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Character error 

When Madison leaves the apartment in Allens's suit she is wearing a solid black tie- when she arrives at bloomingdale she is wearing a black tie with red stripes.


When Alan and Dr. Kornbluth rescue Madison from the lab her tank is full of nasty looking cloudy water. However, when the scientists enter the lab to find Alan's brother sitting over the tank "fishing", the water is crystal clear.
After Madison dives into the sea after meeting Allen for the first time, she swims off in a t-shirt. She was naked before she got in the water.
When Madison meets Allen on the beach, after rescuing him, her hair changes from wavy to straight several times before she re-enters the water.
After Allen and Kornbluth scuffle in the dentist's office and Kornbluth sits in the chair, the paper bib around his neck has been torn off. The bib is back in the next shot, then gone again as they leave the office.
When Fat Jack's boat starts spinning around Alan, a cover appears over the motor that wasn't there before. In the next shot, it's missing again.
When Kornbluth climbs onto the boat after the hose is pinched off, a regulator is attached to his tank. When the scene cuts to him after he berates the idiot twins, the regulator is missing from the tank. His wetsuit is still wet, indicating that he has just left the water.
The moon is waning when it should be waxing.
When Allen's wallet drops to the ocean floor, you can see his "Charg-A-Card" with a "Vista" logo. When Madison takes the wallet to the shipwreck to look for a map of New York, the "Vista" logo is gone.
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During the car chase near the end of the film, a flock of pigeons flies up as the car is approaching but immediately before this, there is only one pigeon in the path of the car.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When Madison enters Bloomingdale's, Ron Howard is reflected in one of the mirrors.
In the final sequence, bubbles from safety diver are visible ahead of Madison and Allen.
During the final car chase, Allen's BMW weaves around a taxi cab that has stopped in the intersection coming from the side. At the left of the screen you can see that the car also just misses a camera. This is the camera that captures the military truck going around the same cab in the next shot.

Errors in geography 

When Allen falls into the water after Fat Jack's boat hits him, his wallet falls out of his pocket and rests on a coral reef. The ocean off Cape Cod is much too cold for coral reefs.

Factual errors 

Madison says she only has a week and must return when the moon is full. Twice when the moon is shown the phase is of about a week after full moon rather than a week before full moon. The dark sliver should be on the left rather than the right.
Joe Cirillo is credited as playing "Sergeant Munson", but his name badge in the movie reads "Edwards".
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Allen hails a cab without his tuxedo jacket on, or in his hands, yet he has it by the time he arrives at Cape Cod. If you look closely, you can see the jacket tied around his waist; a buttonhole rests against his hip.

Plot holes 

If Allen's wallet, credit cards, and money were in Cape Cod, how did he get back to New York?

Revealing mistakes 

When Madison is in front of the televisions at Bloomingdale's, Allen asks what her name is. She replies in loud, screeching tones, shattering the televisions. When one television's screen breaks, its screen is clearly made of cardboard, not glass. It also shows the circuitry behind the picture tube, not the tube itself.
In the final car chase sequence, 2 men play chess in front of a clear walkway. When Allen and Madison pass them, a flock of pigeons suddenly appears, and rises into the air. When Allen drives in reverse to escape, the same pigeons fly backwards.
When Madison walks towards the people after she transforms, she is visibly wearing a pair of jeans. She should be naked.
While diving, the scuba tank on Kornbluth's back is clearly fake. If it was a backup air source, the pinched-off air hose from the boat wouldn't have mattered.
Obvious stunt performers in the BMW during the car chase.
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When Madison is exposed as a mermaid, and she is dragged into a car, her legs and knees are visible as shapes in the fishtail.
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