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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

so much drama! people need to chill out its only a movie!

Author: chevelle1965 from United States
16 August 2015

I had to give this movie a 10 not just because I like it but because of all you crying little punks out there. Yes I'm talking to all you harsh reviewers and there is a lot. I swear all you and your liberal beliefs and new age thinking. It's so sad to see what the people in our country have become. Nothing but un American, un patriotic crying little bitches literally. But then again you probably aren't all true Americans in fact I know you aren't. I really hate all your stupid opinions on propaganda and political views blah blah blah. How about shut up and watch an entertaining movie for once. You people seriously are ridiculous going on and on about how much you hate the movie it's propaganda this and that. I mean wow what have people come to these days. It's really really sad. I mean the new red dawn vs the original, really? The new one is so horrible and practically unwatchable compared to the original but then again that's just about how every new movie is these days anyway. Classic movies are the best for a lot of reasons. Today everything is fake and cgi crap. Oh you don't agree with me? OK then just go back to watching all the new garbage they have out. I'm sure you'll love it. But if your old fashion like me and prefer older vs newer movies then watch red dawn 1984. It isn't perfect but It's a good entertaining movie...

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

This was the war everybody was planning for.

Author: John austin
11 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Red Dawn has endured a lot of criticism over the years including a lot of people who have posted reviews here on IMDb. I was a teenager when this movie came out, and the reviews at the time almost universally derided Red Dawn as a bloated, right wing war fantasy with an unrealistic premise.

Let's set the record straight. If you remember the Cold War, you know that both the USA and the USSR spent decades planning, preparing and war gaming the scenario that plays out in this movie, and others. B 52s flew 24/7 to respond to just this type of attack on US soil. It's what we all were afraid of. We can quibble about the realism of the actual invasion or the inclusion of Central American forces, etc. But none of this lessens the fact that these were the geopolitics of the day. No doubt that a lot of the bad press for Red Dawn came on the heels of war movies with a post Vietnam point of view like the Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now. Red Dawn does come off like a B movie actioner in comparison and has a viewpoint more in tune with a John Wayne WWII movie.

When it was released, some people didn't accept the concept of a teenage guerilla force taking on the Russians, but the fact is- history shows that partisans and resistance fighters who fought occupation forces were very often women and children. Those are the people who have to fight when your leadership is captive and your regular army is defeated.

With all that being said, you can look at Red Dawn for what it actually is- a traditional war yarn played with a lot of sensitivity from young actors. There's lots of familiar faces in this movie which makes it fun to watch now. Big Bill Smith makes an appearance half way through as Strelnikov, the Russian enforcer. Ron O'Neal and Powers Boothe get a lot of screen time. Patrick Swayze is Patrick Swayze, along with the rest of the future brat pack actors.

You do get a type of Hollywood ending here. Although most of the Wolverines don't survive, we do find out that the USA survives intact and probably eventually wins the war. The recent remake doesn't have nearly the impact of the original Red Dawn.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

I guess you're better dead than red

Author: Steve Pulaski from United States
24 November 2012

I consider watching "dated" films not a chore but an experience and an opportunity to view the world as it once was. They are time capsules, much in the way old Polaroids capture the exact spirit of the moment they were taken , and go on to have a life of their own, much like "dated" films do. But that doesn't mean they're always a very memorable or pleasant experience.

John Milius' Red Dawn captures that time of paranoia and uncertainty when the Soviet Union was rapidly growing in power and the U.S. had "red fever," as they anticipated some sort of attack from the communist country and began persecuting those who held beliefs mirroring those of communism. Watching the film in 2012, when the "red scare" is long over and communism seems to be one of the more minor concerns in America, the 1984 cult hit serves little purpose, other than to just be a curious piece of history and the film that kick-started Charlie Sheen's career.

