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Another funny teen film from the 80's
Dan Grant23 May 2000
With the resurgence of the raunchy teen comedy, now seems like as good a time as ever to go back and study its roots. What kinds of films influenced American Pie and Road Trip? It is easy to point out films like Porky's, Animal House and Fasttimes, but somewhere forgotten in all this is Jeff Kanew's hilarious flick REVENGE OF THE NERDS. This is not only entertaining and funny, but it contains what has to be considered a blue print for success in campus comedy. Take lots of people getting drunk, jocks ostracizing nerds from there way of life, the weak rising up to take back what is just as much a right as it is to others, and of course lots of nudity featuring an abundance of gorgeous women. What you have here is a great recipe for success.

What made Revenge work is that it didn't try to pretend to be something that it wasn't. This was an exploitive sex-fest and it worked well. What it also had was a funny script and one that we could all relate to. I mean, who hasn't felt left out or relegated to the side lines while someone else gets all the glory? Besides being extremely funny, this film touched on something that we all can relate to.

Revenge of the Nerds is another of the teen films that was hilarious and it ended up spawning a slew of sequels. Avoid them and see this one again. It's worth it, especially if you were a teen when it came out. And if you are a teen now, this is a treat to watch. This is one of the films that writers study when they are thinking what they can put into their film to make it crude, rude and raunchy. This should be a must see!

9 out of 10
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An Instant Classic for the Underdog in All of Us...
Isaac58555 December 2005
The ultimate "Misfits Revenge" movie, REVENGE OF THE NERDS became an instant classic in 1984, with some of the most memorable scenes and quotable dialogue since YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. This raunchy comedy follows a group of oddball college students who are thrown together by circumstance and exposed to constant humiliation and ridicule by the jock fraternity on campus and how they get their ultimate pay back. Yes, the film is predictable as they come as we've seen this formula a million times, but it's watchable thanks to some wonderful set pieces, outrageous dialogue and on target performances by Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Curtis Armstrong (memorable as Booger), John Goodman, Ted McGinley (no that is not a misprint), Larry B. Scott, and Timothy Busfield. Standout scenes include the "Wonder Joint" Party and the Lamda's musical performance during the big Olympic competition. A hilarious comedy that demands repeated viewings.
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I'm PROUD to be a nerd
Lee Eisenberg9 May 2005
I first saw "Revenge of the Nerds" when I was ten (that's right, ten). Some people at school had been making fun of me, calling me a nerd. After I saw "ROTF", I was finally proud to call myself a nerd (albeit not one who wears glasses, has buck teeth, and has his pant legs halfway up his calves).

It's especially great that the nerds were such a diverse group of people (Booger may have been gross, but he clearly had a brain).

And there's also an interesting thing about the cast. Robert Carradine must be the only person who has co-starred with both Jane Fonda (he played the brother in "Coming Home") and with the guy who played Booger. And I never realized that Stan was played by the same guy who played Roger on "Happy Days".

So, if you're any kind of individual who has spent his/her life getting bullied, this is the movie for you!
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My brief review of the film
sol-28 May 2005
Although it may be all a bit silly and quite clichéd, this is nevertheless a good film of its type, with main characters that are appealing and a great title song, scored by Thomas Newman, who would later compose the scores of movies such as 'American Beauty'. The film does not really go anywhere much at all, the jokes work only about half the time, and it is all a bit short on its content, but despite all of this, the film has a pleasant and rather enjoyable nature not common to the average college comedy, and this makes it a rather uniquely likable film overall. It may not be a great piece of cinema, but it is quite good entertainment.
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The only worthy successor to Animal House – this is a oasis in a desert of rubbish frat movies
bob the moo6 July 2002
When Louis and Gilbert head to college they think it'll all be different from high school. However they are branded nerds and, when the jocks burn their own dorm down, the nerds find themselves kicked out and forced to sleep in the gym. When the nerds form their own chapter of the Tri-Lam fraternity. When they are bullied continually they decide to take matters into their own hands and fight back with the Jock's own games.

