Splash (1984) Poster


Plot Keywords

mermaid love
wallet love interest
long blonde hair sex scene
kissing while having sex happy ending
blonde bullhorn
car chase swedish
face slap subtitles
dentist hypodermic needle
medical test secret service
police station u.s. president
police car marriage proposal
police arrest newspaper headline
siren reference to the new york knicks
police officer reference to the new york yankees
brother brother relationship peking china
cape cod massachusetts soldier
buttocks porter
turtle binoculars
sunken ship beach
panic bartender
scuba diving motor boat
bar drunkenness
lifesaver church
little girl aquarium
food market little boy
flashback music band
boat reporter
dancing military
speech press
placard applause
protestor impersonation
water hose ice skating
arm cast candle
tears camera
surveillance racquetball
fountain violinist
juggling full moon
watching tv panties
singing upskirt
museum water tank
water boxer shorts
robe villain turns good
elevator struck by lightning
bra map
shipwreck pokies
bare breasts skating rink
urban setting underwater scene
statue of liberty new york city family relationships
bloomingdale's new york city restaurant
towel telephone call
t shirt penthouse magazine
head injury looking up someone's dress
butt chick flick
one word title novocaine
castaway awakening on beach food
dinner bathtub
female nudity television
department store broken arm
cinderella story urban
transformation self discovery
rescue investigator
examination chase
affection sea food
language learning fish
fish market fish factory
falling in love tuxedo
motorboat hypodermic needle attack
nudity nude in public
scientist new york city
brooklyn bridge blockbuster
revolving door fish out of water
lobster helicopter
woolly bully

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