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The High Point Of 80's Horror
slightlymad2214 February 2018
Having completed my look at Eddie Murphy's filmography, I'm moving on to Johnny Depp. I'm not sure how popular this thread will be, as he is pretty unlikeable these days. But for a time he was one of my favourite actors.

A Nightmare On Elm St (1984)

"One, Two, Freddie's coming for you..."

Plot In A Paragraph: A bunch of teenagers are stalked in their dreams by a man with a burnt face and razors for fingers.

I watched this with my son, who questioned if it was a spoof!! He found the acting laughably bad.

The sequels have tarnished the reputation of this classic a bit. But for me, this is the high point of 80's horror. Freddy Kruger is a step above Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees, as for one, he isn't hiding behind a mask and he has a personality and a dark sense of humour. How many of us have dressed up as Freddy for Halloween?? The character is an icon.

Heather Langenkemp is great in a role she will forever be identified with, John Saxon is as solid and dependable as you would expect. As for Johnny Depp, he gets the movies best death, but based on this movie, is have never guessed he would become one of the worlds biggest stars.

This movie was a bit if a blessing and a curse to Wes Craven, as he was pretty much typecasted as a horror director after the success of this.

A Nightmare On Elm Street wasn't the smash I thought it was. It was the 40th highest grossing movie of 1984, with a $25 million dollar gross. it was a great success against its $1.8 million dollar budget.
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One of my all time favorite Horror movies!
elijahbutler-4011927 January 2018
Before the 80s, horror movies were very dark and original and they each had their own concepts and sub genres in horror. But when this movie came out, that changed EVERYTHING! Wes Craven has created one of the most iconic slashers in all movie history, ''Freddy Krueger'' played by the legendary Robert Englund and he is STILL known as one of the greatest to this day! This is a horror movie that knew what it was! It had likable characters, a VERY clever plot, great acting, and a very scary villain! I would actually consider A Nightmare on Elm Street the greatest slasher movie since Halloween! Nancy played by Heather Langenkamp was very good in this movie! I thought her character was very strong and was actually one of the few people in this movie who was ACTUALLY concerned about all these nightmares her and her friends are experiencing. Johnny Depp was also very good in this movie, considering that this was his FIRST movie he ever made, which lead him to a big career in the future and all of the other actors were good in this movie as well. A Nightmare on Elm Street REALLY surprised me when I watched it for the 1st time and as a horror fan, this is DEFINITELY one of my all time favorites! And as a low budget horror movie, this movie STILL works to this day! Some of the certain effects they used to make Freddy come to life in this film were very intense and scary and are still scary today! Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street is definitely a must watch for any horror fan and it is definitely a living masterpiece and of the best of the slashers and horror alone and of course I'm gonna give A Nightmare on Elm Street a 10/10!
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Great and hold up very well today.
a-27767-729638 January 2018
There is something really visceral and real about the first entry of the Elmstreet series. This movie was made before Freddy was an icon and the sequels almost turned it into a parody of it self. Even Johnny Depp was just an unknown kid. Even the make-up and special effects are way beyond the sequels; more gritty and life like. It's almost a snuff movie. Don't get me wrong I like all the movies, but this one is the best in the series, in my opinion. The acting is great, the story is to the point and has no fat to speak off, and the special effects look great and hold up very well today actually. Looking at the Freddy make-up; it's especially gruesome instead of rubbery. A great teen-angst movie and the best of the series.
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the stuff that nightmares can be made of
Heinz Hoogenboom9 December 2017
when I was a signet, I sneaked downstairs to watch this film. I understood it from the playground to be evil and spine inducing. however as I neared the door to spy into our front room to catch glimpses of the film I smelt the enticing aroma of my mama's cookies. distracted I went into the kitchen and ate two of the blighters. then I went back to bed and never saw any of the film.
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It deserves its rightful place in horror movie history
pkollmeier8 December 2017
Aside from its clunky ending, A Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite horror movie of all-time. For starters, Freddy Krueger does not discriminate, and he will haunt your dreams no matter your age. Aside from Alien's "In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream," "Don't Fall Asleep" is the second-best horror movie catchphrase of all- time.

After Friday the 13th and the 80s slashers took the scene, Wes Craven came through with a whole different evil villain in Freddy Krueger, a former child murderer that kills kids in their dreams. I'm sorry, what?

