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Season 1

Herstory in the Making
Alice seeks the help of her friends when she can't think of a story for a homework assignment.
Lip Sunk
Everyone tries to find the Queen's voice when she loses it before her speech.
Red Queen for a Day
The Queen leaves Alice in charge for a day.
Objets d'Heart
Everyone's too afraid to tell the Queen what they think of her new sculpting hobby.
23 Mar. 1992
Arrivederci, Aroma
The Queen and Hatter both order from the Regal Catalog, but their orders get switched.
The Bunny Flop
Rabbit can't sleep the night before he and the Queen go on TV.
Pop Goes the Easel
A mishap ruins the Queen's portrait before its unveiling.
Through the Looking Glasses
The Cat gives Rabbit rose-colored glasses which he claims makes everything look beautiful.
That's All, Jokes!
Everyone gets obsessed with playing practical jokes until the Queen is the victim of one.
Forget Me Knot
The Queen and Rabbit scramble to find their missing theater tickets.
19 Oct. 1992
Boo, Who?
The Queen thinks the castle is haunted when she spots a ghost.
Double Your Bunny
Confusion results when Rabbit's identical cousin visits.
Diary of a Mad Hatter
Hatter finds his great-grandhatter's diary which contains clues to a hidden treasure.
How the West Was Wonderland
The Queen wants to be "Queen of the Rodeo," but she's afraid of horses.
The Rules of the Game
Alice has difficulty playing Miwok: a game in which the rules are always changing.
Something to Sneeze At
A friendship is threatened when Hatter becomes allergic to Hare.
Off the Cuffs
Hare's magic show gets out of hand when his handcuffs fail to unlock.
Tooth or Consequences
Rabbit has a toothache, but his fear of the dentist prevents him from going.
The Wonderland Enquirer
The Queen orders the newspaper to print any gossip until they're about her.
The Hatter Who Came to Dinner
Hatter is an annoying house guest after injuring himself helping Rabbit and the Queen.
The Mirth of a Nation
After bumping her funny bone, the Queen loses her sense of humor and outlaws laughing.
For Better or Verse
The Queen struggles writing a rhyme for a contest while rhymeitus spreads through Wonderland.
When Rabbit's on vacation, Hatter and Hare build a robot replacement for the Queen.
After Hatter and Hare get into a fight, they host parties at the same time.
Up and Anthem
Rabbit is upset when the Queen holds a contest to replace the anthem he wrote.
Hatter and Hare invent a pretzel machine, but during the demonstration, Rabbit loses the Queen's ring and the machine makes 100 pretzels. They assume it's in one of the pretzels and eat their way through them.
White Elephant Sale
The Queen and Rabbit decide to hold a garage sale and one of the items they're selling is a (real) white elephant. It gets bought and passed around Wonderland as everyone tries to find a new use for it.
Rip-Roaring Rabbit Tales
Rabbit's afraid that his life has become too boring. He finds adventure through a good book.
Happy Boo Boo Day
When the Queen's birthday approaches, she tells Rabbit that she doesn't want them to throw a party because they always mess it up. They attempt to anyway and everything seems fine until they pick up the decorations.
2 Nov. 1992
What Makes Rabbit Run
To prove her popularity, the Red Queen orders the White Rabbit to challenge her in an election.
Friday the Umpteenth
Alice jokingly tells Hatter and Hare about the unlucky Friday the 13th superstition. They take her seriously and tell the others. Fear of bad luck stops everyone from enjoying themselves.
Pizza de Resistance
The Queen is disgusted by the take-out pizza and wants Rabbit to make their pizza. Pizza Night was Rabbit's only day off from making dinner. Instead, the Queen holds a pizza making contest.
A Litter Help from My Friends
Litter becomes a big problem in Wonderland so Rabbit enlists everyone's help.
Busy as a Spelling Bee
The Queen decides to hold a Spelling Bee after seeing the misspellings in her mail. The Tweedles suggest to make it a bowling tournament as well.
Hic-Hic Hooray
Dum volunteers to transport the Queen's fragile dinnerware when he suddenly gets a severe case of the hiccups. On his way to the palace, he's offered various remedies by his friends.
He's Not Heavy, He's My Hatter
Hatter gains weight when he eats too many of his grandma's cookies. While Hare hides the cookies, he's supposed to diet and exercise. His resolve weakens and he scrambles to find the cookies.
Invasion of the Tweedle Snatchers
The Cheshire Cat uses a flying toy saucer to convince Hatter and Hare that Wonderland is being invaded -- starting with the Tweedles.
Bubble Trouble
The Queen has to save money so Rabbit decides to cancel their bottled water delivery and use Wonderland's underground spring. The rest of Wonderland decides to do the same and Rabbit attempts to stop accidental pollution of the spring.
