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A brave young girl who defies her father by becoming friends with the son of his enemy ( another leader of a group of robbers)
flickaddict16 July 1999
I must have seen this film at least 50 times........It's so wonderful, that I even watch it now from time to time, just to experience that amazing feeling of joy, wonder and adventure it gave me. I don't speak any Swedish, but still I know all the lines by heart, just by seeing it so many times !

I saw it for the first time when I was about 6 or 7 years old. I was totally amazed. Amazed by this simple story about an 11-year-old girl living in a medieval castle ( surrounded by a huge forest )with a gang of hairy robbers and her stern but loving mother. Her father is the leader of the band, and regards himself as the greatest and bravest robber that ever roamed the woods. Her world is also inhabited by strange creatures, from little gnome-like creatures to flying evil birdlike witches. When her father discovers her friendship with the son of another leader of a gang of robbers ( and therefore his sworn enemy ), she leaves home and settles with Birk ( the boy ) in a cave in the woods. Together they try to survive until their fathers stop hating each other (which eventually happens).

Ronja immediately became my role-model. She showed me that girls can stand up for themselves just as boys, and that women can be just as tough as men. This simple story deals with all basic things in life : friendship, doing what you think is right, following your heart, stand up for yourself and facing the dangers and problems in life with your chin up and your back straight. The element of fantasy and all the creatures make it a great movie for children, but I believe even younger children will appreciate the story of friendship and love too, and will capture the important messages that this movie carries. I have it on tape, and I hope that I will be able to watch it some day with my daughter(s). I think this film should especially be watched by girls, since Astrid lindgren has put in it a special message for them. But apart from that, it's a film that can be watched and enjoyed by anyone between the age of 5 and 105 ! In my opinion one of the best, if not THE best children's movie ever made ! Watch it, and be a kid again. Watch it, and see the basic things that make life worth living.

10 out of 10 !
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This is what a family movie is supposed to be
przgzr8 May 2004
There should be a difference between "children movies" and "family movies" as two different genres on IMDb. Otherwise many people might believe movies like this are movies for little children and won't even try to watch it. And in the case of Ronja it would be as big mistake as if you avoid watching "Deer Hunter" if you don't like war films, or "Godfather" if you don't like crime movies. Certainly Ronja is not The Godfather, but it's one of the best in the genre: you should have no prejudice - this movie has no age, interest or other limits.

It is not a "children movie" as most movies sorted in "family" genre are, like "Pippi Langstrumpf", "Madiken" or "Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn" (all of them by Astrid Lindgren books). It is not a movie you have to watch because you are a grandparent who has a duty to watch TV with grandchildren. It is a movie you can watch at any age alone or with any member of your family. I watched it with my children who are from early to very late teens (and you know how at that age kids try to get as distant as they can from childish so nobody could consider them to be little children); I've never seen it before and it had no sentimental meanings to me (no memories from my childhood), but we all loved it and still, months later, laugh remembering some scenes or quotes. And I saw my wife crying as she never does watching standard tragic stories like "Titanic". We are not that old to be senile and back to diapers. So, if we all loved it - isn't that an example what a real family movie should be?!

So please, could these two genres could somehow be distinguished?
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flickaddict28 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film for the first time when I was about 7 years old (only a few years after it's release in 1984). My mother first wouldn't let me see it, because she thought it would be too scary for me. I'm still glad she changed her mind!