He got the idea from a string of stories ran in the LA Times about a young child that had survived the field killings in Cambodia. After a slew of nightmares, the young boy was found dead in his house after dying in his sleep. The police found a coffee pot in his closet with an extension cord running up under his bed and plugged into the wall. He obviously didn't want to fall asleep either.

Craven ran with the story and created the most heinous, vile monster in horror movie history. With some Hitchcock elements spun throughout, A Nightmare on Elm Street is a fantastic ride from start to (almost) finish. The mood, music, atmosphere, shots, effects, blood, kills, and nightmares are all perfect. There are a few scenes that you watch and say "Wow, that's a classic cinema shot," or "Holy hell that's terrifying". Some scenes make you feel like Freddy Krueger is actually out there waiting for you to fall asleep tonight.

Heather Langenkamp, aka Nancy Thompson in the film, works perfectly here. All of the characters do really. There are some missed opportunities, sure, but it all works out and there are times throughout the film where you feel trapped inside a boiler room, a terrible nightmare or a dangerous place and think, "Is this really happening to me?" The ending is a bit clunky and takes the fear away a bit, but I also think that is part of the point. As Nancy fights back and becomes the ultimate bad-a#$, Krueger becomes less and less of a threat.

Facing your fears is difficult, but Nancy shows us the courage and tenacity it takes to destroy an evil entity like Freddy Krueger. Or, does she?
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a nightmare on elm street is still causing nightmares too this day
jdoor6 November 2017
A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) is no masterpiece in any means but it still holds up as a genuinely scary movie. the thing that makes A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984)so good is its practical effects it has amazingly well done practical effects for its time even though there are is few CGI (computer generated image)it is only about once or twice and when it is used it does break the tension. there are a few flaws as in glass is already broken before its broken and cushions for the stunt man to land on. anyway I give a nightmare on elm street a 7 out of 10
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Terrifying horror film
DG_Boy22 October 2017
Saw this in a DVD.Really this is a very terrific film and a little different from others.The story is good.And this theory is awesome that whenever a person sleep he comes in his or her dream and kills.This is very terrifying guys.The direction was awesome from Wes craven.The screenplay was nice.The dialouges were good.The acting were good from all.So if you are looking for a good horror film with mystery and killings then surely watch this one.Coz it has some terrific horror and killing scenes with a mystery in it.
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First is still the best, focusing on primal fears versus wisecracks
a_chinn20 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wes Craven's classic original film that spawned a highly influential franchised (and a terrible reboot) is still the best of them all. Craven cooks up an irresistible premise of child murderer Fred Kreuger killing the kids of Elm Street in their dreams as revenge for his mob justice murder by their parents may years before. What makes the set-up work so well is the blurring of the lines between dreams and reality when Kreuger stalks the kids in their dream. The characters fight sleep to avoid Kreuger, but are never quite sure when reality may have drifted into dreams after they may have dozed off in class, in a bathtub, or wherever they might be at any moment. Once reality moves into the dreamworld, Craven plays off of some of our most primal of fears; claws, drowning, burning, not knowing what's a dream and what's reality, and, of course, being killed in your dreams. In many ways, this film stands in stark contrast to the rest of the series. Most notably Freddy Krueger (in this film referred to as Fred Kreuger) has a total of 7-minutes screen time. This film is mainly about the Elm Street kids trying to figure out what's going on and how to stop Krueger. This film is also much stronger than the sequels because Freddy is not yet the wisecracking, one-liner delivering character he later became, which has the impact of making him a much more frightening of character. Since this is the first film in the franchise, it gets to tell the origin story of Freddy and Elm Street, which is more interesting than the sequels ("Dream Warriors" and "New Nightmare" being the exceptions) and who all basically recycled the same material but with bigger budgets and set pieces. Heather Langenkamp is quite good in the lead as Nancy and Amanda Wyss is good as well as her best friend. I did like how Craven (SPOILER ALERT!) pulled a bit of a Marion Crane by starting the film with Wyss, who gets killed off about 20-minutes into the picture and the film then shifts it's focus to Langenkamp. It's also pretty fun to see a teenage Johnny Depp in his film debut. And, of course, Robert Englund is very scary and effective as Fred Kreuger, even if he's not on screen all that much. Englund really made this character his own throughout this series and England's absence from the remake is a major reason why that film did not work. Also worth mentioning is the iconic music from Charles Bernstein, who for some reason never scored another film in the series, and also of note is the wonderfully surreal and dreamlike photography by Jacques Haitkin, who's now a second unit director of photography on major Hollywood films like Captain America films, the Fast & Furious films, and even the new King Kong film, "Kong: Skull Island." My main complaint about the film is the ending. The producers wanted a twist ending that left it open for a sequel and Craven wanted a happy ending. I'm not completely opposed to twist endings, though more often than not they don't work, or even unhappy endings, but I do think this film would have worked better if it had more definitive of resolution. And regarding the producers desire for potential sequels, Jason got killed at the end most every Friday the 13th film and managed to come back over and over again. Why wouldn't that work here too? Overall, this is Craven's best film and one that really got under my skin as a kid back in the day watching it over and over on VHS, but what's so great about the film is that it still holds up today, both in concept and in suspense and scares.
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Halloween Review #11: No horror film could beat this at the time
lorcan-6188116 October 2017
So after Halloween and Friday The 13th,a new horror film was coming that was unexpectedly become a new horror film that would be going on for years to come,A Nightmare On Elm Street which focuses on the humorous killer Freddy Kruger who begins to haunt young Nancy's dreams unaware,she's get a police officer daddy and also,she's a pretty strong lady and won't take no sh*t from any one. When A Nightamre On Elm Street came out,it was booming,it was the new Halloween/Friday The 13th and as I said,it got another bunch of films and spin offs and a remake. The film is a brilliant classic,the acting was also brilliant especially from Heather Langenkamp who to this day,remains one of my favourite final girls along with Laurie from Halloween and Alice and Ginny from Friday The 13th:Part 1&2. Robert England was the only one in the three big horror franchises that actually appeared on screen and had actual lines,Michael and Jason just killed people and stared at people angrily. Johnny Depp also did a fantastic job in this doing an amazing performance as Nancys brother who was weird to see in this and even reappeared in the sixth Nightmare On Elm which was most likely the worst. A Nightmare On Elm Street is definitely a A+!!
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Finally I Meet Fred Krueger
Eka Herlyanti13 October 2017
It's still pretty scary for today's era of horror movie. Quite enough scenes made me jumpy. What's more, the story is strong, unique and science related (the sleeping thing). However, I don't find the acting of the main actors so believable except for the screaming. Even Johnny Depp didn't show enough realness in the kissing scene (his other scenes were great, though).