If there's one genre in the world that I hate it's the American college jock/nerd comedy. Whether it be the Animal House or Porky's or more modern ones – I hate almost all of them! So when I watched this I watched it with a certain fear. However the plot makes redresses the balance by having us support the nerds! It's well plotted so that it isn't just them becoming just like the jocks but instead learning their own lessons. Of course it is rude at times and does fall into being just silly and slapstick, but it's mixed nicely with some good sentiment and more gentle laugh.

The cast is great (in retrospect). Anthony Edwards is a real surprise in this post-ER time. Likewise Busfield is strange after 30-something and West Wing. Less so but Moonlighting's Curtis Armstrong is funny to see. And lets not forget James Cromwell (or Jamie as he was called then!), John Goodman and black 1970's star Bernie Casey! The nerds are all good – rising above their caricatures to start to bring out characters.

Overall this is a spin on the frat-comedy so it is a little juvenile and silly but the fact that it is spun towards the nerds makes it that little bit refreshing to watch compared to so many where our `heroes' are arrogant, annoying jock-types who sponge off mummy and daddy just to get drunk at college. Not a great movie but much better than anything else post-Animal House - I'm with the nerds!
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Still a very funny movie.
jeffman5200119 September 2004
I think this movie is still one of the funniest movies of the 1980's and today.Robert Carradine as Lewis Skonick and Anthony Edwards as Gilbert Lowell are awesome.

The movie really shows that being a nerd is a great thing,I believe that if you have intelligence, don't be ashamed of yourself, this movie deals with being bullied cause of not being beautiful. The nerds who join together,form their fraternity, Lambda Lambda Lambda, fight back against the Alpha Betas, the jock fraternity, and come out on top.

The other cast members Curtis Armstrong (Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer) as Booger is so awesome, Brian Tochi as Toshiro Takashi, Timothy Busfield (Thirtysomething) as Arnold Poindexter, Larry B. Scott (SuperForce)as Lamar Latrell, the gay nerd, Andrew Casesse as Harold Wormser, the youngest nerd of them all. Ted McGinley (Happy Days, Love Boat, and Married With Children) as Alpha Beta leader Stan Gable, Donald Gibb (Jocks and Amazon Women On The Moon) as Ogre, David Wohl as Dean Ulich, Bernie Casey as U.N. Jefferson, Julia Montgomery (Up The Creek)a s Betty Childs, Michelle Meyrink (Real Genius and The Outsiders) as Judy, they all give great performances in the film. John Goodman of Roseanne plays the mean Coach Harris, he is awesome in the movie too. James Cromwell( Babe, Star Trek First Contact, and L.A. Confidential) as Mr. Skolnick, Lewis's nerdy father is funny.

The nerds fought for themselves and won the Nerd Revolution against the beautiful people, they gained control of The Greek Council. For all of the beautiful people out there, time has come for "Revenge Of The Nerds". I give this movie 2 thumbs up and a 10/10 stars.

I have the soundtrack to this movie, I recommend getting the soundtrack, it is awesome.
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A decent feel-good film with an all-star cast.
BlackJack_B16 December 2003
Revenge Of The Nerds came out during the 1980-86 R-rated teen flick bonanza that was coming out of Hollywood. While this one is much milder than some of the others, it does have it's moments of raunchiness.

The story is simple: two young men are attending Adams University; but find out quickly that their type (the gawky, glasses wearing, intellectuals) are treated like nobodies. In fact, any male who isn't a jock or a WASP isn't even allowed to live in the dorms. A group of "misfits" including the two main characters Lewis and Gilbert are forced to live in the gym. They do find accommodations but they continue to suffer humiliation and embarrassment from the Alpha Betas. And so, like in the title of the movie, they get REVENGE.

This is a movie that certainly can't be made today. Affirmative Action certainly would be in place to disallow discrimination on college campuses. The "villains" make fun of anyone who isn't like them. Still, when it's all said and done the film sends out a message that you should be proud of yourself and how you look and not let anybody tell you otherwise.

