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Bizarro Spagetti Western/Fantasy film that entertains as much as mystifies...

Author: jmaruyama from Honolulu, HI
22 March 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Pink Force Commando(s)" is one of those films that defies logic and is silly beyond belief but yet remarkably still manages to be entertaining in an almost surreal way. To explain the story is near impossible as it is set in a fantasy realm where cowboys co-exist with Chinese thugs, Arabian swordsmen, Nazi soldiers, hooded Ku Klux Klansmen and spandex wearing superheroines. Beautiful Brigette Lin is "Jackal", a renegade mercenary/soldier of fortune who betrays her gang to her Nazi Commander lover and steals a cache of gold. A year later her gang reunite under the leadership of Cat (Elsa Yeung), a golden costumed swordswoman. Among the "Pink Force" include tight jeans wearing cowgirl and dynamite expert "Dynamite Sally/Suzie" (Sally Yeh) and Elegant French Dress wearing thief and rapier wielding "Angel" (Silvia Pang). They try to retrace the location of the gold cache but find that a small western resort town has been built on its location by Jackal and her lover. They confront Jackal over her betrayal. Guilt-ridden, she severs her arm as payback. Jackal convinces the team to join her lover's gang as they attempt to steal the legendary "Sun Diamond". Jackal and her team are again betrayed by the sly lover and his new lover, a female Ninja (Hao Yi Liu) and Jackal is left near dead. She is found by a "man with no name" known as the "Heart Broken Man" who nurses her back to health and even gives her a "gun arm" to replace her missing limb. Jackal goes back to save her friends and together with an Arabian Princess (Teresa Tsui) they battle against the greedy lover and his "army of evil" comprised of Communists, Ku Klux Klansmen, Mexican Desperados, Nazi Soldiers and assorted Foreign Thugs). Director Yen-Ping Chu's (AKA Lawrence Full in the English Dubbed version) madcap film is sheer madness as he seems to throw caution in the wind to bring us a story that mixes genres to create an almost comic book adventure. It is a silly film but surprisingly entertaining and much of that credit goes to the comely cast of cuties that make up the "Pink Force". Brigette Lin and Sally Yeh are the standouts and their characters are pure joy to watch. The American Dubbed version is almost impossible to watch as it inexplicably inserts footage of the sequel "Golden Queen Commandos" into the film in an attempt to pad out the film. One can either admire Yen-Pin Chu's inventive and offbeat film or dismiss it as a goofy and messed up exploitation film. I for one liked it for its sheer audacity.

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Very good sequel to an exploitation classic makes very little sense but is still a great deal of fun to watch

Author: dbborroughs from Glen Cove, New York
21 September 2006

Sequel to Golden Queen's Commandos is just as action packed, though much more nonsensical.

The plot of the film begins with a band of women surrounded in an isolated farm house. They have stolen a large horde of gold which the military wants back. They decide that some will make a run for it with the gold while others remain behind. Any survivors will meet back at that spot in a years time to split up the money. Things don't go as planned and the story spirals out into three or ten different directions until we get to the final shoot out.

A sequel in that the same cast plays similar characters to the first film, but with different names. Also not everyone is on the same side, nor does everyone have as large a part. This film is further tied to the first by the use of footage from the first film to give a kind of background on some of the characters (also to signal which character is suppose to be which from the early film since costumes and appearances have changed).

Very good in a psychotronic sort of way, this film has a plot that makes almost no linear sense what so ever. The plot jumps from gold, to diamonds, to a map, to revenge, to about eight other things depending upon the minute. There is almost no continuity to the whys and wherefores things just sort of happen and people just sort of show up. Its never boring, but it does bend your mind since any attempt at making things make sense is a lost cause. Its so demented that even the giving of one's self over to it only barely reduces the damage, this movie is just too weird.

Like the earlier film this film is a mixture of genres, though to be honest this film is basically a western but with other things placed inside it. (I do have to report that this film does have the musical number the first film didn't have) I liked this film, I didn't love it. The problem is that its scatter-shot approach makes it much more difficult to love than the earlier film. This doesn't mean you shouldn't see it, you should, especially if you're a fan of the wild films that have come out of Hong Kong of the years or an action nut who doesn't care if everything makes sense.

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Author: arlomyst from Ottawa.Canada
16 February 2001

they don't make movies like this anymore, and frankly I'm surprised that they ever did. One of a sort of trilogy of films that came out that year this movie is full of action, thrills and beautiful women. It is also just plain weird and completely over the top in terms of action and bizarre larger than life characters. I haven't seen colourful people like this since "Switchblade Sisters". This is one of my favorite flicks and I heartily recommend it to anyone who loves asian action at its best cool, cool, cool characters and a plot that only makes sense if you don't think about all. Just go find it!

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