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Alternate Versions

Several scenes are in the television version that are not in the video release version:
  • A two scene subplot involving Commandant van Horst's dog.
  • When Nick (Kilmer) spits at General Streck (Kemp) the projectile ricochets off of two walls.
  • In the park, Nick offers Hillary (Gutteridge) a cart of beverages.
  • When Nick and Hillary kiss, breaking the guitar, much of the scene is edited. They roll in front of two buildings and a window overlooking a burning building.
  • Near the end, Cedric (Sharif) crushes Streck in a car as he had been.
The 1987 UK video was cut by 8 secs for a '15' rating to remove shots of the artificial fist attachment for the Anal Intruder. In 2002 these cuts were waived by the BBFC.
In the version of the film broadcast on Comedy Central, the ballet scene is edited to remove all shots of the male dancers, instead continually rerunning the opening shot of the female dancers repeatedly between the shots of Nick and Hillary in the audience. The male dancers can still be seen briefly in the background in the shot of the Police Officer being pushed over the balcony.
Alternate scenes different from release version:
  • Instead of refering to a pinup calendar, Professor Flammond explains the complexity of his work.
  • The line "if they find you here your life will be worth less than a truckload of dead rats at a tampon factory" is replaced with "if they find you here your life will be worth less than a beaker of butadiene in a colloid solution!"
On videotape, Hillary's breasts started to glow once she sees Nick reemerge from a lake. On TV, it's edited to where she waves at him.

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