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Season 4

26 Oct. 1988
The Last Campaign
A woman who works for an ambitious Assemblyman learns he is planning to get a Senator to step down, thus paving the way for him to take the Senator's place, by threatening to reveal something from the Senator's past. She calls McCall. But when her boss finds out what she is doing, he has her committed. McCall tries to help her.
2 Nov. 1988
Sea of Fire
When some students at an inner city school get the blessing of a criminal to do whatever they want there. They start by assaulting one of the female students. When one of the students informs the principal what is happening to the girl, she then calls McCall for help. The student who told her about the assault is stabbed. McCall starts by being a new teacher and he takes the students who assaulted the girl to an autopsy and then has a man whom he knows "died" talk about what happened to him during his near-"death".
9 Nov. 1988
Riding the Elephant
A Thai merchant (James Hong) in Chinatown learns his store and son are being used by a drug dealer (Mako).
16 Nov. 1988
Eighteen with a Bullet
Greg Rivers uses young girl singers to make money, then gets them hooked on drugs and kills them. A mother asks Robert to help her daughter, Beverly Heat, before she becomes his next victim.
7 Dec. 1988
The Day of the Covenant
McCall and Kostmayer try to protect Scott's girlfriend from a man that claims she is a terrorist.
14 Dec. 1988
Mickey leads a raid and his team is killed and he's taken prisoner. Turns out a KGB unit is in the company and have been using their finances to research brainwashing, now being used on Mickey to kill McCall.
11 Jan. 1989
Making of a Martyr
Sylvia Thorton is a gun control advocate whose husband, Brandon, was shot and paralyzed while working. Someone is now threatening her and Brandon asks McCall for help, which Sylvia doesn't want.
18 Jan. 1989
The Sins of Our Fathers
A mother asks McCall to rescue her kidnapped son -- against the wishes of her mobster husband, who prefers to handle things himself. McCall tries to find a way to bring the boy home while bringing the father to justice at the same time.
1 Feb. 1989
The Visitation
A gun runner gets killed by arms dealer Ruger, but not before he infects some people with a fatal African disease, including one of the killers. McCall's friend, Dr Demeter, is visiting him and helps determine the virus. Mccall helps her track down the arms dealer before he infects others.
15 Feb. 1989
Past Imperfect
When a boy that Jimmy is mentoring is nearly abducted, he contacts McCall for help.
1 Mar. 1989
Trial by Ordeal
McCall is brought to testify before a committee. When he demands to know what is going he learns that Control is being charged with all sorts of infractions and if found guilty will be executed. So McCall offers to be his advocate.
8 Mar. 1989
Silent Fury
McCall tries to help a young woman who is one of the victims of a series of robberies directed against the deaf community. However, due to the fact that she seeks help from someone who can hear, she faces a great deal of hostility from her deaf boyfriend, as well as some of her peers.
30 Mar. 1989
Lullaby of Darkness
A psychopathic stockbroker, Joseph Morrison, is a habitual wife- and child-abuser who ruthlessly beats & humiliates his family. Because of his money & influence, he is able to avoid accountability for his actions. One night a neighbor in his apartment complex hears him attack his family, and she calls in The Equalizer. Morrison, however, hits McCall with a restraint order, and files a malicious lawsuit against his neighbor in retaliation for reporting him. McCall strikes back, however, by obtaining a video of Mr. Morrison's child giving grim details of physical abuse ...
6 Apr. 1989
17 Zebra
A highly decorated NYC paramedic, Gideon (William Atherton), is on an "angel of death" killing campaign targeting homeless winos. No one suspects a thing as he drugs them and it appears they die from heart attacks. A Skid row mission worker becomes aware that someone is doing this as his latest victim, though certified dead from a heart attack, was known to him to be in perfect health. He calls in McCall to find out who it is and stop them. It turns out there is more to Gideon's murder episodes than meets the eye as it becomes clear he suffers from an advanced state ...
13 Apr. 1989
A strange reclusive man(Michael Moriarity) calling himself "Seti" and claiming to be an alien from outer space has befriended a young girl, Amber. this episode by telling her he is being followed by other aliens bent on killing him. He shows her a strange futuristic device and has her promise to keep it hidden and safe after his imminent death. Amber contacts McCall whom, touched by her compassionate sincerity, discovers that "Seti" is actually a highly respected top secret aerospace engineer, and that he is being targeted by no less than Company assassins. Events ...
20 Apr. 1989
Time Present, Time Past
Harold Ross is helping Scott McCall with his music. But they are both kidnapped because Harold defected from Bulgaria and now they want him back. Robert now has to help his son and the man he helped to defect.
27 Apr. 1989
Prisoners of Conscience
McCall tries to save a man who has been kidnapped by the man who killed his father.
4 May 1989
The Caper
Emmy Rutherford sees a man get killed, but the police don't believe her because she's called wolf before because she'd read too many detective stories. She calls Mccall in for help.
11 May 1989
Heart of Justice
In a New York City courtroom, a pair of sociopathic rapists are released after their sleazy lawyer points out a technicality in their arrest & discovery of evidence that pointed exclusively to them. These low-lifes, Tony Santiago & Max Gorman, had savagely raped a pregnant woman and beat her with a steel pipe to prevent her from testifying against them. The attack left her brain-dead and on machines. Not long after their release, the woman's sister discovers her brother-in-law carrying a .38, and calls The Equalizer for help. When the husband confronts Santiago, he ...
25 May 1989
Race Traitors
A black family who moves into a white neighborhood is being terrorized by some white supremacists. So they turn to McCall for help who brings in Kostmayer and Stock to help. But things are a little difficult for Kostmayer cause the neighborhood where the family moved into is where he grew up. And he learns that a boy he knows is with the white supremacists.
10 Aug. 1989
When a woman who was playing paint-ball kills someone because someone tampered with her gun, she is arrested and calls McCall. Her sister, a lawyer, wants to help her but she refuses. McCall looks into her background and discovers some interesting things.
24 Aug. 1989
Suicide Squad
When a boy is cut from the football team, a cunning drug dealer attempts to lure him into the business. The boy's sister contacts McCall for help.

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