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Check Out the Poster for Josh Boone’s X-Men Horror Movie The New Mutants

Back in October, on Friday the 13th, we shared your first look at director Josh Boone’s upcoming horror movie set in the X-Men universe called The New Mutants. The trailer gave me a strong A Nightmare on Elm Street feeling, and today’s poster only reinforces that. Not that it’s a bad thing that this Marvel movie […]

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The New Mutants Poster Features Anguished Faces in Peril

Although he's on horror fans' radars right now for his in-the-works film adaptations of Stephen King's The Stand, Revival, and King and Peter Straub's The Talisman (as well as a TV series adaptation of Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show), filmmaker Josh Boone's next big screen story comes from the land of Marvel Comics, and although it features future superheroes, the poster for the movie (much like its trailer) promises strong ties to horror.

You can check out the new poster below, which was unveiled on the film's official Facebook page (with the caption "the only thing you have to fear... is yourself") and pays tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street with the imagery of faces coming through the wall.

In a previous interview with EW, Boone said that The New Mutants movie will be "a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe.
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Horror-on-Sea 2018 Interview: Chris Moore talks ‘Blessed are the Children’

Blessed are the Children is new thriller from co-writer and director Chris Moore, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Friday 19th January. I got chance to ask Chris a few questions about his inspirations for making the film, his influences and what makes Blessed are the Children stand out in the horror genre.

What can we expect from the film?

I think you can expect a slasher film that’s fun, has something to say, and characters you actually care about. It’s one of the most important things in a horror film, but a lot of people seem fine with just throwing in a gaggle of busty 20-somethings and calling it a day. I want you to actually feel something when these people are terrorized. I never want you rooting for the killers. I usually come up with a story or concept first
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Graphic Nature: Mike Saputo Discusses His A Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise Artwork for Death Waltz & Mondo’s Box Of Souls Vinyl Set

From the mind of Wes Craven, the A Nightmare on Elm Street series was a caffeinated jolt to the heart of horror hounds worldwide. Not only giving birth to the son of 100 maniacs, the franchise also provided us with one of the most iconic movie themes in the history of cinema with composer Charles Bernstein’s "Prologue." Sitting on a gold mine of Krueger classics, Death Waltz records set out to make every A Nightmare on Elm Street fan’s dreams come true with the Box of Souls: A Nightmare on Elm Street Collection 8xLP set. Not only a choice collection of synthesized dreamscapes, the Box of Souls contains an assortment of original pieces from acclaimed artist Mike Saputo, whose highly detailed works showcase the Elm Street horror icon in a terrifying new light.

As with most horror franchises, it never gets better than that first, classic installment, and according to Saputo,
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Horror Archives – Roger Ebert Surprisingly Enjoyed Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Released in 1994, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare was Craven going meta two years before Scream. Essentially the tale of Heather Langenkamp (star of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and the sequel Dream Warriors) as she experiences strange and unsettling events in the “real world”, the movie is a “film within a film”. Many […]

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All Your Fears Belong to ‘The Midnight Man’ [Trailer]

All Your Fears Belong to ‘The Midnight Man’ [Trailer]
The next film from Cabin Fever remake director Travis Nicholas Zariwny (Travis Z) is the intriguing indie The Midnight Man, which reunites him with Cabin Fever producers Cassian Elwes and Frankie Lindquist. Horror icons Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Lin Shaye (Insidious) star in the indie film that follows a girl and her friends who play a game that summons […]
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Friday The 13th Helmer Reveals His Insane Pitch For A Jason Lives Follow-Up

Almost 30 years ago, director Tom McLoughlin brought Jason Voorhees back from the brink for the appropriately titled sequel, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. But it turns out McLoughlin initially planned for a follow-up back in ’86, and let’s just say things got weird.

While appearing on the latest episode of Post Mortem (with a tip of the hat to Bloody Disgusting), Tom McLoughlin spoke to fellow horror director Mick Garris about his proposed Jason Lives sequel, and how it would’ve drafted comedy duo Cheech and Chong (!) into the equation.

As McLoughlin recalls down below, this idea came into being soon after producer Frank Mancuso Jr. discovered that New Line held the screen rights to Freddy Krueger, thereby nixing any potential crossover with A Nightmare on Elm Street at the time.

[Producer] Frank Mancuso Jr. came to me… he wanted me to do another film after we did [Jason Lives]. He said,
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Waxwork Records’ 2018 Subscription to Include Vinyl Scores of Dawn Of The Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Get Out, and More

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For years they've given new life to the most memorable sounds and songs of horror cinema, but in 2018, Waxwork Records looks to outdo even their own scary high standards with an upcoming vinyl score release slate that honors George A. Romero and celebrates one of the most exciting new voices in horror.

Waxwork Records announced that their 2018 vinyl releases will include the scores for Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The ’Burbs, Drag Me to Hell, and Get Out. Artwork and specific release details have yet to be revealed, but all five vinyl releases are included in the 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription, which can be purchased for $250 in the Us (and $285 internationally) beginning Friday, November 24th. Read on for more details on Waxwork Records' essential and exciting 2018 releases, and keep an eye on their website for more updates.