I feel glad to finally watch one of this great horror classic. The villain/devil is so popular and I would feel bad if I never see one of his movies. I hope I can watch all of the franchise despite the bad reviews.
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It's good for me
Eric Stevenson7 October 2017
Freddy Krueger is back...oh wait, this was actually the first movie in the series. I did in fact watch the 2010 remake and recognized it for the crapfest it was. This movie is superior in nearly every way even though I'm not a fan of slasher movies. Freddy was notable in being the first slasher villain who talked so this really was something innovative at the time. Come to think of it, has any slasher movie remained silent since his introduction? Chucky, Pinhead, the leprechaun, they all talk and came out later. I think a weakness is that Freddy isn't on screen that much.

He actually doesn't talk that much in this movie which is probably for the better. He appears as genuinely scary in this. We actually do get some pretty good character development for everyone else. That's probably because this movie has a fairly low body count and we're not just given the sense of developing doomed characters like the lesser "Friday The 13th" movies. Hey, this had "Home Alone" antics before "Home Alone"! It's interesting to learn about the series mythology even though it isn't all explored here. ***
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An underrated gem from the 80s
Ilikehorrormovies6 October 2017
This is a really good flick. yeah sure they're some pointless sequel but this one stands the best like bigger than the remake. The characters are well develop. The acting convince me that Freddy could be real. This movie is actually worth watching like watch this before you watch the remake; (I haven't watch the remake for a long time) anyways good film recommend it.
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33 Years Later
Mees T.11 September 2017
Nowadays, with the world wide web, countless social media and mass advertising how can one not know the name Freddy Krueger? A Nightmare On Elm Street is the most iconic horror film of the '80s and is constantly referenced in pop culture, such as Stranger Things (2016), It (2017) and Rick and Morty (2013).

Such hype and praise really raised my expectations for this film.

Sadly, these 91 minutes of film I got was a rather forgettable experience.

