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Give This One a Chance
LarryB-220 January 1999
I guess people don't like this one (based on the scores it received). I really like it. To me, it is the classic B-comedy movie. There are parts that are just uproariously funny. It's a low-budget comedy filled with sight gags, physical comedy, the requisite B-movie nudity, etc. Check it out.
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one of the best in the classic sexy comedies
toxiy16 August 1999
Stuck on You is one of the 4 classic troma sexy comedies (squeeze play, waitress,stuck on you, and the first turn on). it a great comedy, and although at times crude it is very cute. this is in my opinion a movie to see with your girlfriend. professor corey is great in his role as judge gabrial and the soundtrack even features love will keep us together (but not by the captain and taniele this version is done by junk rock but still great). explore the history of sex and relationships in this great film ****.
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Cheap and childish. . . that's why I love it!
spencewenn1 January 2007
This was the second Troma film I have seen (the first being Toxic Avenger). After buying "Toxie" in a bulk sale VHS bin at Movie Gallery, I saw Stuck On You! and noticed it was from Troma. I knew I had to at least see it then. I watched it and I can honestly say I liked it. I was laughing throughout the whole movie. For example, when Bill walks out of the bathroom with razor cuts all over his face, "Honey, how many times have I told you not to use my razor when shaving your armpits?!" You can't get that in your average sex comedy. This movie is avant-garde on caffeine. I'd say it's a fun movie to watch, but I must warn you. It is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It is very cheap and has a very dynamic, almost cartoonish sense of humor. But if you're a fan of anything from Troma, they're known for that kind of sleaze that you just can't get enough of. I give this movie a five. You either love it and can't stop watching or cannot stand to sit through the first five minutes. Go out and rent it. It's worth a look.
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Ryan Miller21 September 2005
Okay Okay, we can admit it's not good. IT is cheesy, and will hit perfectly on certain peoples sense of humor. It wasn't my type of comedy, but some of my friends love it! There are some good points to be made, they couldn't afford the zany antics quite as well as airplane, sure it looks like a college kid shot it, but at least its an honest attempt to make someone laugh. It's like a knock knock joke, obviously not good, but i'll laugh to be polite. I recommend this movie, if you tend to like obscure comedies and low-budget films. Troma has not been the best for comedy from what i've seen, but then again there "horror" and "action" movies can be really funny as well! At least it's not like Hollywood, i mean...there never was a sequel -the miller
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It's Supposed to be dumb
Shyanha23 November 2004
My younger brother and I used to watch this movie and laugh our rears off. It's along the lines of Airplane, only much much more packed with clichés, puns and innuendos.

The scenes are outrageous (Bill gets jealous at the company picnic and tries to outdo some macho stud on the mechanical bull, Bill and Carol get into some body painting, but kind of miss the tube of super glue mixed in with the paints, Bill's attempts to get the hens at work to produce more eggs are rather unconventional and utter failures, to the audience's benefit).

The movie is stupid, takes things Very literally ("Palimony is a word on everyone's lips these days" = the court attendees with signs displaying the word "palimony" attached to their mouths) and just about anyone can get the jokes. That's part of what makes it fun. It's far from being a deep, thought-invoking or intellectually stimulating flick. Then again, I believe it was never Intended to be those things. I am under the impression that if you do not enjoy puns, you likely would be unable to appreciate the humor in this movie.
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This movie is awesome!
Max Power2 November 2009
This movie came on by chance one night when we randomly decided to scroll through TV channels while enjoying a social lubricant. We almost fell off our chairs laughing. This movie is completely mental and I have been searching for it ever since. Don't watch it if you are a boring dork with a poor sense of humour who takes themselves super seriously. Otherwise, take a sip of your poison and enjoy. It's hilarious. By the end of the movie it had all gotten so crazy that I half expected there to be a knock on my front door and I would open it only to find the judge from the film standing there demanding to be let in. My recollection is not 100% but we had an awesome time watching it. Very funny.
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low budget "B" comedy is crude but has moments of brilliance...
ccmiller149213 December 2009
This low budget "B" romance comedy is crude but it has moments of brilliance. The real find here is Mark Mikulski, a big brawny guy with a handsome boyish face playing a very dumb cluck who works in agribusiness...that is a big poultry concern. And his deadpan comic timing is flawless... Nearly every sequence involving him and his girlfriend is brilliant, priceless and very funny. The "designer jeans", the day at the beach, the romantic fantasy dance episode that ends in her ripping off his tuxedo, then mounting him, and the body-painting with sex sequence are all superb and hilarious.

