The Terminator (1984) Poster

Plot Keywords

the terminator future
soldier cyborg
skynet warrior
waitress future war
2020s m 16
self sacrifice laser gun
motel murder of a police officer
news report pipe bomb
altering history murder
gore famous opening theme
phone book threatened with a knife
premarital sex neo noir
police exploding car
sunglasses technology gone amok
shot in the chest hacking
pump action shotgun stalker
robot as menace social commentary
opening action scene first part
photo booth one against many
killing an animal 555 phone number
pistol time travel romance
mistaken identity kissing
artificial intelligence bare breasts
crushed to death man versus machine
recording sex
post nuclear war blood splatter
murder of a policewoman goth
interview factory
combat bare chested male
spanish mercilessness
war against machines thrown through a glass door
lasersight ambush
car crash body armor
gun fu 1980s
assault rifle lifting someone into the air
death department store
on the run death of title character
exploding body gun store
disarming someone loss of loved one
foot chase female nudity
robotics skull
megacorporation alternate history
catch phrase knife
sawed off shotgun mexico
nuclear war crushed by a car
los angeles california impersonation
fictional war gash in the face
corpse one man army
fugitive sex hydraulic press
first of series dream
fate pregnancy
tough guy machine gun
shootout talking to an unborn baby
kissing while having sex gunfight
torso cut in half slow motion scene
stealing a car shotgun
woman on top time travel
shot to death gun shop
heart ripped out famous line
urban setting suspense
kiss diner
urban power outage
psychiatrist phone booth
impersonating a police officer cigarette smoking
photograph fistfight
homemade explosive cult film
car chase stabbed in the chest
action hero cyberpunk
technology lizard
lifting a male into the air sole black character dies cliche
techne brawl
shot through a wall exploding truck
truck hero
shootout in a police station killer robot
violence hand through chest
critically acclaimed sex scene
dual wield blood
male frontal nudity year 2029
shot in the forehead held at gunpoint
tech noir part of series
punched in the face blonde
self surgery blockbuster
police station biting someone's hand
hand to hand combat thrown through a window
topless female nudity nightclub
totalitarianism switchblade
hit by a truck villain played by lead actor
crashing through a door eye gouging
dystopia parking garage
android battle
mixed martial arts martial arts
subjective camera shot in the back
character's point of view camera shot uzi
post apocalypse death of friend
character name in title title spoken by character

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