It may have been ahead of it's time, but the uninspiring cast of characters and their progression is very outplayed in the year 2017. A leather jacket wearing jock, the dumb blonde, the not-so-bright boyfriend and the girl who knows what's actually going on. As the mystery becomes clearer, one by one they get killed off by the horror icon.

The thing is, this horror icon I am speaking of is still incredible. Robert Englund and the make up department were mostly responsible for the reason people like this film. No one is going to root for those teenagers, when there's such a great antagonist out there.

This film is about as '80s as it gets. The sounds and opening title indicate this a lot, and that's fine. But I feel like the only reason people like this film so much is because of Freddy (which is a fair argument) and plain nostalgia for the setting.

All in all, not as good as I expected, but I can understand why A Nightmare on Elm Street can be considered a cult classic.
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The first and best of the the Freddy Kruegar films!
alexanderdavies-993827 September 2017
"A Nightmare On Elm Street" is a highly original horror film. A new icon of horror cinema was born and appeared in several sequels and a T.V series. The film made a star of Robert Englund, who made the character of Freddy Kruegar his own for all time. It is nothing short of remarkable and incredulous in what was achieved with "A Nightmare On Elm Street," both from a technical and a storytelling standpoint. Audiences had never seen anything like this before. Wes Craven (R.I.P to a great director) was enjoying success with his films "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Swamp Thing" at this juncture in the early 1980s. He drew inspiration for his next movie, from a real life incident somewhere in Asia. The said incident was about a young boy who claimed he was troubled by the nightmares he was experiencing whilst asleep. For the character of Kruegar and his appearance, Craven remembered as a boy, Walking along a pathway near his home. He came across this man who was a hobo. Craven said that he couldn't see the man clearly as it was growing dark but observed this shabby fedora hat the man was wearing. Then suddenly, the man cast a look at young Craven and stared straight at him. Craven fled in terror and soon reached home. The director took his ideas for the film to several producers but they all said no. They claimed that they didn't fully comprehend the story and that it would never be made into a film. Then an unknown producer named Robert Shaye was shown the project and he immediately agreed to be the producer for "A Nightmare On Elm Street" via his own company of "New Line Cinema." The said company at this time, hadn't yet been established and Robert Shaye's office was slightly struggling. However, filming was scheduled to commence. John Saxon and Ronee Blakley were cast as the nominal leads but it was Heather Langenkamp who is the central character to the story. In the town of Springfield, a group of teenagers are experiencing some rather alarming nightmares. They all claim to being stalked by a man who wears a dirty sweater, a fedora hat, who wears a glove of knives and is disfigured. Soon, the teenagers begin dying and one of them, Nancy, begins to investigate who this man is and what it is he wants. The killer in the dreams, is one Freddy Kruegar and he has a score he wishes to settle. Nothing is what it seems in the world of Freddy Kruegar. In his particular world of dreams, everything around the victim is recreated to the smallest detail. That makes the film even more disturbing as the victim is lulled into a false sense of security. Only Freddy knows the rules of the game and he changes those rules to suit his own devilish ends. He turns reality completely upside down in his pursuit of his victims. The teenagers in question realise that it is fatal to fall asleep as they struggle to remain in control of their destiny. The dark photography highlights the eerie and thought-provoking scenario very well. Wes Craven's direction is amongst his very best as he makes this rather outlandish premise both plausible and very convincing. We are drawn into the world of Freddy Kruegar along with the teenagers. You have the impression of sharing their danger. What makes the film work most effectively, is that Freddy isn't seen all that much. Indeed, during the opening credit sequence, he is only seen in shadow and briefly in a close up. Robert Englund doesn't have a lot of dialogue but what he does have, is unforgettable. His actual screen time isn't much but his is the character to remember. However, the actors who play his victims are very good as they successfully display the vulnerability. Johnny Depp as Glen, was in his first proper film and he was one of these actors who developed his trade as he went along. Amanda Wyss makes for a convincing victim and gives her character of Tina some shading. Nick Corri makes it known in his character of Rod, that he is more frightened and vulnerable than he initially lets on. From the time the film was commissioned to be made, right up to post production, everyone involved in the making of "A Nightmare On Elm Street" was aware of the tight budget and demanding filming schedule. Robert Shaye had to gain some financial support from elsewhere in order to have the film completed. His business partners kept appearing on the set and were always checking their watches and making some notes about the filming. Both Craven and Shaye felt the pressure of this and this caused a tense atmosphere throughout the rest of the shooting. The whole thing was made for $1,800,000 and that is not much money at all for a Hollywood movie. The filming schedule was for about 45 days or less. Considering all the technical scenes that were needed for "A Nightmare On Elm Street," 45 days wasn't much time. The technical scenes represented the alternate real world as conjured up Freddy Kruegar. The effects department had to produce miracles and they did just that. The work they did is absolutely brilliant. The script could have been just another routine one, seeing as this film is another Slasher horror film. To the film's credit and to Craven's, the script is one of the best I have come across. It helps that the narrative is kept fairly tight and with no irrelevant subplots. The running time of 87 minutes is just right. "A Nightmare On Elm Street" proceeded to make a fortune at the box office upon its release in 1984. The public immediately took to Freddy Kruegar and it wasn't long before a sequel was made.
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Haunting, outstanding
zaneyfoyle26 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This film delivers a dark and intense atmosphere, along with petrifying R rated violence and the shocking reveals of Freddy Krueger. A Nightmare on Elm Street even scares viewers today, especially because of it's brilliant story and concepts, along with Freddy's haunting razor fingers. No one can save you from the dream killing demon, who we call 'the Man of Our Dreams'
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A terrifying Wes Craven creation
theterminator-9237824 August 2017
A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 was a classic which brought a new view on horror and while Wes Craven made A Nightmare On Elm Street from reading a article on people dying in there sleep he brought to life a iconic face of modern horror and made dream's a scary thing and Freddy Kruger is one of the many reasons i love this horror classic and i have to say the casting and the story kept us on edge to the end and while many of the squeals were parody's of them selves the original stays true to its self overall one of my favorite horror movies to date
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Nine Ten, gonna watch it again!
lojitsu15 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."A Nightmare on Elm Street" (R - 1984 - US)

