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Season 2

31 Aug. 1985
Silver Dollar
A group calling themselves the African Liberation Army is terrorizing London. During the investigation, Dempsey and Makepeace get into an argument over a misplaced set of car-keys which escalates so far that Dempsey decides to turn in his badge and head back to New York.
7 Sep. 1985
Makepeace poses as reporter Debby Smith to get close to hoodlum 'Marocco' Jack and ends up saving his life from a rival gang. Dempsey joins Marocco's gang by posing as an American driver called Andy Sallapuccio, whom they need to pull off two simultaneous jewel heists. Meanwhile Spikings is facing complaints from upstairs that might lead to M.I. 10 being shut down.
14 Sep. 1985
Love You to Death
Dempsey is stalked by a homicidal women who obsesses over him, and who hates Makepeace for being with him.
21 Sep. 1985
No Surrender
Makepeace gets injured while pursuing jewelery thieves with Dempsey. On her first day out of hospital, they run straight into a bank robbery and high-jacking and Dempsey is reluctant to put Makepeace in any kind of danger.
28 Sep. 1985
Tequila Sunrise
Sid Lowe rules an entire London region with an iron fist. When one of Makepeace's informants, Wee Jock gets beat up by Lowe's men, for once it is Demsey who is the more reasonable one and has to restrain his partner.
5 Oct. 1985
Blood Money
An antique dealer is murdered and priceless Egyptian artifacts are stolen. While the crooks try to get to find a buyer, Dempsey and Makepeace go undercover and find several parties looking to get their hands on the artifacts.
12 Oct. 1985
Set a Thief
Dempsey and Makepeace witness a young woman being run down on the street. She turns out to have been a model with connections to drug trafficking and members of parliament.
19 Oct. 1985
The Hit
After a long night on a fruitless stakeout, an S.I.10 colleague is shot by an American hit man right in front of Dempsey and Makepeace. The hunt is on for the killer, who's been targeting a pimp but whose real target seems to be somebody higher up. As luck would have it, one of the prostitutes happens to be an old school chum of Makepeace.
26 Oct. 1985
In the Dark
Once again, Dempsey and Makepeace are witness to a fellow policeman being shot. In this case it's one of Makepeace's former partners, Tom Bishop, who's dying words involve millions in cash and 'the min in the red coat'.
2 Nov. 1985
The Bogeyman
Dempsey becomes obsessed with catching a tough guy called Keith Lymon. Makepeace thinks it's because the two men are different sides of the same coin.

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