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One of the most charming and irresistible romantic comedies ever!
TheLittleSongbird17 November 2009
I will admit there have been some romantic comedies I have not liked, and others I have. One thing for certain though, I adore Splash! It is a beautiful, charming and sweet romantic comedy that has quickly become a favourite of mine. For instance the whole film is beautifully shot, with lovely cinematography and stunning underwater sequences. Plus New York looks absolutely gorgeous here.

The music is also delightful. The song in the end credits was so beautiful, I nearly cried. Maybe it was also to do with how it is sung; the vocals were sublime, and never spoiled the mood of the song. The script is funny and touching, more the latter than the former, but who cares? There are still some funny parts of the movie. The direction from Ron Howard was secure and focused throughout.

There were so many charming scenes in Splash! The ending certainly was exactly that, and a bit of a tear jerker as well. Another charming scene that springs to mind was the ice skating scene. Not only how it was filmed, but also the music featured. A perfect choice of music for that particular scene, the Skaters Waltz. I also thought that the movie's length was perfect, and the pacing was just fine.

And I can't write this review without mentioning the performances. Every single person did a superb job. Tom Hanks is charismatic and likable enough and was perfectly cast as Allan Bauer, a successful businessman who falls in love with a beautiful mermaid named Maddison. Speaking of Maddison, didn't Daryl Hannah look gorgeous here? She is a generally ignored actress, and she was positively charming. Eugene Levy plays a sort of bad guy, and he is funny as well as detestable. However, the film's humour comes from the late John Candy who is hilarious as Allan's brother.

All in all, I adore this movie. Out of all the romantic comedies I have seen, this has to be the most charming and possibly irresistible. I have been vocal before about not trying to take IMDb ratings to heart, but 6.2 is too low for this movie. It does deserve a higher rating than that. While not the best movie ever made, it is certainly one of my all time favourite movies for a number of reasons. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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A man and his mermaid.
triple816 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I happen to enjoy romantic comedies and through the years have seen some great ones(Dirty Dancing, Toosie, Pretty Woman to name a few.) But Splash is probably my all time favorite. I saw it in the there shortly after it came out, fell in love with it and through the years have watched it more times then I can remember.

First off, the plot itself is delightful-man falls in love with a mermaid. Then there's the combination of Hanks and Hanna on screen. They happen to be utterly and completely adorable on screen and one of my all time favorite pairings.

The movie itself is an enthralling fairytale. Daryl shines as the ethereal Madison and her scenes with Hanks are as sweet as cotton candy. The characters are all unforgettable and the underwater scenes will put you into a trance, their gloriously stunning. The movie combines romance, wit and charm with an enchanting story and captivating visuals and characters. It's the kind of movie that one knows as their watching it, will someday be a classic.