Sub-Genre: Slasher/Paranormal

My Score: 9.6

Cast=8 Acting=9 Plot=10 Ending=9 Story=10 Scare=10 Jump=10 F/X=10 Blood=10 Creep=10

Several people are hunted by a cruel serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams. While the survivors are trying to find the reason for being chosen, the murderer won't lose any chance to kill them as soon as they fall asleep.

"All day long I've been seeing that guy's weird face and hearing those fingernails." This movie has everything you could want in a horror movie and is my #4 favorite of all time!! I can just watch this over and over without losing any love for it. Probably Wes Craven's version of the Mona Lisa, this has some of the best kills of any horror film!! One Two, recommend it to you...Three Four, makes me go back for more...Nine Ten gonna watch it again!!
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Nightmares of Wes Craven
ratnakar-techie6 August 2017
Wes Craven's had played upon the subconscious nightmares of average Americans in his first two movies The Last House on The Left and The Hills Have Eyes. Both these movies were a typical motif of the 70′s exploitation grindhouse flicks, damned as B cinema, but which in years later would have a cult following of their own. They had certain elements common to 70′s Grindhouse flicks, copious amounts of gore, sex, nudity and violence. But most importantly they seemed to play upon the insecurity of the average American to the 60′s free sex, free living, flower power movement. In the Last House, two teen girls, out for a quick fix of hash, on a weekend, get into trouble, as they are kidnapped, gagged, taken to the woods, raped, tortured and finally kiled. Craven seems to set the line between the good folks and the bad folks, the bad folks, were guys who got stoned, were slutty, and horny. In an ironic indictment of the free sex mood, a particularly graphic scene, shows the two teen girls, forced to have sex with each other in front of their tormentors. Craven draws the line even more clearly in The Hills Have Eyes, where the good All American family, is stranded in the middle of nowhere, and they have to deal with the bad guys, the a family of violent thugs with a cannibalistic tendency.

In 1984, Craven came out Nightmare on Elm Street, a movie , that actually preys on a common fear, of nightmares. So many times we would have had nightmares, waking up in sweat, and wondering what if it really had happened. Interestingly the word nightmare originates from an Old English word referring to demons called incubi which were thought to sleep on the chests of people. This could be one reason, why the nightmare device has always been a favorite of horror fiction writers.

Traditionally horror movies have worked on the idea of something unseen somewhere, coming out and attacking us. Poltergeist played with the fear of ghosts coming from a TV set, and much later The Ring, toyed around with the idea of a spirit coming from an old video casette. The very reason why Nightmare is to date regarded as one of the best in the horror genre, is that its not just your routine, evil spirit comes out and goes slash, cut, slash on screaming victims. Nightmares have often been said to be the outcome of our inner fears, so Craven here by suggesting that our inner fears could actually end up coming true, puts in a psychological, Freudian sub text.