Yes, as an 80's film you'll see every requisite of the decade, but you'll also see something that's a portent of the future. The Nerds raid the women's dorm so they can cause a distraction so others can install cameras in the bedrooms and showers so they can be spied on. That has become very popular on the 'Net.

As for the cast: Oh my! You'll never see this intriguing mix too often. Like in Freaky Friday, you'll see a lot of actors who made it big on T.V.

Ted McGinley - The leader of the Alpha Betas. He's been on a zillion T.V. shows. I always thought he was more of a nerd than jock.

John Goodman - Head coach of the football team. He looked so lean. Along with Roseanne; he's a superb supporting actor in major motion pictures but a weak lead actor.

Anthony Edwards - Gilbert Lowell. Dr. Mark Greene on ER. Considered a heartthrob during those years.

Robert Carradine - Lewis Skolnick. Member of the Carradine acting family.

Timothy Busfield - Poindexter. Elliot Weston on "thitysomething".

Matt Salinger - Danny Burke. The son of "The Catcher In The Rye" writer J.D. Salinger.

Curtis Armstrong - Booger. Remember him from Moonlighting?

Even James Cromwell makes a brief appearance as Lewis' father.

As for the comments of Julie Montgomery's beauty; sure she's beautiful. Especially if you like the Kate Moss, Calista Flockhart, J. Cynthia Brooks, Paris Hilton, Samia Ghattas, etc. skin and bones body. I don't, myself.

All in all, this is still a good film that does its job. Just avoid the sequels. None of them are good and lack the bite of the first film.
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Good lighthearted film
grahamsj37 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one that I think will be popular for many years to come. The film is about Nerds, who are looked down upon, ignored, even discriminated against by the popular set, and how the Nerds get even. No, they don't get even, they get *ahead*! Starring Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards and Curtis Armstrong as the Nerds and Julia Montgomery, Ted McGinley and (as Ogre) Donald Gibb as the popular set. The whole story revolves around brains vs brawn, determination in the face of adversity, and, ultimately, pride in what you are, whether popular or not. The Nerds are ingenious at times, and, despite occasional despair, never quite give up the ship. I hope I'm not making the film sound serious, because it is definitely NOT really serious. It has an awful lot of humor. The brand of humor in this film is definitely different from what usually passes for humor I'm most of today's films, that being sophomoric sexual innuendo, physical (slapstick) or scatological. I really like this flick, and you will too!
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Revenge of the 80's: The franchise film series.
Joseph P. Ulibas8 July 2004
Revenge of the Nerds (1984) was a surprise hit. The film follows the adventures of two "nerds" as they go to college and try to join a fraternity. Oh the trials and tribulations they go through. Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards are the two "nerds"who do everything they can to try and fit in with the rest of the college crowd.

This one is the first and best of the series. They should have left well enough alone. But since this was made during the 80's, a mandatory sequel was made. I recommend this movie. It's entertaining and worth watching. But like all 80's movies

it has to have a message. That's my only real complaint about the movie. A funny film none the less. Just avoid the rest of the series.

Worth a view.
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Is Its Own Revenge
tedg19 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

You have to remember the context. This was before Bill Gates rolled over the world and held us up for 100 billion dollars by being a thug nerd. It was during a time when society from President Reagan to high school administrators was championing American virtue rather than intelligence. It was a time when sexual equality and respect for intellectual matters took a few giant steps back. It was before Columbine. It was a time when the jocks ruled.

In all times, ordinary comedy pokes fun at the prevailing values and, after the fun, ends with a simple moral. And so it is here. What makes this movie so remarkable are the two morals, one serious, one half-joking.

The first is that nerds are better at sex. Despite its titillating wrapper, it presents a profound insight into American society, even today -- though the stereotype of `nerd' has drifted quite a bit. The second is that most people in society are not in the privileged, celebrated class, at least not in ways that they value.