Our story is set in Calumet, Colorado, where we open by seeing a history teacher instructing his class when Russian paratroopers land in the open plain behind the school and begin opening fire on the building. The students frantically escape after their teacher is killed, and several band together to head up to a local grocer to gather supplies. The leader is Jed Eckhert (Patrick Swayze), who very early establishes his dominance among the group of teens mainly because of his assertiveness and his grand ability to be brave and stable. His brother is the quiet yet more emotionally open Matt (Charlie Sheen), their close friend is the very emotional Robert (C. Thomas Howell), and one of the girls they meet along the way is Erica Mason (Lea Thompson), who shows that she is not your typical female hero. Together, they form a group called the "Wolverines," after their school football team, as they gather heavy artillery, weaponry, and food in efforts to stop the invasion of their country.

I'm writing this review shortly after writing my review of the 2012 remake of Red Dawn and all I see myself doing from this moment on is reiterating the same complaints I had after seeing the facile, bland remake, meaning that film failed at its first immediate goal, which is to improve on the original. Thankfully, to get us through this long endeavor unharmed and somewhat moved, is a charismatic cast comprised of the easygoing charmer Swayze, one of the best "that guy" actors, C. Thomas Howell, the unpredictable Charlie Sheen, and the rough and tumble Powers Boothe as the Wolverines' main asset.

Unfortunately, even this cast of champs can't stop Red Dawn's main problem, which is a cheap, underwritten script that shortchanges the characters in favor of action sequences and scenes of just plain uncertainty. It capitalizes on the idea that in 1984, people were fearful of the Soviets and their power and pretty much sat on the idea that people in the audience were thinking, "my god, this could really happen!" It wasn't until the Soviet regime fell through in the early 1990's did we look back at this film as nothing more than a nationalist, pro-America propaganda with goofy characters, a silly story, and unrealistic action.

The film's prominent gimmick is an interesting one; war from the perspective not of controlling adults, but impressionable teenagers who had a normal day of class interrupted thanks to violence and a surprise invasion. This is one of those rare, on-the-dime ideas that could carry an entire film, but writers Milius and Kevin Reynolds prefer the easy way out, centering the storyline not on the characters but on the action around the characters which makes Red Dawn feel longer than it actually is. Having it rely entirely on the idea of a Soviet invasion only made its "dated" feel become more and more evident.

NOTE: Visit my blog to see an analysis of both Red Dawn films to see which one I feel is the better film,

Starring: Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, and Powers Boothe. Directed by: John Milius.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Not even remotely realistic, but still worth owning

Author: ndjohnson22 from United States
9 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Spoilers* I am a huge fan of Cold War "what-if" stories. This film is one of my favorites.

Very little of it is realistic. Most of the prologue isn't even fathomable. The entire plot is built around some kids who engage in guerrilla warfare and manage to win virtually every battle they begin. Somehow they amass RPGs, limitless ammunition and the remarkable ability to use and maintain foreign weapons, are made aware of enemy plans in advance, don't deal with any medical problems (such as hypothermia, malnutrition, broken bones, or maybe the inevitable PTSD from killing people at point blank range), and take the time to scrawl "Wolverines" on every triumph, including a slide in a projector. Also there is the obviously liberal mayor who sells out some kids to protect his politically adept son!

Then you've got the young Soviet soldier calling for God (in an atheist nation?) and all the other soldiers are careless beyond description and are emotionless humans. You know, as opposed to the same as soldiers the world over, kids doing the dirty work of their leaders.

Most of it is laughable.

But despite all this, it touches some nerves. The Soviet/communist threat was real. We (the United States and Russia) spent the better part of four decades on the brink of nuclear devastation. This film ignores that entirely (no nukes were used), but it still speaks to the fear of not being invincible, the same feelings that have been provoked in a 9/11 US. This couldn't be reflected any better than the fact that the operation that captured Saddam was called Operation Red Dawn.

There's a little bit of hero in all of us, whether real or fantasized, and this film evokes those feelings, much like a superhero or sports victory movie. And while I consider this a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn dream come true, like their books, it is FICTION and shouldn't be considered as a realistic possibility. So, enjoy the crap out of it. It's a great flick, one of my favorites from the 80s, with a notable cast and memorable dialogue. And when you've finished watching it, laugh a little bit about the irrational paranoia we all engage in sometimes.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Great action movie, great plot, decent undergoing..