One of the scariest opening scenes, a young teen female of around 15, by stalked by a mysterious stranger.What i loved here is the way, Craven, shows the credits in every frame, the girl leaves behind, and we have the blades ripping through the fabric.

The opening murder is quite a shocker, following a standard cliché of slasher flicks-With great sex, comes sudden death. What I loved here is the way Craven, shows this from the POV of both the girl and the guy. On a side note, some kinda underlying message too here. Nancy(Heather Lagenkamp) the heroine, who refuses to have sex with her guy Glen( a certain Jonny Depp)is the one who survives. Tina her pal, who has a hot romp under the sheets gets killed. Something on "Don't cross the line", which Craven showed in The Last House on the Left too.

Not giving too much of the story away, but what works here is some absolutely creepy stuff, particularly one scene where Nancy gets pulled into a dark pool, while having her bath in a tub.

It has a total kick ass heroine in Nancy, who seems smart, sassy, feisty, quite a change from the dumb low IQ scream queens of horror flicks. And yeah Freddy Kruger one of the nastiest characters you can ever imagine.

This Nancy vs Freddy Kruger face off stands on par with Clarence Starling vs Hannibal Lecter, Ripley vs the Alien. And Heather Lagenkamp while no Jodie Foster or Sigourney Weaver, does a fairly good job. Also good to see John "Enter the Dragon" Saxon, in a support role as the heroine's cop father.

Craven also creates the necessary creepy mood here, with good light and shadow effect, especially in the surrealistic dream sequences, and also the climax. Though shot on a very low budget, the movie does not have a tacky feel to it, and the special effects are well done. The 80′s feel is there though, especially with some of the blood spilling scenes. Craven however did not take much interest in the sequels, though he wrote for the 3rd part, with the result, that like any other franchise, this also went downhill, as the subsequent versions just dumbed down the intelligence of the original to make them more audience friendly.
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A nightmare on elm steet review
rosspark-1177226 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of my most favorite films such a huge impact on the genre and a new concept of fear all together. A great cast worked well to give the best out of it Wes Craven a story telling genius. Robert Englund brings the character to life an creates something even he didn't imagine truly original.
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Run of the Mill Horror,
FilmBuff199415 June 2017
A Nightmare on Elm Street is a decent movie with a reasonably well developed plot and an average cast. The main antagonist is certainly not a let down, Freddy Krueger is extremely chilling every moment he is on screen. The intensify and presence of Robert Englund in this role makes it come as no surprise that the character would go on to become iconic.

As far as horrors go, it is quite predictable. Maybe it was groundbreaking for its time, but for today's standards, we can see every jump scare that is coming from a mile away, every shocking moment, it never genuinely thrilled me.

The dialogue in the film is also very poor. It is all very typical and delivered by its performers in a very fake, unbelievable manner. Even actors who would go on to show off their talent as a performer, such as Johnny Depp, failed to do anything effective with this horrendous dialogue.

While it may be a classic for some, it never did anything mind blowing for me. It's certainly entertaining, but A Nightmare on Elm Street has shown signs of aging, might be a fun horror to watch with friends, but I would not highly recommend it.

A child murderer takes his revenge on the children of the mob who killed him.

Best Performance: Robert Englund / Worst Performance: Heather Langenkamp
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A great horror movie of the 1980s
andreasringsby5 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A nightmare on elm street is a classic horror movie directed by Wes Craven. Starring Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp and Robert Englund.

The Plot The movie is about the children of elm street, being haunted by a mysterious man inside their dreams. His name is Freddy Krueger and he is wearing a dirty brown hat, a glove with claws and a red and green sweater. He has a burned body, because he died inside a house fire. Now the children have to find out why he is haunting them, and killing them of one by one.


This is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. The whole concept, about a serial killer inside peoples dream, is great. Freddy is scary, unique and creative, and has different creative ways to kill his victims. The effects is done cheap, but the product is a million times better then CGI. The acting is great and so are the plot. One thing that bothers me, is the thing about no one believing the victims, even that they have all ready been witness something they can't explain. Their parents and the police does 't believe in any supernatural force, even that it is the best thing to believe in. However, I love this movie, even with some jump scares here and there, and some stupid patents, A nightmare on elm street is ending up getting 7/10.