Splash never gets tiresome no matter how much you see it. The movie is a classic and, though, some people maybe skeptical of a 10 of 10 rating I think it deserves nothing less. If anyone reading this has NOT seen it-your missing one of the best and sweetest romantic comedies ever made.
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Lovely romantic fish-out-of-water comedy
george.schmidt22 April 2003
SPLASH (1984) **** Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy, Eugene Levy, Shecky Greene. Excellent fantasy comedy directed by Ron Howard about produce salesman Hanks who, unbeknownst to him, falls in love with a mermaid (innocently played nicely by Hannah) in Manhattan and asking the immortal question: Is love blind? Superb support ably handled by Candy as Hanks' would-be swinging bachelor brother and Levy as a mad-as-a-hatter obsessed marine biologist intent on exposing Madison (named after the avenue). Best bits: Hanks' opening soliloquy about him not finding love in a bar and Hannah's gift of love: a water fountain.
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An 80's Love Story CLASSIC! Great Movie!
gpmac20 November 2003
If you grew up in the 80's, you can see why this movie still is a great classic! Great acting from Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and a story line that can be taken funny as well as seriously. If you didn't see this movie in the 80's you probably won't appreciate it that much. I would rank it with other greats such as Teen Wolf, Heathers, etc. "Behold, the mermaid!"..lol..
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Coxer9930 May 1999
Clever man meets mermaid comedy with Hanks fitting the bill as a lonely New York bachelor who falls in love with winsome mermaid Hannah. Candy is also delightful as Hanks' irresponsible brother. The script is very funny and director Howard has a wonderful eye for the sentimental and satiric.
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Early Tom Hanks/Ron Howard.
tfrizzell8 June 2002
Over-achieving little film that was directed by Ron Howard and stars Tom Hanks as a young man who finds the woman of his dreams (Daryl Hannah). The only problem: she is really a mermaid. A smart screenplay and some real drama in the film save this project which could have been a disaster, but ends up being a nice piece of entertainment. Eugene Levi and John Candy are appropriately hilarious in supporting turns. 4 stars out of 5.
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Great Movie
astralxromance24 October 2006
I thought this movie was absolutely wonderful. It was so very cute and fairly funny at times! Very different from most movies with the whole mermaid thing. See men dig fish! Remember that! You know what I really enjoyed about it? The fact that you had this nutty guy going around trying to prove she was a mermaid, yet looking completely stupid and insane while doing so.. Oh man he was so funny. I remember growing up watching this movie.I loved it then and still do. It's a classic, a must see. If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you rent it! Enjoy it! Tell me how it goes, but I bet you will love it just as much as I do! ;)
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She Was The Woman Of His Dreams - She Had Large Dark Eyes, A Beautiful Smile And A Great Pair Of Fins.
Jessica Carvalho29 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Allen Bauer is a responsible guy,the very opposite of his brother Freddie Bauer, who only thinks about women and to spend money. Allen feels lonely sometimes, but he never really fell in love with any women he already have dated or stayed. One day, Allen decides to go to Cape Cod to enjoy the sea, a place where he feels mysteriously good, but he falls into the sea by accident and since he doesn't know how to swim, is saved by a mysterious and beautiful woman,who runs away soon after Allen recovers his conscience. The beautiful woman stayed with Allen's documents, and decides to search him in New York after some days. Once they met, they fall in love and Allen finally do whatever it takes to stay near a woman. The only thing he doesn't know yet, is that the beautiful and mysterious woman named Madison,is part of his childhood and also has a nature different from the human.

Ps: Daryl Hannah is really beautiful in this movie! Tom Hanks as well! ps2:This is the first time I see Eugene Levy in the role of the bad guy.

aka "Splash-Uma sereia em minha vida" - Brazil
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Well-made comedy with a disturbing undertone of pessimism
PayOrPlay15 August 2002
Splash is a really well-made Hollywood fantasy comedy, with early Tom Hanks already developing into the charismatic everyman and Darryl Hannah and John Candy at their best. But under the comedy and sweetness I have always thought there was a disturbing undertone of extreme pessimism--just what kind of ugly and cruel society do we live in, in which the mermaid Madison's only prospect is that she will be tortured, from which Hanks' character ultimately has to flee, never to see his beloved brother again? (The same dark undertone is even more pronounced, I think, in Ron Howard's next big hit Cocoon, where the old folks willingly escape an earth and families that don't seem to offer them anything anymore.)
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Great Splash!
dracula_2714 June 2005
I used to watch this movie as a kid and occasionally when I was in my teens but I watched it again now (im 24) and I must say its an excellent movie, which also has a very good story line, and one you can relate to if you have been in a relationship where your asking yourself many questions about the person your with and things that do which don't make sense! Not that we are dating mermaids, but it is a movie that has Alan (Tom Hanks) in a very real situation of been in love with someone who he is trying to figure out who she is but she wont give the answers or really open up. Its a movie of great comedy also!! John Candy and Eugene Levy are hilarious!!!! As is Tom Hanks! Some of the one liners and scenes in this movie will have you in stitches!!! This for me is a movie that could have been released today and still do very very well. A great movie which I can watch over and over!
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