High school comedies fascinate me. That's because high schoolers are faced with a very small selection of personality types among which they must choose. Those who fight the choice actually constitute one of these types. I believe the number to be constant at seven, but that's my own theory. By setting a comedy or drama in high school, something all of us have been through, you get huge shortcuts in setting up the world of your story. The seven types are immediately recognized and you can get on to your parody or whatever you intend. This film is notable in addressing the nature of the world itself.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 4: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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I will always love this movie!
craigman11 May 2006
I don't understand why this movie is rated only a 6. It is far superior to most of the comedies from around the same time and a lot of comedies from recent years. It holds up today amazingly well. Most comedies from the 80's kind of lose their charm over the years. I saw this again recently with my wife (she had never seen it), and she loved it and I laughed just as much as I did before. It's not just a mindless college sex romp like Porky's. It had some intelligence and a lot of heart. It was also refreshingly politically incorrect and raunchy. There are some truly unforgettable characters, like Booger and Lamar. The Asian guy was really funny too. Also, the child prodigy. There were lots of funny, quotable lines, and tons of hilarious scenes, like the party scene. The talent show performance was a moment in history. The end was truly touching. This movie is a classic. It's up there with "Airplane", "Weird Science", and "There's Something About Mary". You don't have to be a nerd to love it! Anybody that didn't like this movie is NOT someone I'd want to associate with.
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Squanders Great Premise
ReelCheese4 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yet another unfunny film that squanders a great premise. Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards are nerds hoping college will be a place where people look past their geekiness. Instead their presumed torture from high school continues as they and their fellow dweebs are pushed around by jocks, maligned by girls and generally stripped of their dignity. But the "odd get even," as the tagline states, by forming their own fraternity and proving their power as a four-eyed, accordion-loving, chess-playing group.

Of course "Revenge of the Nerds" wasn't meant to win any awards. It's supposed to be a crude comedy for older teens. The trouble is, none of the crudeness works. The nerds place hidden cameras to watch the popular girls undress. They secretly distribute topless photos of a snotty cheerleader in the bottom of cream pie plates. They smoke pot and throw lame parties. None of it's particularly funny.

This film doesn't even work on a level that other unfunny comedies sometimes can. A comedy can be entertaining without being hilarious. But "Revenge of the Nerds" tries to be little else other than a dumb comedy. At its conclusion, it attempts to deliver a feel-good message about being yourself, but by then it's impossible to take anything it has to say seriously.

I really wanted to like this film. The trailer included on the DVD version made it look like a lot of fun. But when all is said and done, the jocks and the cheerleaders aren't the only ones facing the wrath of these nerds.
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A Classic T&A Movie about the college underclass
david-sarkies9 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of those films that I fondly remember from my younger years however these days it seemed to have lost all of its charm. I was keen on watching it again though because it was one of those films (in fact it was the first T&A movie that I ever saw) that I had watched numerous times when I was young. I guess I related to the main characters in these films, being somewhat of an outcast, though unlike these guys, never having a friend, or a group of friends, that I could fall back on (that is until I met the Dungeons and Dragons dorks at the State Library).

It is interesting to look at some of the perspectives of this film, in a way the suggestion that the nerds of this film tend to (if they manage to survive high school and college) end up being much more successful than the jocks in this film. There is a lot of subtle imagery in it though, with the jocks being a part of a fraternity known as the Alpha-Betas, suggesting that they are the premier people on the campus.

There are things that differ between my experience of university though because, being an Australian, campus life here is much different. Firstly we do not have fraternities or sororities. They simply do not exist. Secondly there is no faculty of sport in Australian universities, so you will not actually encounter anybody like the Alpha-Betas here.

The other interesting thing about the characters in this film is that while it is reflective of campus life in the United States, it also brings to mind how many of the Alpha-Betas, being the sporting heroes, are unlikely to live out their days in luxury. Sporting heroes (and others in the entertainment industry) become millionaires, however it is the nerds and the geeks who become billionaires. However, the future is generally not at the forefront of people's mind when they are undergoing persecution. Granted, Gilbert does speak of Nerd Persecution at the end of the film, and I guess in a way it does exist, however in this film they use their brains to fight back, and they win. It is also interesting to note that the Alpha-Betas use fear to rule the campus, and it is only when that fear is broken (by everybody coming to understand that anybody who is not an Alpha-Beta, is by definition, a nerd) that the power of the Alpha-Betas is broken.