The Bunny Who Would Be King
Rabbit's famous movie star brother, Rabbit DeNiro, is coming to visit. The problem is that Rabbit wanted to seem important and told him he was the King of Wonderland.
Welcome Back, Hatter
Hatter wins a castle in a sweepstakes and is excited to move out of Wonderland. Hare is upset that his best friend is leaving, but tries to hide his feelings.
Noses Off
Hatter and Hare help the Queen pick a costume for a masquerade ball when they accidentally use the wrong glue to put a rubber nose on her face. The Queen has an photo session with a reporter later that day so they hurry to find "unglue."
This Bunny for Hire
Rabbit accidentally breaks one of the Queen's expensive vases. Alice helps him sell lemonade while he does odd jobs to earn the money to buy a new one.
All That Glitters
Dum ignores Caterpillar's warning about a strange, dangerous fruit that can make you stronger, but can also make you sick. He eats it anyway and later has a bellyache.
Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?
Rabbit is proud of his carrot crop and decides to host a simple carrot-tasting party, but his friends turn it into a big event.
Say It Again, Ma'am
Rabbit doesn't hear the Queen's instructions, but she refuses to repeat herself. He and his friends try to guess what she said, but it only adds to the confusion.
Lady and the Camp
Bugs invade the palace when Rabbit accidentally gives the Queen flowers full of them. While Hatter and Hare de-bug the palace, the Queen camps outside and finds it difficult.
Gowns and Roses
The Queen is hosting a fashion show to show off her own creations. However, the model fails to arrive and Rabbit desperately does it himself.
Dinner Fit for a Queen
The Tweedles send a home video to "Wonderland's Silliest Home Videos" which embarrasses the Queen. To save her dignity, she attempts to stage a dinner party for "Royalty's Favorite Home Videos" but it doesn't go as planned.
Toot-Toot-Tootsies, Goodbye
The Cat hoaxes the existence of the monster "Big Tootsies" which fools everyone, but the Queen.
The Red Queen Crown Affair
The crown goes missing and Hatter and Hare become private investigators only to find it in an unexpected place.
Copy-Catter Hatter
Hatter's cousin twice removed, the Glad Hatter or Copy-Catter Hatter, steals his design for the Queen's hat contest.
Queen of the Beasts
The Queen is bored by the lack of excitement in her life so she decides to become a wobear trainer.
Vanity Hare
When Hare unknowingly helps the Queen with her crossword puzzle, she gives him the Smarty Pants medal. Eventually, Hare's ego gets the best of him.
The Best Ears of Our Lives
Rabbit's tired of getting ignored so he tries being silent or yelling.
Fiesta Time
King Ricardo invites the Queen to his fiesta, but she doesn't know Spanish. Her friends put on a Wonderland fiesta to teach the Queen Spanish.
Hair'em Scare'em
Hatter and Hare make a new shampoo for the Queen, but they realize after testing it on Alice that it turns hair green. Hare tries to get the shampoo before the Queen uses it and Hatter tries to restore Alice's original color.
8 Feb. 1993
A Change of Heart
The Queen orders her subjects what to give her on Valentine's Day because she's afraid they wouldn't give her things otherwise. Alice teaches her the true meaning of the holiday.
3 Sep. 1992
On a Roll
The Mad Hatter's cousin Hedda, is coming for a visit, but a misunderstanding results in Wonderland over what Hedda means by "stairs" and what they think is "stares."
The Grape Juice of Wrath
Rabbit accidentally spills grape juice on the Queen's throne and has his friends help him to remove it before she returns.
Homing Pigeons
Hatter invents a house key homing device. He tries to sell it to the others and stages a demonstration with Alice hiding all their house keys on a key ring. Before he can start, the Cat finds it and leads them on a chase.
From Hare to Eternity
When the Queen saves Hare from quicksand, he makes a vow to protect her which ends up annoying her.
Chalice in Wonderland
Hatter and Hare go on an archaeological dig and find a beautiful chalice. The Queen intercepts it, but Rabbit discovers a curse on the bottom of the cup. It's exchanged hands after coincidental accidents.
Hippity Hoppity Hypnotist
Hare accidentally hypnotizes the Queen during his hypnotism show. When she hears the word "red," she acts like a chicken. This is a problem when she's on TV and is introduced as the "Red" Queen.
21 Dec. 1992
Christmas in Wonderland
The Queen wants a white Christmas, but it never snows in Wonderland.
The Day of the Iguana
A fortune teller comes to Wonderland and the Queen dismisses him from her palace. Through a misunderstanding, Rabbit thinks the fortune teller has cursed the Queen into an iguana and tries to undo the spell.