I had never seen a film like this before.... From the very first scene until the last I was totally captivated by the medieval/fantasy world and this brave, strongminded girl. And the surroundings, WOW! What adventurous kid (and I was) wouldn't want such a forest to roam in? Every time I finished watching it (and I saw it MANY times!), I immediately ran outdoors and pretended I was Ronja for the rest of the day (including her "Spring-scream" :-)

(the following includes **spoilers**)

The film is about an 11-year old girl, Ronja, who lives in a huge medieval castle in the middle of a vast and wild forest. Her macho father Mattis is the leader of a band of twelve robbers who roam the woods and rob the travelers passing through. The night Ronja is born there is a storm, and lightning makes the castle split in two, with a huge abyss in the middle. One day, Ronja spots a boy on the other side of the gap...It's the first child she has ever seen, and he turns out to be Birk, the 11-year old son of another leader of robbers who have moved into the other half of Mattis' castle! They become friends and secretly meet and play in the woods. Of course, Ronja's very macho (but also very sweet) father goes bananas when he learns about these intruders.... He captures Birk, but that proves too much for Ronja. She and Birk decide to leave their crazy fathers and to live in a cave in the forest until their fathers come to their senses and stop fighting.... Eventually they do, but untill that moment a lot of adventures happen! I'm in my twenties now, and I still love this film as much as the first time I saw it as a child. It just has everything, as do all Astrid Lindrens childrens books. The way in which Lindgren manages to take difficult situations and problems and make them understandable for children is really amazing. The story is about growing up, betrayal, choosing sides (even if that means standing up to your father), leaving home, looking after yourself, the death of a grandparent and eventually the proof that family bonds can not easily be broken. If I watch it now I can't help noticing that these themes are very mature, not the happy "Disney-themes" you would expect in a childrens film (especially a Hollywood production) at all. But Lindgren succeeded in making these big, important themes very accessible and understandable for (even very little) children. And the feminist element in all her stories was way ahead of its time!

Ronja immediately became my role-model, and the medieval world captured my imagination (as it still does; I study Medieval History at university now). The many fantasy-elements are great too, and make the story very suitable for little children as well as adults.

Ronja has a special place in my heart from the first time I saw her. This heartwarming film carries important messages about growing up, life, family, friendship and death, but never gets too heavy or incomprehensible for little children. I think every child (and especially girls) should watch it, but since it is a Swedish film I don't think it will ever reach a wide audience. I live in The Netherlands and had to order the DVD in Sweden (without subtitles, but I don't care. I now it by heart!).

Anyway, I think "Ronja the Robber's Daughter" is a gem among children's films, a timeless masterpiece that will captivate even the latest generation of 21th-century kids. If you can get your hands on it, rent/buy it and watch it with your children!

I give this heartwarming film ***** out of 5 !
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Possibly the most beautiful movie ever made of an Astrid Lindgren Novel!
christiansmovies31 March 2002
Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia, the Robber's Daughter) is possibly the most beautiful movie ever made of an Astrid Lindgren novel. This movie has it all: heart, magic, love, and it makes you feel really cosy. Very beautifully shot with an unprecedented soundtrack delivered by Björn Isfält. Sure it was made in 1984, but this one is timeless. Beautiful for young and old. This is what Hollywood never really perfected or succeeded in, a true family movie for the WHOLE family, not for just the kids. Just sad it never made it across the pond to the US. If compared with a Hollywood movie; Harry Potter from in my opinion one of the worst directors, C. Columbus, can only dream to have become such a great movie. One Hollywood movie that brought back memories of my childhood and managed to recapture some of the emotions I had with Ronja as a child, was Peter Jackson's adaption of Lord of the Rings.
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boatsman14 December 2002
I believe that especially all Swedish people born in the 70's have a very special relation to this wonderful movie of Astrid Lindgren. Since I am one of those born in the 70's, this movie is a part of my childhood and I can't give it anything less than a perfect score. One of those movies that every parent are obligated to let your children watch! (Although it is a movie for children, I also believe that parents can appreciate it, by the way...)
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Best children's film ever!
rimfrost1 December 2002
Ronja Rövardotter is one of the most brilliant films existing. The book has always been one of my favourites and I was a little bit afraid that the film wouldn't be good enough. When I saw it for the first time I loved it from the very first moment! It's perfect! There's hardly any film which catches you that much like Ronja Rövardotter does. The music is GREAT! All these wild robbers dancing and singing (and running naked out into the snow!). Wonderful! If you haven't seen it: DO!!!! You'll get enchanted!
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H_Grape4 April 2004
I had nothing to do yesterday and for some reason I felt like watching Ronja Rövardotter. (I reason can be that it's spring.) It was pretty long time ago I saw it, but I remebered that I liked it like everyone else that hve seen it. So I started watching and it was even better that I remebered it. It' such a beautiful movie. The caracters, the nature and the music. Everything is perfect! I really like how strong Ronja and Lovis are. Lovis especially, when she's ordering the robbers to get out. And of course Ronja is the same way and I like the way she moves out because of what Mattis has done. She does what she like. Then the nature is beautiful and the music to that. I cry alot in this movie and most of the time it is because it's so beautiful. Also I get sad when the movie is over. I just want to go out side in to this big forest. =) It also makes me long for the summer. I'm so happy that it is such film as Ronja. Thanks to Astrid Lindgren! And also thanks to Tage Danielsson and everyone else who made this movie!
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yespis9 April 2003
A classic novel into a great movie! The acting, the singing... the feeling of the robbers are true. They are there, just before your eyes, dancing, hunting and fighting. Though the novel was originally for children but this fantasy-story is suitable for everyone! Don't miss it! :-)
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A fantastic fairy-tale about love and adventures
Zaphod Beeblebrox5 September 2001
I can't think of a movie based upon a book or novel by Astrid Lindgren that is bad. Ok, SOME movies are pretty silly... But there's NO ONE that I don't like.

