Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Poster

Plot Keywords

klingon planet
vulcan admiral
soul commander
vulcan ambassador spacedock
klingon bird of prey murder
ceremony lieutenant
ambassador sacrifice
vulcan starfleet officer speaking klingon
commandeered starship speaking vulcan
stolen starship prototype starship
exploding starship excelsior class starship
constitution class starship starship landing
vulcan boy u.s.s. grissom
handheld phaser tricorder
yellow alert reference to kobayashi maru
away team handheld communicator
communicator vulcan man
female humanoid alien humanoid alien
starfleet admiral rapid aging
research vessel oberth class starship
damaged starship alien creature
son killed u.s.s. excelsior
vulcan woman u.s.s. enterprise ncc 1701
killing an animal space opera
multiple actors for one character seven word title
colon in title roman numeral in title
roman numbered sequel cloaked ship
warp speed 23rd century
exploding ship fire
falling from height mountain
volcano blizzard
snow jungle
electrocution explosion
redemption held at gunpoint
shot in the chest prison guard
punched in the face escape
elevator prison escape
prison creature
father son relationship bar
photon torpedoes phaser
animal attack deception
coffin engineer
scientist outer space
deus ex machina english subtitles in original
terraforming fighting the system
alien creature as pet back from the dead
based on cult tv series space battle
revenge nosebleed
lava head injury
death of loved one amnesia
younger version of character invisibility
saga directed by star
tadpoling captain
blockbuster third part
teleportation self destruct
dereliction of duty exploding planet
sequel rebirth
star trek spacecraft officer
spacecraft reincarnation
based on tv series death of son
number in title character name in title

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