My only complaint is that some of these sequences were just too short! Where the film goes wrong is in the anecdotal lectures that the judge gives them: they needed to be more developed and would have been much more effective if the visualizations of them were impersonated by the two leads instead of substitutes who are much less talented and less fun to watch. With a bit more work on the script and much more of the young couple, especially Mikulski, this would have been far better than most of the mainstream "A"-list comedies. What a shame that Mikulski wasn't discovered by the rest of the film industry...he would have been a great asset to any cast. The film rates about a 4, but because of Mikulski my rating goes 3 points higher!
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Another Troma Cult Flick!
Colin10 November 2005
Although it is not as fun as the Toxic Avenger nor as energetic as Terror Firmer, this one hell of a film enjoys a very entertaining storyline.

I bet that without this kind of movies there will be no Hugh Grant nor J-Lo movies on theaters. It is just a comedy dealing with couple relationship... only it dares going a little bit too far in nonsense. The attorney is completely out of the track, and leads the film with his wicked punch lines.

The couple is also high in colors. The man is a foolish inventor and the wife is, at first glance, a cold blooded pessimistic person. The two of them telling the same story from a very different point of view is just a gas!

A very fun and entertaining movie!
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A few chuckles .........
merklekranz11 January 2012
"Stuck on You" is not a side splitting comedy, and rightfully deserves it's low IMDb rating (3.8). What it is, is a plot less series of sketches, loosely connected by a fallen out of love couple describing their relationship problems. Part music video, part crazy visuals, the movie actually gets more stupid with each passing minute. It does have a few chuckles however, the best being a sexual stimulation film for chickens, a clown at a funeral, and live chickens being delivered to a law office for a business luncheon. If sophomoric toilet humor appeals to you, then you might be able to sit through this mess. All other viewers have been warned. - MERK
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The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen
GathofBaal7 September 2000
My brother rented this movie based solely on the Troma Team Release logo, and because he was in the mood for what he thought would be a goofy and raunchy comedy. Instead we got the lamest,most pathetic piece of garbage we had ever seen. There isn't ONE scene that made us laugh. The "jokes" are the lamest, stupidest and most cliched I have ever seen. This is honestly the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. Troma seems to be one of those hit and miss companies. I loved The Toxic Avenger and Cry Uncle, but hated Igor and the Lunatics, and of course, this trash. DO NOT RENT THIS! You will regret it.
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I was surprised
bottlegnome25522 September 2014
I looked at the cover, saw who made it, and gave it 5 minutes to convince me this is worth my time. This was worth every second, this movie is genius in it's own right as a comedy. This is by far the wackiest romantic comedy i have ever seen, but it also has its subtle moments right when they are needed. Considering I usually cannot stand romantic comedies, this says a lot. By the end I felt like I really knew the characters and what they were going through, especially toward the end. Something interesting would occur every other minute, there were no boring parts throughout the whole film and that is hard to pull off, especially today. Given that the budget was only 150,000, Kaufman and co did extremely well.
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A delightfully dimwitted Troma comedy hoot
Woodyanders4 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