In my opinion "Ronja, the robber's daughter" is one of the greatest Swedish movies ever. I enjoyed it the first time I saw it and I still do.(many years later...) As a child, I always wanted to BE like Ronja; free, independent and with a whole forest to play in.

The music and songs are so right and always makes me wanna sing along.

The characters are unforgettable; Old Skalle-Per, Ronja's caring mother Lovis and her macho-father Mattis.

The best part is when Ronja and Birk moves out into the forest, but nothing is boring. Anyone who likes nice stories, romance and good acting should see this movie.

I give "Ronja Roeverdotter" a big and happy 8+.
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excellent movie, great family fun
bob-121329 December 2004
We watch this movie every year in December at the U film society ( It's got English subtitles too. I just can't figure out where they got it. I only see a reference to an apparently non-existent US distributor called 1900 distributing. I just bought a DVD of it from a UK web site. Swedish language only. My wife understands Swedish, my son and I will have to learn ;). After an exhaustive online search, I found it available in all the Scandanavian languages on DVD and German on VHS. Sigh. Bloody thing is ONLY in region 2 and pal format too of course... Double sigh... Still, HIGHLY recommended. I suppose someday we'll see the film version with subtitles released on DVD.
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A great film on a great book
Rammstein-211 February 2000
Ronja Rövardotter is the very best book Astrid Lindgren, the children literature queen of the world. And the film is brilliant, entertaining, full of humor and warmth and just the right amount of suspense. Very well done.
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Brilliant and unspoilt family movie.
Edwin (Ettepet)2 December 2003
Gosh, what a refreshing movie!!!

We live in a time that some countries forbid children to sit on Santa's lap, because of what they consider 'proper conduct'. This movie is in so many ways the opposite: unspoilt, free, warm and caring.

Children as the adolescent main characters, with adults mainly behaving like small children. This movie is about fun, adventure and values in live, and is family entertainment at its best!!! Cudo's and many mad props to those who created it. And I'm not even starting about Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings (so many years later) or those funny creatures that question everything.... Go see it!!!!!! (why is there still no DVD?)
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One of the earliest Fantasy-movies made
snigel-130 December 2004
This is a true masterpiece. Brought to you by one of the most notorious and thoughtful directors in Swedish history of film, together with one of our most renown authors - Astrid Lindgren - the one that wrote the stories about Pippi Longstockings amongst many others.

