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Other music posters in Samantha's house include Culture Club, The Stray Cats (over her bed), and Sammy Hagar.
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Molly Ringwald almost lost the part of Samantha to Ally Sheedy, her future The Breakfast Club (1985) co-star.
When Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall first met, they did not get along at all. Director John Hughes took them shopping at a music store and they discovered they had similar musical tastes and eventually got along.
Samantha says that Caroline 'must have flunked nine grades' because of her mature figure for a high school student. In actuality, Haviland Morris was 25 years old during filming. Michael Schoeffling (Jake Ryan) was 24.
Both Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were 16 years old upon release of Sixteen Candles.
According to Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) there was a deleted scene where he sings at the dance.
Jim Carrey auditioned for the role of Ted "The Geek".
The license plate on Jake's car reads "21850", which is director John Hughes's birthday (2/18/50).
In the VHS version, Anthony Michael Hall is credited as "The Geek". In the TV movie and film versions, he is credited as "Farmer Ted."
In the book 'You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, And Their Impact on a Generation' by Susannah Gora, Molly Ringwald says that because she and Anthony Michael Hall were too young to entertain themselves at bars or nightclubs, they often spent their Saturdays off from filming Sixteen Candles (1984) crashing the Bar and Bat Mitzvah receptions that were being held at the hotel in Skokie, Illinois, where the cast was being housed.
In late 2003, USA network announced that a made-for-TV sequel called "32 Candles" was being planned, showcasing the original characters 16 years after the original film. It was unknown at the time of the announcement whether any of the original cast would be involved with the project.
In the cafeteria scene seen in TV broadcasts, the lunch menu reads as follows (in all-uppercase changeable letters):




  • CORNAROOS - .55




  • ICED TEA - .15


  • WARM MILK - .10

The character of Long Duk Dong was supposed to be a teenager but Gedde Watanabe, who portrayed him, was 28 years old at the time this was filmed.
Viggo Mortensen auditioned for the role of Jake Ryan.
The cake at the end of the movie is actually made of cardboard.
Other than Anthony Michael Hall, John Kapelos is the only actor to appear in all three of John Hughes' teen films that were under contract with Universal. In Weird Science (1985) he can been seen at the table in the bar. In The Breakfast Club (1985), he serves as the janitor. In Sixteen Candles (1984), he stars as Sam's future brother-in-law.
The movie's line "Can I borrow your underpants for ten minutes?" was voted as #86 of "The 100 Greatest Movie Lines" by Premiere in 2007.
One scene which was cut from the final theatrical version but later shown in the TV version was shot in the cafeteria at one of Niles East's two sister schools', Niles North.
Brother and sister John Cusack and Joan Cusack co-star in Sixteen Candles. John is Bryce, one of Anthony Michael Hall's geeky friends. Joan is the geeky girl seen on the bus, and having trouble sipping water from a drinking fountain.
Samantha's dad's car has the license plate "V58", which stands for "Vacation '58", a story written by John Hughes for National Lampoon Magazine.
Filmed at Niles East High School. Some of the students in the big party scene are wearing Niles East Trojans jackets and shirts. Niles East was in Skokie, Illinois and was closed for over 3 years when the filming started. The original school has since been demolished and is now the location of Oakton Community College.
When Samantha is in her room talking on the phone with her friend a promotional poster can be seen on the wall for the rock group Squeeze and their album entitled "Singles" which was released in 1982.
The German title of the film, "Das darf man nur als Erwachsener", translates to "One may do that only as an adult".
The print above the bed in Jake's room depicts the 17th century Swedish man-o-war Vasa, which sank in Stockholm harbor during its maiden voyage in 1628. She was salvaged in the 1950s and is now displayed at the Vasa Museum.
When Sam (Molly Ringwald) and her friend are in the lunch line, one of the menu selections behind the lunch lady's head reads "Canned Brownies in Light Syrup."
Laura Dern auditioned for the role of Samantha Baker.
There is a poster of actress Heather Thomas on the back of Mike's bedroom door.
During the dance scene, John Cusack is wearing a WLS t-shirt. Although it currently has a talk-radio format, in 1984, WLS was a top-40 station in Chicago.
During the dance scene, John Cusack is wearing a WLS t-shirt. Although it changed to a talk-radio format in the 1989, WLS was a top-40 station in Chicago at the time this movie was filmed.
The turntable shown spinning with the pizza on top is a Denon DP-62L.


Dick Biondi:  Chicago radio legend is heard on the radio (uncredited) in the opening bedroom scene where Molly Ringwald is looking in her mirror.
Agnes Belushi:  The woman that Ginny Baker tries to sit next to at the wedding.

Director Trademark 

John Hughes:  [The Beatles]  The Geek sings "Birthday" to Sam in the auto shop.

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