And Remember: "Don't fall asleep"

Please follow me on Instagram: @andreasrroseth
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A classic '80s horror
Tweekums24 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Something strange is happening to four teenage friends; Nancy Thompson, Tina Gray, Rod Lane and Glen Lantz. Each of them have had the same nightmare about a man with a burnt face and knives on the fingers of one hand. Not wanting to be alone they spend the night at Tina's house. That night she has another nightmare… she doesn't wake up. As the strange man attacks her in her dreams her boyfriend Rod witnesses her starting to bleed as though slashed by invisible knives! He is soon arrested for the murder by Nancy's father, the local police lieutenant. Nancy is sure that he wasn't to blame. She is terrified of going to sleep as she is sure she will be attacked. She does however agree to sleep under supervision at a 'dream lab'; something strange happens and as she is awakened from a nightmare she finds that she has the man's hat in her hands. The name inside suggests it belongs to Freddie Krueger; something her mother say is impossible as she was one of the people who killed Krueger, a child murderer, many years before. She hatches a plan to pull Krueger out of her dream… she will need her boyfriend Glen to stay awake though.

This is an effective low budget horror film that is rightly considered a classic of the genre. The idea of somebody killing people in their dreams is a great concept as sleeping, and thus dreaming, is one thing we all do. There are plenty of good scares and some particularly gory moments. Freddie Krueger is a great horror monster although when we learn about his backstory it seems a little far-fetched as we are meant to believe that none of the kids have heard about somebody who had killed twenty children in their area even if that took place before they were born. The special effects are a little dated but still pretty decent. The cast isn't the best in the world but they are okay; a young Johnny Depp certainly doesn't hint at his later A-list status. Overall I'd certainly recommend it to fans of the genre as it had quite an influence on future horror films; not just the numerous sequels.
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Best horror movie ever
DMG7 May 2017
A nightmare on elm street has always been and will always be my favorite horror movie of all time. But not just because it is an amazing movie, but also because it is the movie that really got me interested in movies, especially in horror movies. If i'd have to criticize anything, it'd be some of the acting. The acting in the movie is actually good except for Heather, who plays Nancy. She was decent, but i think the could have been better. But of course Robert Englund plays Freddy in this movie, who is my personal favorite horror movie villain of all time. Just the idea of some haunting you and trying to kill you in your dreams is terrifying. And of course he looks awesome. I think the characters in general are extremely likable and you really don't want them to die. But when someone dies it is really has an impact on you because first of all we don't want them to die and second of all the death scenes are really well made. This movie has one of the most iconic deaths in horror history and some of the most iconic moments in horror history. For example Freddy's hand coming out of the bathtub. Also i love the ending to this movie. Of course i don't want to spoil anything, so i'll just say that i love the ending. I know Wes Craven actually wanted to have a different ending, and yes i would've preferred the ending that he was planning on putting into the movie, but i still love the ending that we got. So, this movie is not only one of my favorite horror moves of all time, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can watch this movie over and over again and it just never gets boring. The cast is overly good in my opinion and Craven introduced us to not only one of the best and most iconic villains of all time, but also to Jonny Depp. This is an absolute masterpiece and of course i'll give a 10 out of 10.
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What a Nightmare!!!
jackdickie26 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The thought of someone having the ability to invade your dreams and turn them into nightmares where he can indeed slaughter you in both dream and reality. Is terrifying! Nancy and her friends are having violent nightmares which all feature one common element, a disfigured serial killer with a glove made of razors on his right hand. When one of the group is murdered in their sleep, Nancy realizes that she must stay awake and try uncover the truth behind this fantastic killer Freddy Krueger. I Consider this film to be one of those films to watch with your friends late at night, 11Pm and onwards seems like the perfect time to watch a good horror movie like this, is it worth the watch and is it truly terrifying? YES, think about it! You close your eyes and open them to the sight of a burnt man who's intent is that of killing you!! The film isn't slow, it isn't boring nor dull, it's truly what made 80's kids & teens terrified of going to bed. 10/10.
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Great slasher film
Dave21 April 2017
This is one of the best slasher films - its reputation has improved over the years. It's about the ghost of a murdered child killer who kills suburban teenagers.

This has sequels and a remake, although this original is generally regarded as the best of the series.
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