In Ronja Rövardotter, you'll be able to experience some of the mysteries and part of the beauty that enshrouds Sweden. Our stunning nature and the alluring folklore are two of the things Lindgren has used to help create a foundation for this story to grow on. Unlike many other movies, it can be seen by both children and adults, as it teaches everyone important lessons about life... and brings forth creatures and beings that only the fantasy of a master-author could come up with. It is partly a grim tale, but the more-part is about love and friendship and how we can learn to understand one-another better.

If you like fantasy and adventure movies, you'll probably love Ronja. If you like nature and beautiful scenery, you'll probably love Ronja. Personally, I think this movie is a must-see for everyone and gave it a 10. My own rate would've been 8 1/2, but seeing as how some weirdos had given it an 1, it deserved the boost in grade.

I hope that it has been translated or dubbed to English, but if not, I may try to fix a subtitle file for it in case anyone might be interested.
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Brilliant film, thanks to...
Nyllet4 May 1999
Ronja Rövardotter(Robber's daughter) is a brilliant film thanks to mainly writer Astrid Lindgren, but also to the cast and scenery of this film. Astrid Lindgren's novel(which my mother read to me when I was a little boy) is a great mix between joy and adventure. The film really captures the atmosphere of the novel and for kids it is extremely exciting and funny. Especially the small fantasy-creatures, that in Swedish are called Rumpnissar, will make you laugh. When I was little this was one of my favorite films. So if you got kids (6-7+), rent it and enjoy!
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A Wonderful film!
grun4it2 January 2002
I was a college student living in Denmark when this film came out. I saw it twice in two days! I have been looking all over the Internet to find it, but I have not been able to find it in DVD or VHS (NTSC) for the US televisions systems. English subtitles would be nice. If you know of a source please feel free to contact me. Thanks!
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This movie makes me feel like a child...
crix-524 May 1999
Here in South-America is really difficult to see European movies. A Swedish friend invites me to see it, in an film festival. I went to see "Ronja" without knowing anything about the story, just the title. It was a magnificent surprise! I loved the characters, the story, and this lovely girl Ronja. It's like a dream, I felt like a child looking at the dreams in the movie. This film proves to me that children are the same in all the world, no matter his/her country or his/her beliefs. Their innocence can make the world a better place.

Don't miss "Ronja". I hope someday I could see it with my sons and daughters.
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I find peace in the nature.
Jonas Micael Bobjörk24 February 2003
I like to be Ronja. Hmm... maybe not (I like to be a man), but I like to live where she lives. Why? Well, this movie touches me. The music, the story, the stunning nature! The big forests! If i could, I would build a house there. But i live a long way from that nature.

About the movie... The story is great. It's perfect for all ages... Of course, there are fantasy-animals, all made up by Astrid Lindgren. This is not just a family movie. It's one of the greatest Fantasys ever made (if you ask me, and I did)

10 of 10!
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Grat book - Great movie!
FlorianSchirner6 February 2008
First i have to admit, that, even at my advanced age of 33, I still read the book sometimes. It is that good. Uplifting, intelligent and with a real funny tongue-in-cheek style humour. The movie is the same, It takes all the great things you love in the book and turns them into moving (literally and emotionally) pictures on the screen. I remember seeing it 1985 in the cinema, I was 11 years old. Since then I must have watched it every time it airs on German TV.

Now what is to like: First the production. Unlike many Fairy-tale movies where the looks are somewhat glamorous, the looks here are gritty. The bandits are dirty, ill-mannered but soft-hearted. The rooms in the castle are dimly lit and the forest is as much oppressing as it is open and free. The many fantasy creatures are great transformations from their descriptions in the book. Though nowadays you would smile at the FX.

