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Season 2

22 Sep. 1986
The Wedding Ring
When Herbert slips a mysterious ring onto the finger of his beloved wife as an anniversary gift, the weary waitress turns into a seductress. But delight turns to fright when Herbert spots deadly side effects.
29 Sep. 1986
Nerdy collegiate Phil unsuccessfully tries every trick in the book to meet girls. Then he discovers a potion that makes gorgeous magazine pin-ups spring to life.
6 Oct. 1986
Magic Saturday
Marky adores hearing his grandfather tell wondrous tales of hitchhiking through the universe and playing baseball with him on Saturdays. So when old "Stormin' Norman" takes ill, the boy invokes a magic spell to play one last magical ball game.
13 Oct. 1986
Welcome to My Nightmare
Horror flicks are Harry's life, but when the movie-obsessed teenager suddenly steps into a blood-curdling scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, he desperately seeks escape to the real world.
20 Oct. 1986
You Gotta Believe Me
Convinced that his vivid nightmare of a Boeing 747 crashing into his house is a horrific premonition, Earl Sweet desperately tries to alter fate.
3 Nov. 1986
The Greibble
Joan Simmons is a harried mom who is alone in the house and thrown for a loop when a giant floppy, furry creature with a huge appetite for inanimate objects appears during a storm and wreaks havoc.
10 Nov. 1986
Life on Death Row
Years before The Green Mile, a murderer on death row finds himself infused with the incredible power to heal by touch. A desperate race to halt his execution builds to a miraculous climax.
21 Nov. 1986
Go to the Head of the Class
In this hour-long episode, a teenage horror buff (Coffey) is so smitten with a sexy classmate (Masterson) that he helps her use black magic on their loathsome English teacher, with shocking and bewildering results.
24 Nov. 1986
Eighteen-year-old Dora is miserable living in an isolated desert town with her dour stepfather, but their discovery of mysterious "hole people" in a dried-up well changes each of their fates by Thanksgiving Day.
1 Dec. 1986
The Pumpkin Competition
Rich, miserly Elma Dinnock is livid at losing the Yarborough Country pumpkin-growing contest 22 years in a row, and so gets help from a mysterious botanist for the next competition.
8 Dec. 1986
What If...?
Ignored by his self-absorbed, social-climbing parents, 5-year-old Jonah Kelley wanders his lonely, sterile house and then the outside world, searching for someone who will see him, while things and people disappear in his wake.
29 Dec. 1986
The Eternal Mind
Applying experiments with chimps to himself, a dying scientist transfers his mind into a computer. But his unique survival after physical death brings unexpected heartaches.
12 Jan. 1987
Lane Change
One stormy night on a deserted highway, a distraught wife driving toward an impending divorce glimpses her past through the windshield after picking up a mysterious woman who ran out of gas.
19 Jan. 1987
Blue Man Down
A guilt-ridden police officer (Gail), who blames himself for his partner's violent death, is teamed with a young partner (McNeil) who seems invisible to everyone else.
2 Feb. 1987
The 21-Inch Sun
Struggling sitcom writer Billy Burliss is suddenly the toast of television, thanks to the typing tendrils of his script-writing spider plant, Lucy - which is fed only by the rays of a black-and-white TV set.
16 Feb. 1987
Family Dog
In this animated episode of three interrelated stories, a middle-class, suburban family is seen through the eyes of their put-upon dog.
13 Mar. 1987
Gershwin's Trunk
Frantic to deliver a hit musical, conniving Broadway composer Jo-Jo Gillespie contacts the spirit of George Gershwin through psychic Sister Teresa, and makes marvelous music from beyond the grave.
20 Mar. 1987
Such Interesting Neighbors
Rattlesnakes, howling coyotes, sudden earthquakes and time warps jar the Lewis family in their new home, and all the bizarre incidents seem linked to the Hellenbecks, their weird next-door neighbors.
27 Mar. 1987
Without Diana
1946 Father-Daughter Easter Picnic. Eight-year-old Diana bears a grudge against her father who has just returned from World War II, because she doesn't understand why he had to leave her several years ago. During the game, she vanishes in the woods...
3 Apr. 1987
Moving Day
When Al Webster's parents tell him that they have to move, the 17-year-old student is understandably upset - but not nearly as much as when he learns their destination is the planet Alturus, 85 billion miles away.
10 Apr. 1987
Miss Stardust
Public-relations man Joe Willoughby thinks that promoting the Miss Stardust beauty pageant will be a snap, until "Cabbage Man," a representative from outer space, arrives and contends he owns the rights to the title and threatens to eliminate Earth unless he gets some satisfaction.

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