harassed by a guy. He warns him off. Later the woman is killed and McCall goes after the guy but it turns it wasn't him. And it also turns out it wasn't her whom the killer was after. McCall thinks it's the woman's daughter and when he goes to see her she doesn't know why so McCall offers to protect her. At the same time Control wants something from him.
29 Oct. 1986
Some boys decide to take a hearse for a joyride. They find a casket inside filled with drugs. One of the boys decides to sell them, he is later killed. The father of another boy calls McCall for help. McCall learns that the owner of the drugs is a dangerous man and will do whatever he has to to get them back.
5 Nov. 1986
Shades of Darkness
A National Guard lieutenant witnesses a murder but the perpetrator escapes and the victim dies in his arms. He is arrested and accused of the crime. His priest, who was with McCall in the army, contacts the Equalizer for help.
12 Nov. 1986
A woman is brutally gang-raped on the NY subway and her husband tries to track down those responsible. She contacts McCall to help save her husband.
19 Nov. 1986
McCall is arrested for the murder of a blind man who had earlier thrown himself on McCall's car pretending to have been run down.
26 Nov. 1986
The Line
A young black man is killed accidentally when a watch group startles him. To protect themselves, they make it appear he was caught in the commission of a crime. And the police believe their claim. But his mother refuses to believe it and calls McCall to prove it. But her other son just wants to get a gun and go after them.
3 Dec. 1986
Tip on a Sure Thing
When a race between two horses is being highly touted the press is giving a lot of coverage to the underdog. And everyone seems to be betting on that horse. So a bookie takes all of the action and decides to ensure that the other horse will win. So he kidnaps the son of the underdog horse's jockey. The jockey's wife then calls McCall who advises them to call the police but the man refuses to do that. So McCall turns to an agent who is a gambler to help him find out who kidnapped the boy before the race begins.
10 Dec. 1986
The Cup
With McCall at his side, Kostmayer tries to help his brother, a priest, who refuses all assistance after being wounded in a drive-by shooting that kills a parishioner. They soon determine that Father Kostmayer has become privy to a KGB assassination plot revealed through the confession of the murdered man.
17 Dec. 1986
When a woman's newborn baby disappears and the police are unable to help her, she calls McCall. After ruling out the possibility of her child being abducted for ransom or by disgruntled relative. McCall believes that her baby was taken by someone who deals with gray adoptions and when the mother who had earlier agreed to give her baby changed her mind, the person grabbed her child in desperation. McCall tries to find out who this mother is so he can find the broker. And when he finds the person who was going to adopt the baby, McCall learns he has ties to the Agency.

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