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Credited with introducing the girl's name Madison, which has since become one of the most popular names for newborn girls in the early 21st century.
The scene at the racquetball court, where John Candy serves and the ball hits him in the head, was done in one take.
Ariel in The Little Mermaid (1989), was originally blonde but was made a redhead to look different from Madison.
The fountain from the movie is now on display at Disney's MGM Studios at Walt Disney World. The mermaid fin Daryl Hannah wore is behind the bar at Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney.
Daryl Hannah swam with the mermaid tail so fast that her safety team could not keep pace with her.
Daryl Hannah had been swimming "mermaid" style with her legs bound together since she was a child, due to her fascination with Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid" story. In the documentary contained on the 20th Anniversary Splash! DVD, Tom Hanks recalled how the other cast members would drop French fries over the side of the tank to her as though she were a trained sea mammal, for she couldn't leave the water while her legs were "shrink-wrapped."
The first film released under Disney's Touchstone Pictures label, which was created so the studio could release more adult-oriented fare.
At the time of filming, Daryl Hannah was extremely shy about her body. According to director Ron Howard, she wore both band-aids and makeup over her nipples to conceal them.
Tom Hanks has always claimed that he was 11th choice to play the main role.
Daryl Hannah's fin weighed 35 pounds. It took technicians three hours per day to put it on her, who had to remain still while it was being attached. "At lunch they'd yank me out on a crane and plop me on the deck," she told People. "I couldn't eat because I couldn't go to the bathroom. I just lay there shivering with barnacles in my hair, soaking wet."
Daryl Hannah, a vegetarian, refused to eat real lobster for the restaurant scene. The crew scooped out the insides of real, cooked lobsters and filled them with a thick, tofu-like paste. Ron Howard said Hannah cried after each take over the deaths of the lobsters for their shells.
Before Tom Hanks accepted the role of Allen Bauer, it had already been turned down by Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Dudley Moore, John Travolta, and Michael Keaton. Travolta passed on the advice of his agent.
Ron Howard turned down directing duties on Mr. Mom (1983) and Footloose (1984) in order to make this movie.
Brian Grazer came up with the idea for the film in 1977 while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway and thought about what it would be like to meet a mermaid and fall in love.
In the scene that takes place just before a friend's wedding, Allen yells at a guy, "That's the news, ya want the weather?" Then Freddie tells him that's the bride's brother. The actor was Ron Howard's brother, Clint Howard.
The "Crazy Eddie" commercial that surprises Madison was for a real electronics store. Eddie and Sam M. Antar opened Crazy Eddie in Brooklyn, New York in 1971. Their spokesman was WPIX-FM disc jockey Jerry "Dr. Jerry" Carroll, whose frenetic nonstop sales pitch was based on used car salesman Earl "Madman" Muntz. The pitch always ended with "Crazy Eddie, his prices are IN-SA-A-A-A-A-A-ANE!" The chain grew to 43 stores in four states. It closed in 1989 after charges of fraud and security violations.
John Candy originally wanted to play Dr. Walter Kornbluth. Ron Howard convinced him to play Freddie instead. Candy then recommended Eugene Levy for the role.
The beach where Alan first encounters the nude Madison is on the former Gorda Cay in the Bahamas, which now is known as Castaway Cay, the private island of Disney Cruise Line.
Robert Short is credited as the man behind the mermaid costume. He initially pictured the mermaid with a dolphin-esque tail as it would make "biological sense" but Howard rejected the design insisting on a more tropical look. Short eventually created a tail based on koi fish. He would later admit that this was a genius idea since "you lose a lot of color underwater" the red tail stood out more.
While Allen is offering girls' names to the mermaid before she settled on Madison, the last two he suggests are Elizabeth and Samantha. Elizabeth Hanks is Tom Hanks's daughter and Samantha Lewes was his then-wife.
The cab driver who tells the Marine, "Up yours, Gomer! I'm waiting for a fare!" is the same cab driver who drives Allen from New York City to Cape Cod.
Tom Hanks had trouble with the water scenes, partly because he was a smoker.
The scene where a television show makes Madison upset, and Allen explains the television show is fictional, and didn't really happen was originally going to set up a joke later on where Madison watches a real life plane crash on the news and laughs.
The map from the shipwreck that Madison uses to find Allen's home is an old map of the Province of New York. It bears the name 'His Excellency William Tryon Esq.' Tryon was the colonial governor of the Province of New York from 1771 to 1780.
Steve Guttenberg auditioned for the lead but did not get the part. However, Ron Howard did give him a role in his next picture, Cocoon (1985).
Many actresses either auditioned for, or were considered for the role of Madison, the role which went to Daryl Hannah.
Jeff Bridges, Richard Gere, Kevin Kline, David Morse, Burt Reynolds, Robin Williams, John Heard, and Robert Klein were considered for the role of Allen Bauer. David Morse and Tom Hanks would act together years later in The Green Mile.
The film was rushed into production to compete with a similar film called Mermaid about a mermaid starring Warren Beatty and written by Robert Towne. A possible actors' strike delayed progress, and eventually the project was declared dead.
When Madison watches television at the department store, the little boy in the toothpaste commercial is Emmanuel Lewis.
Tim Allen was considered for the role of Freddie Bauer, which eventually went to John Candy. Allen made his first film debut in Tropical Snow (1988) and first lead role in The Santa Clause (1994).
In addition to being offered the role of Alan Bauer, Michael Keaton was also offered the role of Freddie.
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John Candy and Eugene Levy were in the cast of SCTV (1976).
According to the Biography Channel, Bill Murray and P.J. Soles were considered for the roles of Allen and Madison, but Murray turned it down.
The mold used to make the mermaid fountain had also been used to make the ice sculpture in Herbie Goes Bananas (1980).
Ally Sheedy was considered for the role of Madison.
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John Heard was considered for the role of Allen Bauer, and John Goodman was considered for the role of Freddie.
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Freddy Bauer & Madison never meet, at least not on camera, and no mention is made that they met.
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In the 2001 British comedy play "The Play What I Wrote," written by Hamish McColl, Sean Foley and Eddie Braben and starring Hamish and McColl, Daryl Hannah is referred to as "the famous Hollywood mermaid, half woman half kipper."
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Jack McGee auditioned for the role of Fat Jack.
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David Knell and Richard B. Shull starred in Spring Break (1983).
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