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a Nightmare on Elm street

Author: vooheesv33 from United States
17 September 2010

A nightmare on elm street I liked other than how they didn't explain the story well enough like they uncover in the " Nightmare on elm street part 2 : Freddy's revenge." I was not disappointed at all with a nightmare on elm street, I just raised my hopes a little too high. The characters were not really good actors besides Johnny Depp's Character and Heather Lagenkamps Character. Robert Engalnd is best for any movie with the character " Fred Krueger."

Their resolution was well thought of, with Wes Craven he never disappoints a good story. I would say this movie would not be the best horror film for a sleep over or hang out. I suggest a little more suspense.

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I Commend Craven

Author: forrestwrs from United States
12 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Nightmare on Elm Street is certainly one of the better slasher films out there. It's demonic, gripping, gory, horrifying, gruesome, intelligent, and a really good time.

The villain, Freddy Krueger, is one of the greatest villains of all time. He's scary in and of himself. His look is very distinct and his voice alone inspires quite a gripping bit of fear out of the audience. Robert Englund's performance is spotless.

The movie is shaped around a great premise already, and Wes Craven builds the movie very firmly on it, putting it up there with Texas Chain Saw Massacre as being one of the best slasher films. The characters were all very well written and well portrayed. We actually get an emotional bond with some of these characters, and I commend Craven for that.

And the music! The music is just behind the themes from Halloween and Jaws as one of my favorite horror film soundtracks. I loved the music entirely.

The only major complaint I have with this film was the ending. While Craven took the direction with the Final Girl in a refreshingly original way, the ending itself was neither poignant nor satisfying.

That's really the films only major weakness. Other than that, this is sincerely one of the greatest horror films ever made.


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A Nightmare on Elm Street: The King of Horror Films

Author: Brett Davidson from United States
30 August 2010

I am proud to say that A Nightmare on Elm Street is not only my favorite horror film, but my favorite film of all genres. What I love about this film is how deep it is. You really have to watch this film a few times to pick up on the deeper meaning of the film.

The effects are practical and perfect for its time. The score is unsettling and plain awesome. The script is solid. The acting is good. (There are a few scenes where Amanda and Heather fall flat, but the majority of their screen time is flawless). The direction is fantastic.

This is just the perfect horror film that is actually scary and not reliant on jump scares.

Any horror fan is sure to love it.

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The best in the slasher genre

Author: wwe7961 from United States
15 August 2010

This is a very good film. The kills are few, but are very memorable. Sets are also really nice. The lighting in the boiler room is just perfect. The acting is great for a slasher movie. Most of the time slasher movies have either OK or bad actors, but this movie has some good performances. The premise was genius. In all other horror movies the killer will have to either chase someone down or surprise them to kill them. That is not the case with this movie. Here the killer attacks in your dreams where you are most vulnerable. You'll run away, but he can just appearer right in front of you, and kill you. This makes the odds stacked way against the protagonist, and strikes fear into the people watching that they will be slaughtered in their sleep. The score is chilling. It is one of the best horror movie scores ever. The atmosphere created by the music, the sets, and the effects is really good. Then there is the best thing about it. Freddy Krueger is the best horror villain ever. The way he moves, that evil voice, the great kills, the funny lines just make him such a great villain. He is such a likable villain. You care about the characters, but you can't help loving this guy. Robert Englund you are the man. Overall A Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic in horror history.

4 stars out of 4

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Fantastical element makes Freddy a memorable slasher in this suspenseful classic

Author: Movie_Muse_Reviews from IL, USA
4 August 2010

Nightmares are about the closest any of us get to confronting something truly terrifying. In them everything feels so real, but we wake up and all is fine. Wes Craven sees the powerful possibility for horror by blurring that line and such is the premise of "A Nightmare on Elm Street," a story of teenagers being hunted in their dreams by a burned man with knives attached to his fingers.