However, while this film may have some place in my heart, it is still a T&A movie, and to be honest with you, I really don't find it all that funny anyway.
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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
tfrizzell20 August 2001
Typical 1980s teen comedy that is near the top of its unspectacular genre. The title says it all as college freshmen led by Anthony Edwards and Robert Carradine learn that university life is even worse than high school life as they are bullied by a fraternity of football players led by Ted McGinley. Revenge does take place as a civil war of students ensues and is fueled by gross-out jokes, sexual situations, and all sorts of other crazed perversions. When all is said and done the film is a curious over-achiever in the end. The main reason is the cast is so likeable. Donald Gibbs steals the show as one of the crazed football players and established actors like James Cromwell, John Goodman, and David Wohl also leave lasting impressions. Former NFL star Bernie Casey is also great as the nerds' fraternal sponsor. Far from excellent, but still an enjoyable little film. 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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An 80s American Classic that makes me glad I grew up elsewhere.
KoalaPig1 February 2014
Before anybody gets offended by the above summary, I just want to say that I like many things about America and its culture, conversely there are things I dislike. A lot of the latter were highlighted in the film "Revenge of the Nerds". Also, just to avoid the wrath of the blindly patriotic, I am by no means saying that other countries and cultures don't have their share of downfalls too.

So, to back to the film… Due to its age, (30 years), one can possibly, (yet begrudgingly), forgive some of the casual racism and homophobia used to gain cheap laughs. However the film really hits rock bottom with its multiple scenes/sub-plots that show sexual abuse in an entirely positive light.

There is a highly unlikely, yet possible, chance that the above could be overlooked if the film's humour compensated for the offensiveness, or if the rapey/homophobic/racist plot elements were done tongue in cheek – BUT THEY WEREN'T – in spite of what people might claim.

Now-a-days I watch certain things, which I enjoy to various degrees, but make me yearn for my stoner days as I know my amusement would be amplified. ROTN does not even offer me this. I watched it as it is regarded as a "classic" and is referenced to in many other shows. In summation: I wish I hadn't bothered – 2/10.
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A dream
jeremy_beach29 August 2004
This movie is a dream for a person like myself. It's my anthem because I grew up as that pathetic little nerd. It's an amazingly funny and good-hearted film. It has a couple of the greatest pranks ever seen and in my opinion it is the best ever college raunchy comedy (although animal house is close). It's a good message that even the losers will have their day in life and the last scene with the musical performance is spine tingling. It's one of those movies you can watch over and over again, and although it isn't appropriate for some ages, at a point I think that every single individual should go and see this movie. It is one of the original raunchy comedies and a pioneer that all individuals who enjoy raunchy comedy should respect. Without it there are a lot of comedies we wouldn't have now days. And remember, the nerds will have their days and the revolution is coming.

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Teen comedy at it's raunchy best
Vegie12 September 1998
It's nice to think that every nerd has his/her day, and that's why I love this flick so much, even if I know that no nerd will ever have his day so long as nerd-hating movies like Clueless are made. This 1984 classic is the quintessential teen comedy, dependant upon your fondness for National Lampoon's Animal House, Meatballs, Porky's, or Fraternity Vacation. Many classic lines, mostly unprintable, and the revenge on the Pi's rather memorable to say the least.
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"The jokes in 'Revenge of the Nerds' sometimes fall flat (the burping contest rings to mind) but the film manages to mainly stay on course with what it tries to do: have some fun, and entertain the audi
MovieAddict201620 February 2003
Revenge of the Nerds - 1984

There have been a lot of comedic rip-offs of `Animal House' over the past years. `Police Academy' and all its sequels come to mind, but those films were also rip-offs of `Stripes' with Bill Murray. Basically, all those movies are in the same genre: misfits strike back and win the day. That's what it is. In `Animal House' it was a pack of college slobs; in `Stripes' it was Bill Murray and his gang of oddballs; in `Police Academy' it was Steve Guttenberg with his rip-off pack. Now, I'm reviewing `Revenge of the Nerds,' another comedy about nerds and how they conquer the `cool' people. Thank God this one is funny, and not another rip-off, i.e. `Police Academy.'