Second, the acting. It is great in the meaning, that you believe every role to be real. It is not spectacular acting of the type that makes you a stage star. One exception: I really love the performance of Allan Edwall who clearly overshadows each other performance acting-wise. The two kids, always a tough casting, perform really well, even in the more mellow scenes.

All in all, this movie creates such a great atmosphere, that it is one of my all time favourites. I see it now as a father, so I can feel what my father must have felt, when watching it with me. And this movie is as enchanting to me now as to my daughter.

The only reasons I gave a 9/10 is that I do want to distinguish it from my only 10/10 vote for "tri oriosky pro popelku", another great family movie.
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They don't get any better than this
Duane Couchot-Vore27 January 2008
I don't think I have ever given a film a rating of 10; it's a little thing I learned from science fair judging: always leave room for something better. However, in this case, I can't imagine anything better. I'm a classic film buff, and it's way up there with Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon, if not better, except that even the kids will love it.

The film is based on a book by Astrid Lindgren, better known for her Pippi Longstocking stories. But this title may be her great masterpiece. It's an epic saga of friendship, love, and trust that transcend the petty bickering of the ordinary world, all set in a frame of curious fantasy and breathtaking cinematography. I can watch it over and over and over.

Here's the catch: as far as I know, it's only available in Scandinavian languages and German. Not a problem. Although my Swedish is improving slowly, it still sucks, but that doesn't seem to matter. This film is worth learning the language for, and if you don't want to go that far, it's still worth watching even if you don't understand a single spoken word. No one can miss the message. It ranks as one of my select top half dozen films (out of thousands), and certain to remain there forever.
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It affected me...
yooze8314 January 2002
When I was four years old I used to pretend I was Ronja every time I'd watched this movie. My parents didn't like it, so they wouldn't let me watch it again until after I turned five. Maybe they were disturbed by the feminism. And look what happened to me. :( (OK, you don't know.) On a happier note, many years went by and the other day I saw it on TV. I still like it! Plus there are elements in it, and messages, that a five year old might not be able to understand (at least I couldn't, but I wasn't very smart). So it's for both kids and adults... Beautiful forest and all to look at. Of course, those "wild" horses looked more like super trusting Icelandics to me... ;) But I guess I'll forgive the filmmakers. (And at least they used Icelandics instead of some big shiny new breed!)
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anaximandros5 May 2001
Ronja Rövardotter is one of the best films ever made in Sweden and it will always be a classic. If you haven't seen it, then you have really missed something special. So buy, borrow or rent the film and be amazed by Astrid Lindgrens world.
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My favourite child's film?
Hoefaars30 March 1999
Taken into account that I must have seen Ronja more than fifteen times in one year (when I was seven years old or so), it has to be my favourite child's film. The story is absolutely great, very true to Astrid Lindgren's original book. Great characters and music.
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Beautiful and Charming Lindgren story.
SayMyNameBitches29 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Its really hard for me to describe how wonderful this film is and how much magic it holds.

The story centers around a young girl named Ronja and her family of robbers living in a castle that got split in two parts by an earthquake during her birth. One day another robber family moves inn to one part of the castle and a young boy called Birk belongs to that family and the two children start to develop a brother and sister relationship, but the two robber families have a history of rivalry witch keeps them apart. Fed up with their families they run away to live together alone.

Astrid Lindgren has some of the most wonderful children stories and Ronja Rövardotter is most definitely one of her best and the film does a perfect justice to the book.

Every children should watch this wonderful film
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Favourite film from my childhood
tilli7927 February 2010
When I saw this film for the first time as a child, I remember feeling like I wanted to jump in to the film and live my live as a tomboy robbers daughter.

The film isn't exactly a children's movie, because frankly, it's quite scary at some points, but it's a wonderful adventure and fantasy film for the whole family. It doesn't underestimate the younger viewers and I bet the adults are as enthralled with the story and the characters.

Ronja Robber's daughter was always my favorite Astrid Lingren -book and I'm glad the film did it great justice.

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