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The UK DVD version for the first time actually uses a "deadly spawn" title screen, instead of the original full title "return of the aliens deadly spawn". the original title is used on the US and Japanese versions of the film despite the fact that later US releases shortend it to "the deadly spawn" (just on the video box and not the film). Also the Uk titles appear over a blue background, instead of a black background like the US and Japanese version. Whats even more odd is the UK titles do appear to have the same "age look" of the film itself, with it looking like it was from 1983 and not recently made
The Synapse DVD release includes a cut of the film that is slightly extended. Near the film's conclusion, we see a number of 'reaction' shots of the surviving characters being taken away in ambulances and police cars, including a very shell-shocked Charles. An alternate opening sequence is included as an extra and not as part of the complete film, but it's nearly identical to the original version, with a few minor changes to the special effects, sound effects, and the opening titles.
The Synapse Films R1 DVD release (due sometime in 2003) will feature an alternate version of the film. This cut will feature several new scenes and improved visual effects, as well as an abundance of extras including a possible commentary. It will also be transfered from the original 16mm A/B roll negatives.

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