As I write this, I have never seen `Animal House.' I know that to be a `movie buff' `Animal House' is a must-see, but I just haven't gotten around to seeing it yet; not having it at my local video rental store and the television companies never putting it on TV doesn't help, much, either. So, with that in mind, `Revenge of the Nerds,' is, to me, the best college-geeks/misfits comedy around - perhaps even better than `Stripes' (though that is pushing it, a bit).

After a bunch of nerds are shipped off to college, they are utterly devastated by the fact that they are picked on constantly (though I don't understand how that can be anything new for those guys). The jocks of the college ridicule them publicly, causing them to retreat to their college dorms.

But now, they've had it up to here, and they are making a strike against the oppression.

Robert Carradine leads a low-star cast full of geek-comedy stereotypes: the loveable slob, the token black guy with `riddim,' the full-of-himself jock, the snobby (and busty) cheerleader, etc… Fortunately, the characters are almost a pun on those of comedies like `Animal House' – they don't take themselves too seriously. The actors have fun with their roles, and that's always good to see. Robert Carradine proves to be a good actor - not the greatest in the world, but surprisingly convincing. I'm pretty sure he's the brother (son?) of John Carradine; I think so, at least.

The jokes in `Revenge of the Nerds' sometimes fall flat (the burping contest rings to mind) but the film manages to mainly stay on course with what it tries to do: have some fun, and entertain the audience, while giving slight courage to the nerds of these generations.

Along in the joke category are the pranks the nerds pull on everyone who ever made fun of them; they make a great array of booby-traps and pranks that would threaten even Macaulay Culkin's mad skills. The pranks are very funny, although a few get out of hand (the plate picture).

Ask me why I like `Revenge of the Nerds' so much and I can't really tell you why. Granted, it's not a whole lot different (or better) than the ill-fated `Police Academy.' Still, it has some sort of `feel' to it that a lot of eighties comedies had and have, that just make the film worth watching. It grows on you. It's a bit like the feel of a campy movie, except for a comedy. I'm going to have to think of a name for this eighties comedy-film feeling. Perhaps I'll call it `campeight' or something like that. I don't know. I just know that `Revenge of the Nerds' is good entertainment.

Before I bought `Predator' on DVD about a year ago, and before I bought it on video (yes, this has to do with `Revenge of the Nerds'), I rented it out on video in 1999. I had already seen it, of course, but I felt like watching it again. Anyway, before the film, there was a commercial where the camera scaled this decorated room with all kinds of gadgets and `nerdy' stuff. Finally, the camera came to rest on a chair, and the back of someone's head. Then, that `someone' turned around to reveal…Robert Carradine saying `We're ba-a-a-ack!'

I instantly felt both happy and sad.

It was a commercial for `Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise.' I must say that the commercial made it look good, but the sequel is just so-so. The jokes mostly fall flat, and are very reminiscent of the `Police Academy' films and their downfall(s). I just felt like adding this pointless paragraph to this review to tell you readers to ONLY watch the second film if it is on television. It is NOT worth renting. With that in mind, go see `Revenge of the Nerds' part I and have some fun. It's pure entertainment, and is very `campeight.' :)

3.5/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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Did not live up to expectations
Sam15 January 2009
Reading a few reviews of this movie before viewing it, I had high standards for the comedic content of the film. Supposedly this movie is a classic comedy.

I found myself greatly disappointed as I only laughed a grand total of 4 times.

the movie was filled to the brim with clichés and they weren't even well written.

after about 20 minutes I was just waiting for the film to end. not much of a classic if you ask me.

I do not recommend this movie, in fact I suggest against watching it.
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So, why is it funny?
Cryptfan22 August 2008
Okay, after finding out the film has a decent sized fanbase so I decided to check out the film on HBO. After watching it, I was just unimpressed, very unimpressed.