"Elm Street" is not as scary so much as fraught with creepiness and suspense. When Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) does strike, because it is within a dream world independent of reality, the attacks are exciting and original. Essentially, Freddy is nothing but a slasher, but his existence in a "supernatural" plane keeps "Elm Street" fresh.

One of the under-appreciated story techniques that Craven uses is that he focuses on Tina (Amanda Wyss) for the first 15 minutes and it is with her gruesome death that our attention turns to Nancy (Heather Langenkamp), our true (and infinitely more likable) protagonist. This simple technique of violating expectation sets the tone for the film on a positive note.

As an antagonist, Freddy is simply demented. The one scene where Englund really gets to do any acting is during his assault on Tina in the beginning. He's a goofball -- anything but terrifying. But with the knife fingers and Craven's suspense techniques he becomes as formidable as any slasher.

Outside of the horror elements, Craven excels at creating rules for the dream world that Freddy occupies. It starts with only being able to attack you in his dreams and then expands to including any wounds that you suffer at his expense show through in the real world. Then we later learn you can take things back with you from the dream world into reality. This kind of contextual crafting usually gets reserved for science-fiction movies, so it's refreshing to see another genre trying it out.

The credit for retaining the film's sense of self-seriousness belongs to Langenkamp. She believes in the material as any one of us would in her situation. She's cautious brave about taking on Freddy but not stupid brave. She's not afraid to tell the other characters what's going on but she doesn't act all crazy explaining herself like most protagonists do when the people around them think they're insane. Thanks to her, "Elm Street" doesn't necessitate being laughed at for being preposterous; it's genuinely suspenseful and dramatic.

~Steven C

Visit my site

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Still a Great Film and Still Wes Craven's Best Film

Author: tequila101 from Australia
3 August 2010

When Nancy and her friends have terrible nightmares about a Burned, scarred man in a tattered, red & black shirt with a Hat and Finger Knives, hell starts breaking loose on who's going to believe them (Well more like Nancy). If Freddy Krueger kills you, there is no coming back. You die for real, it's reality.

I really love how Wes Craven was able to keep the action so packed into one with this film. Besides other greats like Scream & The Hills Have Eyes, they don't come close to the capacity of scares that A Nightmare on Elm Street has. I think Wes did an excellent job on this film. I just loved the entire concept of the film.

I think the dreams idea was very good. There are many things that I found well done with this film - The acting was beautiful as most of the characters where putting out there emotion whether they didn't believe in Krueger or not. The Design on the Boiler room was great, I mean I love how maze like it looked, how you had stairs and then if someone walked and Krueger jumps out from behind. I mean the Boiler room scenes where great. And as usual the music was weirdly awesome.

I don't mind the new Remake (Which In fact I found my 2nd fav Remake) though it will never live up to the Original. 9/10

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Most. Belated. Review. Ever.

Author: mechachan15 from United States
21 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I hadn't seen this movie until..would you believe it?..LAST YEAR. Yes, I really was that late in seeing this movie. Freddy Krueger always seemed creepy to me and so I avoided the Elm street movies for years. I thought they'd scare me too much((I get scared really easily sometimes)). I found the VHS version of ANOES at a local bookstore and decided to buy it, along with "New Nightmare".

I was surprised to find that, not only did ANOES not scare me half to death, I actually enjoyed it! A Nightmare on Elm Street, while it may be a little dated in parts, is a work of art. It shows how so much can be done with so little. It's encouraging, since I've been thinking about getting into making movies myself.

Here's my breakdown of the film:

Plot: 9/10

Music: 8/10

Scare factor:2/10 ((For me at least, but that's okay. I didn't want to be scared poopless while watching this movie)).

Characters: 10/10 Wow. I know, right? But the actors and actresses are excellent in this movie. Heather Langenkamp is lovely and talented. She seems to be just your average teenager and isn't over the top. Did I mention she kicks butt?

Effects: 9/10. Surprisingly good effects considering the time in which the movie was made. As cool as cgi is now, I'm glad there isn't much of it in this movie. The movie seems more realistic and believable since only a little cgi is used.

