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Raging Summer...
dbdumonteil19 January 2005
Raging Summer,hellish Summer:that's what the title means.Languid Summer more like!Trying to make a genuine film noir,the director signally failed in his purpose .All the clichés you can think of are here:the handsome private eye,who's hired by a gorgeous girl,the bent copper,drugs ,prostitution,you name it...The first half drags on,and the director fills the blanks with eroticism or jogging on the beach which would make a nice commercial for Martini ,Hollywood chewing-gum or Perier water.As for the second half:it is as if the director suddenly appreciated how boring it all was and desperately attempted to enliven things by last-minute devices such as its excessive use of blood and violence (the pin ball sequence).Veronique Jannot was not lucky when she left the small screen for the silver one.
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