One doesn't watch a Troma film expecting a truly profound and subtle work of cinematic art which offers some heavy meditation on the many facets of the human condition. Instead one watches a Troma flick for its zany humor and total giddy lack of any significant intellectual content. This picture certainly fits that latter bill something hysterical. Carol Griffiths (a winning performance by luscious brunette knockout Virginia Penta) and Bill Andrews (a solid turn by likable lug Mark Mikulski) are a young couple experiencing relationship problems. They take their cause to Family Court, where the batty Judge Gabriel (a marvelously wacky portrayal by Professor Irwin Corey) takes them back in time to view various lovers throughout the ages. Writers/directors Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz relate the silly story at a nonstop frantic pace and pitch the cheerfully dumb and shameless lowbrow humor at an extremely broad and cartoonish level. Granted, said humor is idiotic and unsophisticated to the ninth degree, but the jokes about such things as sex, erections, urination, homosexuality, pot smoking, flatulence, and super tight designer jeans are very funny in an admittedly crude no-brainer sort of way. In fact, a few of the gags are downright surreal, with the definite loopy highlight being a raunchy stag movie for chickens (!). Penta and Mikulski make for appealing and attractive leads. Kudos are also in order for the infectiously bouncy soundtrack (a nifty cover of "Love Will Keep Us Together" is especially sweet). A complete riot
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I Love Kaufman's work, but ...
Tromafreak8 May 2008
I hate Stuck On You!!! Oh, The nerve!! it simply took nerve to pitch ideas like that, the endless amount and the depth of cute puns made me sick to my stomach. Don't get me wrong, like the title says, I love Lloyd's films, hell, I love Lloyd, and Toxie 1 & 4, Tromeo & Juliet, Terror Firmer. & I'm sure I'll love Poultrygeist if they ever bother to put it on DVD, Lloyd Kaufman is my all-time favorite director, but what happened here!?! Should we blame Michael Herz? Should we blame Satan? But, seriously!! I was able to find at least a hint of entertainment value in such films as Zombie '90 and How to make a doll, those films seem to know their place, they know exactly what they are, but this one really seems to think it's got something going for it. What really gets me is that Troma fans can never claim that the Farrelly bros. stole the name and made some Hollywood piece of garbage & that Uncle Lloyd's Stuck On You is far superior, sorry Uncle Lloyd, the '03 version is actually pretty swell, and the '83 version ...well, I would rather watch Scary Movie 3 and then watch A Nght to Dismember twice over than sit through Stuck on you '83 ever again. I hear that in Lloyd's opinion that this is the best of Troma's sexy "comedies" of the 70's and 80's, if Mr. Kaufman's opinion is true, then that's just sad. To end on a high note, from what I've read, Poultrygeist is the goriest Troma movie to date, so I guess I could throw uncle Lloyd a star for just being the man, even though he is the cause of the Tromatic nightmare that is Stuck on You '83. I forgive you, Lloyd. 1/1
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Darth Mackinnon28 February 2005
This stinker of a film is based on the idea of a lesson on the history of romantic love, featuring lovers in cave-man times, during the napoleonic era and so on. If this is truly the history of man-woman romantic love, it's little wonder the divorce rate is so high! This is the only video that I have ever rented, only to return it without watching it in its entirety. The hour that I wasted trying to give it an honest try was painful! I was actually embarrassed to be watching so hideous a display of talentless scripting, acting and production. The voting system does not allow for negative ratings, but if I could give one, this movie would be it. To be avoided at all costs.

True Rating: 0
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Another bad troma film!
drhannibal66613 November 2000
A fallen angel is sent to Earth to win back his heavenly status by bringing a feuding couple together again, but only divine intervention could turn this script around.

The angel is Gabriel (Irwin Corey), a judge with a variety of digestive problems who scratches where it itches, when it itches - and Carol (Virginia Penta) and Bill (Mark Mikulski) are the couple now in court to settle a palimony suit. Flashbacks to the couples' happier days, simulated sex, and nudity fill in the time to the final court decision.

My Rating:1/10
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Give Me a Barf Bag please!!
biker1723 August 1999
This is the absolutely worst movie I have ever seen and the only movie in my life where I have walked out of the theatre before the end of the film. I don't know how anyone can produce such pure garbage. Totally moronic!
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