First off, the characters aren't very good. The nerds, the jocks, and even the girls and teachers are very annoying. They acted like the Mary Sues and Gary Stus you'd read in fanfiction. They're too annoying, they're way too impossible to like or care about.

Plus, where are the other cliques like the punks since they were a clique in the 80's, so why aren't they there too? Another problem I have with the film is the writing which is the script itself, it's not so good. The dialogue is more annoying, the acting didn't help although actors such as John Goodman tried to make the best out of it.

And the jokes aren't very good, they're just not funny. The thing is, call me bias or anything but I felt that the film was trying to imitate Animal House but it failed so badly at doing that. If John Landis was somehow offered to direct the film and rejected it, I can see why.

The only good things about it were John Goodman and Bernie Casey, they played their roles and made the best out of the script they were given.

And the choice of music is pretty good, the theme song is pretty catchy, a bit annoying but catchy.

I'm sorry to the Nerds fanbase but this film just isn't very good, bash me and flame me all you like but it won't change my opinion.

Overall, 3/10 from me. I intend on reviewing the sequels and trust me, what I'll say won't be pretty.
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Horribly dated
Leofwine_draca7 October 2013
I'm mildly interested in 1980s-era teen comedies, but REVENGE OF THE NERDS is no PORKY'S. In fact it's a horribly dated comedy, with an ultra-lame script that relies on tired, overstated gags and unpleasant sexist comedy. I didn't laugh once, or enjoy any particular scene. Yes, it really is that poorly conceived.

The movie is almost entirely plot less. It consists of a couple of nerds, played by Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards (later of E.R. fame) who go to a new college, join up with other nerds, and have various encounters with the jocks. For much of the running time they perve on naked women and trick others into having sex with them. It's misogynistic, and fairly unpleasant.

Unfortunately, the film is just too stupid to make more of an impact or to allow oneself to get offended by it. There are lots of famous faces in the cast, from John Goodman to Bernie Casey and one "Jamie" Cromwell, but none of them have a lot to work with. The fault with the movie is the script, which was clearly written by somebody with a sense of humour vastly different to my own...
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Time capsule.
gridoon12 April 2002
Extremely predictable and full of stereotypical characters and tired jokes, "Revenge Of The Nerds" can be best viewed today as a time capsule. Definitely an 80's film that shows its age. A few funny moments and some (brief) nudity provide a measure of fun. (**)
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Hard to see why this was a huge hit
gcd7022 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
One of the many U.S. college/sex comedies, this particular film became a big box office hit, although it's hard to see why. Keith Carradine and Anthony Edwards are freshmen at Adam's College. A real pair of geeks if ever there were, they find themselves at odds with the sports jocks and the hero types. But never fear, for 'their time has come'.

"Revenge of the Nerds" does manage to be funny occasionally, but not enough to keep you in stitches, and surely not enough to warrant a sequel? Oh well, who am I to judge?

PS Look for the 'Devo' style number near the end. Also starred Curtis Armstrong and John Goodman.

Wednesday, November 18, 1992 - Video
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Best College Film Ever
thaprrrfectouch6 January 2004
In 1984 a film was created called "Revenge of the Nerds." This film was and still is fantastic! The one-liners from this film are never-ending. All the characters are great and each main character has many lines that you will catch yourself repeating for years. I recall as a young kid watching this film for the 1st time. The scene where the "Tri Lambs" get even with Miss Betty Childs and the rest of her sorority members is classic! When I was young I thought that scene was the best Nudity shot in any film. Personally, that scene still rivals many of my favorite movie clips today. Lastly, I feel bad for those people who sat through the rest of the films about the `Nerds'.The 1st movie was the best among the four. I do recommend buying the DVD; I bought the 1st and 2nd film together for $15. My favorite character was Booger and then Toshiro. By the way, look for Lamar Latrell in the movie Fear of a Black Hat.The total OPPOSITE of his character in `Nerds.'

On a side note, if you're looking for a Halloween costume and you have a few other friends who are interested, the cast from "Revenge of the Nerds" is worth your while.

5 out of 5 Stars!
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