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  • In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager II probe carrying greetings from Earth into outer space. Several years later, an alien intelligence discovers the probe and sends one of their own kind to visit Earth. However, when the alien tries to land on Earth, his spaceship is shot at, causing him to crash land near Chequamegon Bay in northern Wisconsin. The crash occurs near the home of Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen), a young widow who is grieving over the recent death of her husband Scott (Jeff Bridges). The alien clones itself a human body from a lock of Scott's hair that Jenny keeps in a scrapbook. At first in shock to see her dead husband again, Jenny eventually agrees to help the alien being to get to Winslow, Arizona where he must rendezvous with his mothership in three days time or he will die. Meanwhile, government agents are hot on their tail.

  • The movie is based on an original screenplay by American writers Bruce A. Evans and Raynold Gideon with uncredited revisions by Dean Riesner. The film was subsequently novelized as Starman (1984) by American author Alan Dean Foster and inspired the short-lived television series, Starman (1986), which ran from 1986 to '87.

  • No. He appears in Scott's form throughout the entire movie. The only clue is perhaps at the beginning of the movie when the alien is crossing the bay in the form of a glowing light, suggesting that he may be pure energy. Neither are we told his real name or where he comes from although, in one scene, he points to the stars and says, " there."

  • With the help of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) agent Mark Shermin (Charles Martin Smith), Jenny and the dying Starman make it to the crater in Arizona. However, a dozen Army helicopters close in on them, and NSA Chief George Fox (Richard Jaeckel) gives orders to fire on them as a warning. Suddenly, a craft begins to emerge from the clouds and descends down to the crater. Snow begins to fall from the craft and a red beam descends to the ground. Jenny asks the Starman to take her with him, but he tells her that he cannot because she will die there. They make their goodbyes and kiss each other. The Starman requests that she tell the baby about him and gives her the last silver-colored sphere. She asks what to do with it. "The baby will know," he replies. The Starman walks into the red beam. The final scene is focused on Jenny's face as she watches him leave.

  • Yes. Barringer Crater is a meteroite impact crater located about 43 miles east of Flagstaff, Arisona near the city of Winslow. It's interesting to note that the crater on aerial view resembles the underside of the alien spacecraft as it emerges from the clouds, suggesting that the spaceship is either mirroring the crater or it was the spaceship that made the crater in the first place.


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