From Waxwork Records: "Here’s what we have in store
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These Nsfw Shorts Are Animated Love Letters To Elm Street And The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It’s almost 2018, and neither Elm Street nor The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are in the best of shape.

The former was last rebooted back in 2010, when Samuel Bayer resurrected Freddy Krueger for a new generation and, well, let’s just say the end product struggled to leave much of an impression. Wes Craven’s horror masterclass is by no means finished, though, what with plans in place for a second reboot, one that will presumably begin to step out of the shadows in 2018.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, on the other hand, has been steadily pumping out one sequel after another ever since Tobe Hooper’s seminal classic introduced those blood-thirsty cannibals back in ’74. The latest incarnation, Leatherface, took things in a decidedly different direction, though Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s prequel will ultimately be remembered as an uninspired mess.

Thankfully, Bloody Disgusting has unearthed the perfect palette cleanser: a gory,
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Matthew McConaughey Was Originally The Hero Of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Long before he blew the roof off with his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club, or journeyed through a wormhole and beyond for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey got his big break thanks to Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

Initially released in ’94, Kim Henkel’s instantly forgettable slasher sequel placed McConaughey alongside Renée Zellweger – for the record, Zellweger also made her start running away from Vilmer Slaughter. But had things panned out differently, Matthew McConaughey would have been the hero of Henkel’s horror flick, and not the bat-shit insane psychopath hobbling around on a mechanical leg.

In a previous interview on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (via Bloody Disgusting), the Oscar-winner confirmed that he was initially offered a Romeo-esque role to Zellweger’s Juliet.

I actually been offered the part of a guy who shows up on a motorcycle at the beginning of the movie, and rides off into
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In Defense Of: Deadly Friend (1986)

When Wes Craven directed the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street, no one could have predicted what a success it’d become. The horror genre from that point onward was changed, just as Halloween had impacted it a few years earlier and films like Psycho even before that. With Craven’s name having such a new meaning in the industry, fans were eager for his next effort. They craved something with blood-curdling terror and violence and while his next project entitled Deadly Friend was indeed violent, it sure wasn’t another Elm Street.

Released in 1986 and based on a novel titled Friend by Diana Henstell, the script for the film was written by Bruce Joel Rubin, who intended with Craven to produce a dark romance with less emphasis on gore and a larger focus on character development.

For those unfamiliar, it follows a young teenager named Paul who befriends girl next door Samantha.
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Exclusive Look at the Vinyl Master Lacquer Cutting of the Goblin LP for New Book Ghoulish: The Art Of Gary Pullin

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A new retrospective book on artist "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin is reason enough for celebration, but 1984 Publishing is giving horror fans who order the signed hardcover version even more to enjoy: a 12-inch Goblin vinyl featuring freshly remastered live performances of their music from Suspiria and Dawn of the Dead. Beginning today around 1:00pm Et, horror fans can pre-order this limited edition book/vinyl set, and we've been provided with an exclusive look at the cutting of the vinyl master lacquer.

Below, you can see the Goblin vinyl's master lacquer being cut by Well Made Music's Dave Polster on a vinyl record cutting lathe from 1974—one of only 100 operational ones in the entire world.

Priced at $39.95, the book/vinyl will be available as a "stained glass" transparent blue (limited to 300) and a "stained glass" transparent red (limited to 200).

To learn more, keep an eye on 1984 Publishing's official site and read
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Effects Artist is Selling “Tales from the Crypt” Props Including Baby Crypt Keeper!

Effects Artist is Selling “Tales from the Crypt” Props Including Baby Crypt Keeper!
Not only is makeup effects legend Kevin Yagher credited as both designer and executor of the Chucky doll for the original Child’s Play, but he’s also the man who designed the iconic Crypt Keeper for HBO’s “Tales from the Crypt.” Yagher is also known for redesigning Freddy for A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and he even directed Hellraiser: Bloodline, easily the most […]
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Giveaway – Win a horror bundle from Warner Bros.

Halloween may be over for another year, but thanks to Warner Bros. we’ve got a rather fantastic bundle of classic horror movies to give away to our readers featuring the titles in the image below! Read on for details of how to enter…

In addition to the above, Warner Bros. has a huge library of horror titles guaranteed to leave a chill down your spine. We’re talking about the terrifying horrors that everybody knows and loves, both old and new, that take suspense to that all-time teeth-chattering high, so high in fact that you need to experience it time and time again!

