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Season 1

He's the Famous Detective
How Sherlock Hound first met Watson.
24 Dec. 1984
Blue Ruby
Prof. Moriarty steals the Blue Carbuncle, but got robbed by a pickpocket.
31 Dec. 1984
Solve the Mystery of the Green Balloon!
A green balloon containing a distress call from a family in need of help.
7 Jan. 1985
The Great Chase of the Little Detectives
Prof. Moriarty steals a golden statuette and hides it somewhere on the boats near the docks.
14 Jan. 1985
The Speckled Band
A rainstorm sends Hound and Watson to a mysterious house.
21 Jan. 1985
Treasure Under the Sea
Prof. Moriarty stole a submarine from the navy, and is using it to steal the recently discovered ship hoard of Napoleon's Treasure.
28 Jan. 1985
The Air Battle Over Dover!
The air post isn't doing well due to a lot of planes being sabotaged. After Mrs. Hudson saved a pilot's life, she, Hound, & Watson set out to investigate.
4 Feb. 1985
The Targeted Giant Coin Bank
Hound and Watson visit a dreary town to investigate the missing sovereign gold coins own by the richest man in town.
11 Feb. 1985
The Professor's Big Failure in the Storm!!
Hound and Watson were called to protect a girl's father who's delivering money by carriage from Prof. Moriarty.
18 Feb. 1985
Missing Freight Car!? The Professor's Big Magic Trick
A freight car containing crates of gold bars has mysteriously disappeared from between the other freight cars. Hound must figure out where the freight car is.
25 Feb. 1985
Gourmet! The Coral Lobsters
Prof. Moriarty has stolen the Coral Lobsters after having a craving idea for having actual lobsters for meal time.
4 Mar. 1985
Look! The Shining Thief
Prof. Moriarty steals gold bullion bars from the bank and kidnaps a sculptor for making a statue of his own kind.
11 Mar. 1985
The Magic Castle! Holmes, Dead or Alive?
The Sacred Cross Sword contains the key in finding the treasure at Stone Hedge.
18 Mar. 1985
The Monster of the Thames River
There have been reports of ships attacked by a monster at the Thames River. Hound and Watson went to investigate the river.
25 Mar. 1985
Blundered Operation at Loch Ness!
Three french students were kidnapped by Prof. Moriarty and are forced to make paintings so he could sell them off at auctions.
1 Apr. 1985
The Soseki Kite Battle Over London!
The Rosetta Stone (A stone with 4 countries connected to it) mysteriously floats away from the museum.
8 Apr. 1985
Chase the Airship White Silver!
Moriarty plans to smuggle acquired gold coins with the help of a new airship.
15 Apr. 1985
Buzz Buzz! The Fly Fly Mecha Operation
There's a thief roaming around England, and it's not Moriarty.
22 Apr. 1985
Grand Flight Championship of Chaos!?
Moriarty steals a plane engine for an advantage in competing a race.
29 Apr. 1985
Game of Wits! Parrot vs Professor
The answer lies within a parrot.
6 May 1985
Listen! The Tribute to Moriarty
Moriarty steals the one and only Big Ben bell.
13 May 1985
Chaos! The Doll Swap Case
A jewel is secretly inside an ordinary doll.
20 May 1985
Good-bye Holmes! The Last Case
Sherlock's next case is involved with love affairs.

 Season 1 

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