I Am the Walrus
There's news that a walrus is coming to Wonderland, which upsets everyone because they've heard bad rumors about them. However, when Alice meets the Walrus, she realizes they weren't true and attempts to introduce him to the others.
Weed Shall Overcome
The Walrus discovers an endangered plant on the future site of the Queen's tennis court. The Wonderland residents learn how important one plant can be and protest cutting it down.
Deface in the Crowd
A vandal's defacing Wonderland. Attempts to find out who it is fails, but he turns himself in when he realizes how badly it affects everyone.
TV or Not TV?
Hatter, Hare, Dum, and Dee become couch potatoes who only want to watch TV and snack. Though their friends try to stop them, it takes a nightmare to get them off the sofa.
Days of Vine and Roses
Rabbit's plant-sitting an exotic plant which has detailed instructions for its care. The Queen tells him to ask the others to take care of it as she's expecting a photographer and the plant doesn't match the throne room. However, no one reads the instructions.
The Clan of the Cavebunny
Because of a spelunking expedition, a cavebunny frozen in ice is found. It thaws and comes back to life.
Metaphor Monday
Metaphor Monday is celebrated in Wonderland by hosting a costume contest for the best metaphor. The Tweedles let their sibling rivalry get the best of them.
Games Shows People Play
After the Duchess corrects her last letter, the Queen goes on a game show to prove that she does know her adverbs.
The Adventures of Spectacularman
Hatter's childhood dream of being a superhero comes true when he finds a shooting star that gives him superpowers. Everyone loves Spectacularman, but Hatter finds out being a hero is more time-consuming than he thought.
For Hare Eyes Only
Hare wants Hatter to respect his privacy and requests that when he picks up a package for him while he's away, that Hatter not open it. The package is too tempting though.
To Tear is Human
Alice splits her pants during an embarrassing game of charades and refuses to play after the others laugh. She learns to how to laugh at herself.
19 Jan. 1994
Odd Woman Out
Alice tries to change the admission policy of Wonderland's all-male club, The Odd Balls.
Time Warped
Hatter and Hare believe they've made a time machine. When they hear the Queen say she'd give "a million wobucks" to have not gone to a party the day before, they'll stop her from going again.
Give Ants a Chance
The Walrus avoids picnics because of his fear of ants. His friends don't want him to miss out and try to help him overcome his fear.
Card 54, Where Are You?
When the Queen realizes how valuable a complete set of "Famous Bunnies of Filmland" trading cards could be, she becomes obsessed to collect them all. However, she's missing Card 54 and will do anything to get it.
Your Cheatin' Red Heart
When the Queen loses every Boffo-Bingo tournament to the Duchess, she becomes desperate enough to cheat.
Wonderland: The Movie
Everyone watches a documentary on the friendship between the Queen and the Duchess.
Bunny, Can You Spare a Dime?
The Queen is forced to auction off some of her treasures, including the Hop Diamond, when she thinks she's broke. However, she outbids herself at her own auction and has to borrow money from the Duchess.
The Royalty Trap
The Duchess is jealous that the Queen is to be honored by the Royal Hall of Fame so she locks her in a tool shed before the show. She kindly offers to "help" by taking the award in her place.
Just the Fax, Ma'am
The Queen wants to be more fashionable than the Duchess so she tries using a fax machine to get the latest style updates.
Take the Bunny and Run
The Queen loses Rabbit in a bet with the Duchess and realizes how much she depends on him. When she finds out that he's not being treated as well as she thought, she tries to get him back.
10 Nov. 1993
Gratitude Adjustment
The Queen cancels "Thanks-a-Lot Day" because she doesn't understand the meaning of the holiday.
28 Feb. 1994
Pie Noon
When a bully from Hare's school days comes to visit, he panics because his friends become too chicken to help. Hare learns to defend himself.
Untwist of Fate
When Alice got stuck in a twister and can only talk in tongue twisters, everyone's worried she won't be able to play Juliet in Shakespaw's Rabbit and Juliet.
Queen's Best Friend
A dog wanders into the palace one day and the Cat decides to play a trick on the Queen. He makes her believe the dog can talk and she thinks she can make money off a talking dog.
Hats Off to the King
The Tweedles arrange Hatter to appear on "Wonderland Star Hunt" after they overhear his down-to-earth song. However, Hatter tries too hard to be a star and ends up forgetting his song.
White Rabbits Can't Jump
O.J. Simpson offers encouragement to White Rabbit when he expresses concern over entering the Wonderland Leap Year Games.
20 Oct. 1993
A Wonderland Howl-oween
Wonderland's residents try to outscare each other at their Halloween picnic.

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