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Season 2

4 Oct. 1986
The Wheel of Misfortune
Mary & Sandra play against each other on "Wheel of Fortune".
11 Oct. 1986
Mary Nightingale
Mary returns from a shopping trip to discover that Lester has acute appendicitis.
1 Nov. 1986
Washington Affair
Mary has a party and Sandra brings her latest beau, a Congressman. But when she invites Brenda's stunning teacher, Sandra sees she has some competition because the woman and the Congressman have a lot to talk about. So she agrees to attend a benefit for something she knows nothing about. And she drags Mary along whom she says is a Prime Minister.
8 Nov. 1986
The Great Manhunt
Sandra looks for a man to be a husband and father, then decides to settle for just the latter.
15 Nov. 1986
Mary enlists the Temptations to perform at the church's charity show.
22 Nov. 1986
Pillow Talk
Mary and Sandra go into the pillow business, but their partnership is jeopardized by their differing positions.
29 Nov. 1986
Come Into My Parlor
Taking a cue from Sandra's book, Brenda "mistakenly" invites an attractive man to a party on the wrong night.
6 Dec. 1986
Father's Day
Calvin decides to live with his pilot father, even it means moving to Iceland.
13 Dec. 1986
Author, Author
Sandra's novel inspired by the residents of 227 could hurt Mary's chance to become president of the Ladies' Auxiliary.
3 Jan. 1987
Rose is feeling frustrated that all the men she's been dating dumps her for younger girls. So to help her, Sandra suggests she joins a video dating service but Sandra suggests she adopt more exotic persona, so she transforms herself to Raquel. And when s guy expresses interest in her, she finds it hard to maintain the Raquel persona.
10 Jan. 1987
The Handwriting on the Wall
When Mary and Rose catch a young man spray painting the building, they try to stop him but in the end they turn his spray can on him and he gets away. Later he files a suit against them for assault. They hope that Sondra who was in her date's car at the time can corroborate their version of the events. But all she saw was when Mary and Rose grabbed the boy and spray painted him.
17 Jan. 1987
A Matter of Choice
Lester has a chance to do a big project and give a friend who's out of work a job. But things change when he learns that the company whom he'll be working for sponsors apartheid. So he has to choose which is more important.
24 Jan. 1987
Got a Job
Brenda gets a job at a burger joint and when she's so exhausted and her school work starts to drop, Mary tells her that she should quit but Brenda likes earning money.
7 Feb. 1987
Far from the Tree
Sandra receives a letter from her mother, who is coming to visit. This upsets her because she feels that her mother never really loved her. Mary tries to placate her, but Sandra accidentally invites a gentleman friend, Mop, over for the same weekend her mother is visiting. Mary helps Sandra prevent her mother and Mop from meeting.
14 Feb. 1987
Mary, Rose, and Pearl are fund-raising for a toy drive for children sick in the hospital. Sandra donates a teddy bear and asks Mary for a ride to the mall. Mary and Lester go to the toy store only to find it closed, but Mary spots someone she believes to be an employee of the store. He lets her in, and she and Lester realize he's trying to rob the store.
21 Feb. 1987
The Audit
Lester has to go to the IRS for an audit and he is nervous. Mary who goes with him tells him that everything will be OK. They go to a coffee shop before going to the audit. Lester thinks he forgot some records that they need so he leaves Mary in the shop. Later a guy comes in and starts making some chauvinistic comments that Mary takes exception to, and they both go at it. Later when Mary and Lester go to the audit, she discovers that the IRS man is the one she had the heated exchange with.
28 Feb. 1987
A Good Citizen
Mary and Lester's romantic evening is interrupted by a police stakeout of Sandra's boyfriend.
7 Mar. 1987
Happy Twentieth
Mary and Lester's 20th anniversary is made complicated by conflicting plans and in-laws.
21 Mar. 1987
The Fourth Time Around
Pearl gets engaged to a man she meets at a club where Mary and the ladies have a girls' night out.
11 Apr. 1987
Rich Kid
The residents of 227 are concerned when Calvin's new friend makes him a suspicious offer for 50 dollars.
23 May 1987
The Working Game
Mary takes a job at a travel agency, where her boss finds her so important that he wants her to come with him on a trip.
6 Jun. 1987
Check Snub
Pearl, Mary and Rose end up in jail when they protest the Social Security office's claim that Pearl is dead.

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