That's about all I can think to comment on. Bye! And remember, every town has an Elm street..just a little something to think about >.>

If you haven't seen this movie yet and are worried it might frighten you,then let me give you a rundown of the ONLY things that would probably scare you.

************Spoilers ahoy!*************

1) There is a bloody scene towards the beginning of the movie where a girl is being attacked by Freddy in her sleep. Gashes are appearing on her skin and she is getting kind of thrown around the room. Much blood ensues. This is pretty much the only part that freaked me out when I saw the movie for the first time.

2) General Freddy sneaking moments. When Freddy is stalking people, you might get kind of nervous, but trust me, there aren't that many jump scares in this movie.

3) The blood fountain. This might gross you out, but probably not "scare" you exactly. It's towards the end of the movie, and if you want could always just fast forward it if it's too yucky to handle.

Aaand, I think that's about it for the scariest stuff. Hope whoever is reading this enjoyed my review :) Happy watching!

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Author: Riley0810 from United States
31 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is without a doubt one of the best slashers ever made. Unlike most slashers, this is un-clichéd,well written, and has some kick- butt characters.

I love the creativeness of A Nightmare on Elm Street, it will be unlike any slasher you've ever watched. Nancy Thompsen (Heather Lagenkamp), is one heroine you'll absolutely love and be scared for. Although it has a ton of special effects, it works here! Another mystery: After 25 years, it still seems very modern to this day (unlike 90% of slashers out there). Fred Krueger is one of the scariest villains of all time, because he isn't out there in real life, he comes to you in your sleep. (The Jump rope girls are very scary as well!).

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To me, the very perfect horror film ever made.

Author: kaos_katt9 from United States
14 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is the overall perfect horror film to me. The villain is unique and insane, with the very creepy look of the burned up body, the knives for fingers making it many people an easy close combat kill (which I find scarier than a ranged kill), and the almost bland look that will always stand out in you mind. The ability to control the world in which you dream is also terrifying, as we all dream, making us all possible victims. The directing I find amazing, many scenes being quite beautiful in my opinion, especially my favorite death scene which I will talk about later. The writing was good, with the unique story, and good dialogue and character development, to hate the characters we are meant to hate and love the characters we are meant to love, along with Freddy, being the character that we love to hate. I thought that Heather Langenkamp's performance was stunning, and I also find her quite attractive in that film as well. Robert Englund's acting was, as always, phenomenal. He is the perfect Freddy and always will be the perfect Freddy. He looks, acts, and sounds the part, and is the epitome of a nightmare in this film. Onto the last, but definitely not least, the deaths. Creative and very well done death scenes in this film. A Nightmare on Elm Street carries on the torch of having my very favorite death scene in any movie ever, the death of Johnny Depp's character Glen. Seriously, it is perfect in it's simplicity of being sucked into the bed to be killed, yet Wes Craven does one better by adding hundreds of gallons of blood to spray straight up to the ceiling. This film is absolutely, and will forever be, my favorite horror film of all time.

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A breath of fresh air!

Author: Tom van der Esch from Netherlands
24 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nightmare on Elm street...

If you are into horror you surely must have seen this gem already or at least heard about it.

1, 2 Freddy's coming for you...

The story is about Freddy Krueger. A child murderer burned alive and swore revenge on the ones who killed him. Now he stalks the children of the present while they dream, intending to slaughter them all!

3, 4 Better lock your door...

It's a very clever movie full of creepy scenes, good dialog and acting. I should also mention that there's a lot of creativity in this movie, especially when it comes to some dreams and deaths.

5, 6 Get your crucifix

One aspect I liked is how the main characters have to fight against something you eventually cannot avoid: sleep. It's a hopeless struggle. If you don't sleep for (I think) 11 days, you will die. But in this movie, if you sleep you will die anyway...

7, 8 Gotta stay up late

Go watch this classic if you haven't already! I give this 7 out of 10 stars.

9, 10 You will never sleep again...

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