Author: imprezzaxx from Bronx, New York
31 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really liked this movie, I think it shows a subject that is not seen a lot in American movies and should. This film being from MGM, there was a lot of money put into it. Like said before, the makers got the clothing and weapons from the red army right. I liked how there was Cubans and Nicaraguans as well as Russians. The action was top-notch for 1984. Some people said that the teenagers were like card board cut-outs. I disagree, i think u did see them change in character in many ways. Like when the kid shoots Daryl with the AK after finding out Daryl betrayed them. It shows how even tho they did not know too well how Daryl got caught, the kid shot him (his friend) This shows their hatred. another time when Lea Thompson hates Charlie Sheen for being i guess kind of sexist, but then when they separate she hugs him n all. I know this movie was meant to tell a story of a certain are in America. But i wish it was brought out in a more worldly view. e.g. Tells more about the background, the reasons why. Sometimes like when the pilot says to the kids "when u have two toughest kids on the street there gonna fight one day." I mean thats retarded, just a lame way to get around explaining y Russia invaded. That was the biggest mistake of the movie. Also i enjoyed how they showed the Cuban Colonal Bella changing throughout the movie. lol then the Russians are seen as cold blooded and fight to their death. They should have shown more about their invaders and there thoughts on it. i gave it a 7 because it hits the right spot many times but this area has so much more potential, wow if I'm ever a director I'm def doing a movie like this. ALSO if anyone here likes this movie and has playstation u should buy it, the game FREEDOM FIGHTERS, its in my opinion top 3 games of all time PS2. Soviets invade NYC, u become a resistance leader.. its awesome and the musical score is better than almost any movie u can name (except maybe star wars n bev hills cop)

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Battleground USA: The russians have arrived...

Author: ekkard baeuerle ( from Rostock, Germany
21 March 2001

Achtung: This is a very personal review for sure... Let me start with my perspective on this movie 16 years ago:

1984 when I was fifteen years old, it came to our town. German

politics back then were very careful when making clear statements

and very soft and weak while corresponding with other nation´s

leaders. The only strength allowed was the enormous financial

wealth of our country. By that time, many germans demonstrated

against american missiles and there was a lot of discussion

going on in the schools. Patriotism was something for the radical

underground and the german guilt to me seemed to be a daily

topic... Still the silent majority of people, non-intellectuals, working

class and small business people felt a lot different about these

things. To me, this movie said it all! It expressed my hate for the

russians invading afghanistan, my disgust for the public and

politicians who back then seemed to be a bunch of week

brown-nosed pacifists...

Now, things are different and the picture is not more than an action

movie, way too long to hold the tension over the whole distance...

Still to me it remains as a symbol for these days, when politics

were a daily topic in my life... I warned you this one would be


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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Interesting idea falls flat

Author: David Vanholsbeeck from Bruges, Belgium
3 January 2001

This film has a very interesting premise: WHAT IF the Russians would have started WW3? WHAT IF they're now invading the United States? The film has some gripping moments, but they're all packed near the beginning of the film. After a while, the story gets pretty contrived, muddled and very unconvincing. Major flaw: if the invaders can take over the whole world, why then is it so difficult to deal with a bunch of unexperienced kids? 5/10

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

So bad, it's good...

Author: Cal-37 from Las Vegas
29 August 1999

This is a highly entertaining film. Bad lines, unrealistic plot, superficial characters... all these make for a great film to watch with your buddies and poke fun at. The cool thing about it, is it's filled with so many young actors in the early stages of their careers, who have gone on to be in some high quality films. From an objective point of view, its a bad movie. But there's still something about it that makes you watch it every time it comes on the cable...

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

A fun and frightening ride

Author: Sam-208
9 June 1999

One of my favorite movies. Good performances from the young cast with C. Thomas Howell stealing the show. This movie is anything but cheesy. This film's opening is brilliant and it still gives me chills. And the scene where Patrick Swayze is carrying his "brother" Charlie Sheen is heartbreaking.

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2 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Red Dawn

Author: Tim Cox from Marietta, OH
27 May 1999

Underrated war movie that imagines the United States being invaded and taken over by Russian and Cuban troops. Their plans are put in jeopardy when a bunch of all-American teenagers take the fight back to them. The all star cast includes Swayze, Sheen, Howell with Ben Johnson and Powers Boothe.

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