Vampire classics The Lost Boys, The Hunger, Salem’s Lot and Interview With The Vampire Stephen King adaptations including It, The Shining, Dreamcatcher and Nightmares & Dreamscapes Modern scare-fests The Conjuring 1 & 2, Annabelle and Lights Out Family favourites Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, The Witches and Scooby Doo On Zombie Island
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Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Cast Recreate Iconic Dream Warriors Photo

Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Cast Recreate Iconic Dream Warriors Photo
Some say that A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is the best of the franchise and for others, it saw a beloved character begin his downfall. So, when a group of the original Dream Warriors cast members reunited at New Jersey's Chiller Theatre Convention, it was kind of a big deal, no matter what your feelings are about the horror classic. The third installment of the iconic NIghtmare on Elm Street franchise came out in February of 1987 and it cemented Freddy Krueger as a pop culture icon. Fans were able to see where Freddy came from and launched the Dream Warriors, who were much more than just cattle being led to slaughter.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Dream Warriors, Heather Langenkamp (Nancy), Ira Heiden (Will), Penelope Sudrow (Jennifer), Jennifer Rubin (Taryn), and Rodney Eastman (Joey) all attended the Chiller Theatre Convention and took time out to
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10 Things About Freddy Krueger You Never Knew

10 Things About Freddy Krueger You Never Knew
Make no mistake about it: the Springwood Slasher is one of the greatest horror villains of all time. Nothing gets fans going like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Hardcore fans who have watched every minute of the fantastic documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy will probably be familiar with some of what we're about to tell you. Maybe it's a refresher course if you're a Fred Head. Perhaps you've just discovered the son of 100 maniacs. Either way, entering the boiler room, it's easy to get to know the man of many scary dreams just a little bit better. Today we look at 10 things you never knew about Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Barely shows up in his first movie.

Seven minutes in heaven is the teenage party game dating back to the 1950s. Seven minutes in hell, on the other hand, would be an appropriate description of the late Wes Craven's original masterpiece.
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Ghoulish: The Art Of Gary Pullin Retrospective Book Coming in 2018 from 1984 Publishing

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For years we've been proud to share "Ghoulish" Gary Pullin's artwork with Daily Dead readers. From the Universal Monsters to Scream and independent films, artist Gary Pullin has given horror fans new ways to enjoy their personal favorites. It's fitting, then, that Pullin's now prolific career as an artist will be covered in Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin, a new retrospective hardcover featuring eye-popping images of Pullin's art and the fascinating stories behind his wonderful work.

Written by April Snellings and available in several deluxe versions and a standard edition, Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin is slated for a May 8th release from 1984 Publishing, and you can get an idea of what to expect in the official press release and images below:

Press Release: Cleveland, Oh—On Friday, November 8, the Cleveland, Ohio-based 1984 Publishing will begin taking pre-orders for both the regular and deluxe version of its fifth book,
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10 Freddy Krueger Movies You Never Saw

10 Freddy Krueger Movies You Never Saw
Freddy Krueger is one of Halloween's most celebrated horror movie killers. A Nightmare on Elm Street, from the brilliant mind of the late fright master Wes Craven, is a stone cold classic. While the many sequels are a mixed bag, there's no disputing the greatness of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, or the bold adventurousness of Wes Craven's New Nightmare, which reimagined the entire franchise in a fascinating new way, years before "meta" became a trendy buzz word.

Jack Sholder put Freddy Krueger inside another dude, Renny Harlin put him in sunglasses, and Rachel Talalay nearly finished him off in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. Though he once hosted his own TV show and finally faced off with the killer of the Friday the 13th franchise in Freddy vs. Jason, there are still multiple Freddy Krueger projects that were in some stage of development that simply never got made.
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Arrow Video’s January Blu-ray Releases Include The Cat O’ Nine Tails, Re-animator, The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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The holidays may be over by the time January rolls around, but Arrow Video will still have gifts in store for horror fans with Blu-ray releases that include Dario Argento's The Cat O' Nine Tails, Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator, and Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes.

We have release details and images of Arrow Video's January Blu-ray releases below. The Cat O' Nine Tails is a limited edition item, and while Re-Animator and The Hills Have Eyes were previously released as limited editions by Arrow Video, they will be hitting shelves as re-releases in January (with slightly less goodies, but still plenty of bonus features and eye-popping 4K restorations to enjoy).

From Arrow Video: "New UK/Us Title: The Cat o’ Nine Tails (Dual Format Blu-ray + DVD) Limited Edition

Pre-order The Cat O’ Nine Tails in the UK: http://bit.ly/2i9y0cp

Pre-order The Cat
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‘Jigsaw’ Review: Much Like the Characters, You, Too, Will Long for the Sweet Release of Death

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‘Jigsaw’ Review: Much Like the Characters, You, Too, Will Long for the Sweet Release of Death
The question with a movie like “Jigsaw,” which was preceded by seven “Saw” movies and did not screen for press, isn’t “Is it good?” but rather “How bad is it?” The answer, dear reader, is “quite.” “Jigsaw” is quite bad.

Not that it matters much. The eighth installment in a horror franchise isn’t meant to be good; it’s meant to be gruesome. The Spierig Brothers’ contribution to the series is certainly that: One scene finds a team of medical examiners studiously examining a man with half his head blown off; another shows the results of a woman being injected with hydrochloric acid in all its gory detail. 13 years in, the filmmakers have all but given up pretending that such moments exist for any reason beyond their own sake.

Read More:‘Jigsaw’ Trailer: The ‘Saw’ Franchise Has Been Resurrected and It’s More Twisted Than Ever

It is
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