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Has there ever been a live concert film as vibrant or as brilliantly realized? I don't think so. [Review of re-release]
Part aerobics workout, part self-styled dreamscape, Sense is a hyperactive piece of performance art that begins as the stripped-down dress rehearsal of a garage band and builds into a mighty, exhausting spectacle that shakes as much ass as it kicks. [Review of re-release]
By common consensus, Stop Making Sense is the best concert film ever made.
The New York Times
Mr. Demme has captured both the look and the spirit of this live performance with a daring and precision that match the group's own.
Stop Making Sense is so beautifully choreographed that in some ways it's more like theater than a rock show. [Review of re-release]
It could as well be called Best Thing of Undetermined Species.
Starting with Mick Jagger, rock concerts have become, for the performers, as much sporting events as musical and theatrical performances. Stop Making Sense understands that with great exuberance.
Chicago Reader
It's 88 minutes of solid, inventive music, filmed in a straightforward manner that neither deifies the performers nor encourages an illusory intimacy, but presents the musicians simply as people doing their job and enjoying it.
Boston Globe
But as good as it is, the film falls short of translating the exaltation and near-gospel music feel of the band in full flight. [2 Nov 1984]

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